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Advancing Culture of Living with Landslides

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 The ISDR-ICL Sendai Partnerships 2015–2025: Background and Content
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    Chapter 2 Rupestrian World Heritage Sites: Instability Investigation and Sustainable Mitigation
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    Chapter 3 Subaerial Landslide-Generated Waves: Numerical and Laboratory Simulations
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    Chapter 4 Rockfall Occurrence and Fragmentation
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    Chapter 5 International Consortium on Landslides (ICL)—The Proposing Organization of the ISDR-ICL Sendai Partnerships 2015–2025
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    Chapter 6 United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR)—UNISDR’s Contribution to Science and Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction and the Role of the International Consortium on Landslides (ICL)
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    Chapter 7 United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)—UNESCO’s Contribution to the Implementation of UNISDR’s Global Initiative and ICL
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    Chapter 8 United Nations University (UNU)—The United Nations University: Research and Policy Support for Environmental Risk Reduction
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    Chapter 9 World Meteorological Organization (WMO)—Concerted International Efforts for Advancing Multi-hazard Early Warning Systems
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    Chapter 10 International Council for Science (ICSU)—On the Future Challenges for the Integration of Science into International Policy Development for Landslide Disaster Risk Reduction
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    Chapter 11 World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO)—World Federation of Engineering Organizations Activities in Disaster Risk Reduction
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    Chapter 12 International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS)—Sendai—Foreseeable but Unpredictable Geologic Events—IUGS Reactions
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    Chapter 13 International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG)—Integrating Natural Hazard Science with Disaster Risk Reduction Policy
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    Chapter 14 Cabinet Office, Government of Japan (CAO)—Japan’s International Cooperation on DRR: Mainstreaming DRR in International Societies
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    Chapter 15 Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI), Kyoto University
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    Chapter 16 Understanding and Reducing Landslide Disaster Risk: Challenges and Opportunities for Italian Civil Protection
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    Chapter 17 Landslide Dynamics: ISDR-ICL Landslide Interactive Teaching Tools (LITT)
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    Chapter 18 Progress of the World Report on Landslides
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    Chapter 19 International Programme on Landslides (IPL): Objectives, History and List of World Centres of Excellence and IPL Projects
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    Chapter 20 UNESCO-KU-ICL UNITWIN Cooperation Programme for Landslides and Water-Related Disaster Risk Management
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    Chapter 21 Landslides: Journal of the International Consortium on Landslides
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    Chapter 22 Advanced Technologies for Landslides (WCoE 2014–2017, IPL-196, IPL-198)
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    Chapter 23 Mechanisms of Landslides and Creep in Over-Consolidated Clays and Flysch (WCoE 2014–2017)
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    Chapter 24 Research on Heavy-Rainfall-Induced and Hydraulic-Driven Geological Hazards in China (WCoE 2014–2017)
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    Chapter 25 Landslide Risk Reduction in Croatia: Scientific Research in the Framework of the WCoE 2014–2017, IPL-173, IPL-184, ICL ABN
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    Chapter 26 Shapes and Mechanisms of Large-Scale Landslides in Japan: Forecasting Analysis from an Inventory (WCoE 2014–2017)
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    Chapter 27 Retrospective and Prospects for Cold Regions Landslide Research (2012–2016) (WCoE 2014–2017, IPL-132, IPL-167, IPL-203, CRLN)
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    Chapter 28 Large-Scale Rockslide Inventories: From the Kokomeren River Basin to the Entire Central Asia Region (WCoE 2014–2017, IPL-106-2)
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    Chapter 29 Interventions for Promoting Knowledge, Innovations and Landslide Risk Management Practices Within South and Southeast Asia (WCoE 2014–2017)
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    Chapter 30 Promoting a Global Standard for Community-Based Landslide Early Warning Systems (WCoE 2014–2017, IPL-158, IPL-165)
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    Chapter 31 Model Policy Frameworks, Standards and Guidelines on Landslide Disaster Reduction (WCoE 2014–2017)
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    Chapter 32 Landslide Hazard and Risk Management (WCoE 2014–2017)
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    Chapter 33 Mitigation of Landslide Hazards in Ukraine Under the Guidance of ICL: 2009–2016 (IPL-153, IPL-191)
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    Chapter 34 Development of a Hazard Evaluation Technique for Earthquake-Induced Landslides Based on an Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) (IPL-154)
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    Chapter 35 The Croatian-Japanese SATREPS Joint Research Project on Landslides (IPL-161)
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    Chapter 36 Results of a Technical Cooperation Project to Develop Landslide Risk Assessment Technology along Transport Arteries in Vietnam (IPL-175)
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    Chapter 37 Study of Slow Moving Landslide Umka Near Belgrade, Serbia (IPL-181)
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    Chapter 38 Influence of Post-Earthquake Rainfall on the Stability of Clay Slopes (IPL-192)
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    Chapter 39 Public Awareness and Education Programme for Landslide Management and Evaluation Using a Social Research Approach to Determining “Acceptable Risk” and “Tolerable Risk” in Landslide Risk Areas in Malaysia (IPL-194, IPL-207)
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    Chapter 40 Geotechnical Site Characterization of a Mud Eruption Disaster Area Using CPTu for Risk Assessment and Mitigation (IPL-195)
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    Chapter 41 Massive Landsliding in Serbia Following Cyclone Tamara in May 2014 (IPL-210)
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    Chapter 42 Landslides and Society—A Foreword
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    Chapter 43 Landslide Societal Risk in Portugal in the Period 1865–2015
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    Chapter 44 Landslide Inventory Mapping in the Fourteen Northern Provinces of Vietnam: Achievements and Difficulties
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    Chapter 45 Geological Conservation Through Risk Mitigation and Public Awareness at the Siq of Petra, Jordan
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    Chapter 46 Case Histories for the Investigation of Landslide Repair and Mitigation Measures in NW Germany
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    Chapter 47 Surveying Perception of Landslide Risk Management Performance, a Case Study in Norway
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    Chapter 48 Landslide Hazards and Climate Change Adaptation of Transport Infrastructures in Germany
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    Chapter 49 Integration of Landslide Susceptibility Maps for Land Use Planning and Civil Protection Emergency Management
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    Chapter 50 Participatory Approach to Natural Hazard Education for Hydrological Risk Reduction
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    Chapter 51 More Room for Landslides
Attention for Chapter 39: Public Awareness and Education Programme for Landslide Management and Evaluation Using a Social Research Approach to Determining “Acceptable Risk” and “Tolerable Risk” in Landslide Risk Areas in Malaysia (IPL-194, IPL-207)
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