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Mobilities of Knowledge

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Mobilities of Knowledge: An Introduction
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    Chapter 2 Spatial Mobility of Knowledge: Communicating Different Categories of Knowledge
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    Chapter 3 Papermaking: The Historical Diffusion of an Ancient Technique
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    Chapter 4 Circulating Seditious Knowledge: The “Daring Absurdities, Studied Misrepresentations, and Abominable Falsehoods” of William Macintosh
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    Chapter 5 Exploration as Knowledge Transfer: Exhibiting Hidden Histories
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    Chapter 6 The Imprecise Wanderings of a Precise Idea: The Travels of Spatial Analysis
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    Chapter 7 Knowledges in Disciplines and Cities: An Essay on Relations Between Archaeology and Social Sciences
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    Chapter 8 Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange between Scholars in Britain and the Empire, 1830–1914
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    Chapter 9 Geographies of Selection: Academic Appointments in the British Academic World, 1850–1939
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    Chapter 10 The University of Cambridge, Academic Expertise, and the British Empire, 1885–1962
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    Chapter 11 Geneva, 1919–1945: The Spatialities of Public Internationalism and Global Networks
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    Chapter 12 The Spatial Mobility of Corporate Knowledge: Expatriation, Global Talent, and the World City
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    Chapter 13 Formal Education as a Facilitator of Migration and Integration: A Case Study of Nigerian University Graduates
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    Chapter 14 Trans-knowledge? Geography, Mobility, and Knowledge in Transnational Education
Attention for Chapter 8: Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange between Scholars in Britain and the Empire, 1830–1914
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