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Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention – MICCAI 2010

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Automated Macular Pathology Diagnosis in Retinal OCT Images Using Multi-Scale Spatial Pyramid with Local Binary Patterns
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    Chapter 2 Non-invasive Image-Based Approach for Early Detection of Acute Renal Rejection
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    Chapter 3 Hierarchical Segmentation and Identification of Thoracic Vertebra Using Learning-Based Edge Detection and Coarse-to-Fine Deformable Model
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    Chapter 4 Automatic Detection and Segmentation of Axillary Lymph Nodes
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    Chapter 5 Image Dissimilarity-Based Quantification of Lung Disease from CT
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    Chapter 6 Vessel segmentation for ablation treatment planning and simulation.
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    Chapter 7 Integrated Segmentation and Nonrigid Registration for Application in Prostate Image-Guided Radiotherapy
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    Chapter 8 Anatomically-Driven Soft-Tissue Simulation Strategy for Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery Using Facial Muscle Template Model
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    Chapter 9 Dynamic Shape Instantiation for Intra-operative Guidance
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    Chapter 10 Dynamic Guidance for Robotic Surgery Using Image-Constrained Biomechanical Models
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    Chapter 11 Actin Filament Segmentation Using Spatiotemporal Active-Surface and Active-Contour Models
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    Chapter 12 Model-Based Esophagus Segmentation from CT Scans Using a Spatial Probability Map
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    Chapter 13 Automatic Segmentation and Components Classification of Optic Pathway Gliomas in MRI
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    Chapter 14 Spatial Decision Forests for MS Lesion Segmentation in Multi-Channel MR Images
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    Chapter 15 Segmentation Subject to Stitching Constraints: Finding Many Small Structures in a Large Image
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    Chapter 16 Measurement Selection in Untracked Freehand 3D Ultrasound
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    Chapter 17 Efficient MR Image Reconstruction for Compressed MR Imaging
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    Chapter 18 4D Computed Tomography Reconstruction from Few-Projection Data via Temporal Non-local Regularization
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    Chapter 19 ECG-Gated Interventional Cardiac Reconstruction for Non-periodic Motion
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    Chapter 20 Physiological Fusion of Functional and Structural Data for Cardiac Deformation Recovery
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    Chapter 21 Adaptive Noise Filtering for Accurate and Precise Diffusion Estimation in Fiber Crossings
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    Chapter 22 A Sobolev Norm Based Distance Measure for HARDI Clustering
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    Chapter 23 MicroTrack: An Algorithm for Concurrent Projectome and Microstructure Estimation
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    Chapter 24 Joint Generative Model for fMRI/DWI and Its Application to Population Studies
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    Chapter 25 Detection of Brain Functional-Connectivity Difference in Post-stroke Patients Using Group-Level Covariance Modeling
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    Chapter 26 Understanding the Optics to Aid Microscopy Image Segmentation
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    Chapter 27 Complete Valvular Heart Apparatus Model from 4D Cardiac CT
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    Chapter 28 Improving Deformable Surface Meshes through Omni-Directional Displacements and MRFs
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    Chapter 29 Multiplicative Jacobian Energy Decomposition Method for Fast Porous Visco-Hyperelastic Soft Tissue Model
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    Chapter 30 Fast Ultrasound Image Simulation Using the Westervelt Equation
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    Chapter 31 Accounting for Anisotropic Noise in Fine Registration of Time-of-Flight Range Data with High-Resolution Surface Data
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    Chapter 32 Self-encoded Marker for Optical Prospective Head Motion Correction in MRI
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    Chapter 33 Robust 3D Visual Tracking for Robotic-Assisted Cardiac Interventions
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    Chapter 34 Real-Time Stereo Reconstruction in Robotically Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery
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    Chapter 35 Prostate Brachytherapy Seed Reconstruction Using C-Arm Rotation Measurement and Motion Compensation
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    Chapter 36 Reconstructing Geometrically Consistent Tree Structures from Noisy Images
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    Chapter 37 Dual-model automatic detection of nerve-fibres in corneal confocal microscopy images.
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    Chapter 38 Characterizing the Regional Structural Difference of the Brain between Tau Transgenic (rTg4510) and Wild-Type Mice Using MRI
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    Chapter 39 Spatially Regularized SVM for the Detection of Brain Areas Associated with Stroke Outcome
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    Chapter 40 Sparse Unbiased Analysis of Anatomical Variance in Longitudinal Imaging
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    Chapter 41 Intra-Patient Supine-Prone Colon Registration in CT Colonography Using Shape Spectrum
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    Chapter 42 A parameterization of deformation fields for diffeomorphic image registration and its application to myocardial delineation.
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    Chapter 43 Multiple Cortical Surface Correspondence Using Pairwise Shape Similarity
