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Cover of 'Re-Configurations'

Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Introduction
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    Chapter 2 Spatializing Memory and Justice in Transformation Processes
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    Chapter 3 Tunisia’s Re-Configurations and Transitional Justice in Process: How Planned Processes of Social and Political Change Interplay with Unplanned Political Dynamics
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    Chapter 4 Algeria: Between Transformation and Re-Configuration
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    Chapter 5 The International and the Construction of Opposition in Iran
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    Chapter 6 Tangier’s Current Re-Configurations from a Multi-Scale Spatial Perspective: Emerging Transregional Ties and Local Repercussions
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    Chapter 7 1968 and the “Long 1960s”: A Transregional Perspective
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    Chapter 8 The Survival of the Kurdish Chicken: Uneven Development and Nationalist Discourse in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
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    Chapter 9 The Infantilization of the Colonized: Medical and Psychiatric Descriptions of Drinking Habits in the Colonial Maghreb
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    Chapter 10 National Memory in the Making: Gendered Re-Configurations of Martyrdom in Post-revolutionary Tunisia
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    Chapter 11 Teachers’ Resistance to Educational Change and Innovations in the Middle East and North Africa: A Case Study of Tunisian Universities
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    Chapter 12 The Role of Social Movements in the Re-Configuration of Youth Transition Regimes: The Biography of an Unemployed Graduates Activist in Morocco
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    Chapter 13 Family Memories and the Transmission of the Independence Struggle in South Yemen
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    Chapter 14 On the Re-Configurations of Cinematic Media-Spaces: From Diaspora Film to Postdiaspora Film
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    Chapter 15 The Metamorphosis of the Significance of Death in Revolutionary Times: Mohammad Rabie’s Otared (2014)
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    Chapter 16 Processing the Revolution: Exploring the Ways Tunisian Novels Reflect Political Upheavals
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    Chapter 17 Transformations of the “Syrian” Literary Field Since 2011
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    Chapter 18 The Year 1979 as a Turning Point in Syrian Theatre: From Politicization to Critical Humanism
Attention for Chapter 2: Spatializing Memory and Justice in Transformation Processes
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