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    Chapter 44 Cortical Sulcal Atlas Construction Using a Diffeomorphic Mapping Approach
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    Chapter 45 Non-rigid Registration with Missing Correspondences in Preoperative and Postresection Brain Images
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    Chapter 46 System to Guide Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantations Based on Interventional C-Arm CT Imaging
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    Chapter 47 Cardiac Anchoring in MRI through Context Modeling
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    Chapter 48 Real-Time Respiratory Motion Correction for Cardiac Electrophysiology Procedures Using Image-Based Coronary Sinus Catheter Tracking
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    Chapter 49 Accurate Segmentation of the Left Ventricle in Computed Tomography Images for Local Wall Thickness Assessment
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    Chapter 50 Regional heart motion abnormality detection via information measures and unscented Kalman filtering.
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    Chapter 51 In vivo Human 3D Cardiac Fibre Architecture: Reconstruction Using Curvilinear Interpolation of Diffusion Tensor Images
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    Chapter 52 Physics-Based Modeling of Aortic Wall Motion from ECG-Gated 4D Computed Tomography
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    Chapter 53 Whole Heart Segmentation of Cardiac MRI Using Multiple Path Propagation Strategy
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    Chapter 54 Combined Model-Based Segmentation and Elastic Registration for Accurate Quantification of the Aortic Arch
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    Chapter 55 Conditional Shape Models for Cardiac Motion Estimation
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    Chapter 56 Cross-Modality Assessment and Planning for Pulmonary Trunk Treatment Using CT and MRI Imaging
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    Chapter 57 Automatic Cardiac MRI Segmentation Using a Biventricular Deformable Medial Model
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    Chapter 58 Automatic Aorta Segmentation and Valve Landmark Detection in C-Arm CT: Application to Aortic Valve Implantation
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    Chapter 59 Lesion-Specific Coronary Artery Calcium Quantification for Predicting Cardiac Event with Multiple Instance Support Vector Machines
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    Chapter 60 Joint Registration and Segmentation of Dynamic Cardiac Perfusion Images Using MRFs
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    Chapter 61 3D Radio Frequency Ultrasound Cardiac Segmentation Using a Linear Predictor
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    Chapter 62 Automated Interventricular Septum Thickness Measurement from B-Mode Echocardiograms
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    Chapter 63 Probabilistic-Driven Oriented Speckle Reducing Anisotropic Diffusion with Application to Cardiac Ultrasonic Images
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    Chapter 64 Patient Specific Models for Planning and Guidance of Minimally Invasive Aortic Valve Implantation
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    Chapter 65 A framework for using diffusion weighted imaging to improve cortical parcellation.
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    Chapter 66 Tract-Based Probability Densities of Diffusivity Measures in DT-MRI
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    Chapter 67 Inference of a HARDI Fiber Bundle Atlas Using a Two-Level Clustering Strategy
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    Chapter 68 DTI Based Diagnostic Prediction of a Disease via Pattern Classification
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    Chapter 69 Probabilistic Anatomical Connectivity Using Completion Fields
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    Chapter 70 Reconstruction of Scattered Data in Fetal Diffusion MRI
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    Chapter 71 Symmetric Positive-Definite Cartesian Tensor Orientation Distribution Functions (CT-ODF)
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    Chapter 72 Model-Free and Analytical EAP Reconstruction via Spherical Polar Fourier Diffusion MRI
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    Chapter 73 Group-Wise Diffeomorphic Diffusion Tensor Image Registration
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    Chapter 74 Fast and Accurate Reconstruction of HARDI Data Using Compressed Sensing
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    Chapter 75 General and Efficient Super-Resolution Method for Multi-slice MRI
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    Chapter 76 In-Vivo Estimates of Axonal Characteristics Using Optimized Diffusion MRI Protocols for Single Fibre Orientation
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    Chapter 77 Diffusion-Based Population Statistics Using Tract Probability Maps
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    Chapter 78 Axon Diameter Mapping in the Presence of Orientation Dispersion with Diffusion MRI
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    Chapter 79 Model-Free, Regularized, Fast, and Robust Analytical Orientation Distribution Function Estimation
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    Chapter 80 Biomarkers for Identifying First-Episode Schizophrenia Patients Using Diffusion Weighted Imaging
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    Chapter 81 A Novel White Matter Fibre Tracking Algorithm Using Probabilistic Tractography and Average Curves
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    Chapter 82 Multi-Diffusion-Tensor Fitting via Spherical Deconvolution: A Unifying Framework
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    Chapter 83 Statistical Analysis of Tensor Fields
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    Chapter 84 Multivariate Varying Coefficient Models for DTI Tract Statistics
Attention for Chapter 9: Dynamic Shape Instantiation for Intra-operative Guidance
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Dynamic Shape Instantiation for Intra-operative Guidance
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Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention – MICCAI 2010
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978-3-64-215704-2, 978-3-64-215705-9

Su-Lin Lee, Adrian Chung, Mirna Lerotic, Maria A. Hawkins, Diana Tait, Guang-Zhong Yang

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