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Global Perspectives on Educational Innovations for Emergency Situations

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Providing Agile Faculty Development in Times of Uncertainty: Case of the American University in Cairo
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    Chapter 2 Exploring Namibia’s Educational Emergency Response Teaching: A Policy and Practice Perspective
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    Chapter 3 Creating Sustainable Early Childhood Learning Environments for Emergency Situations: The Case of Sweden, Kenya and South Africa
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    Chapter 4 Teachers Co-creating for Teachers: Design and Implementation of an Online Teacher Professional Development Course in Sub-Saharan Africa
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    Chapter 5 Reopening Campuses: Visualizing the Structure of a System Problem
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    Chapter 6 Simulated Teaching: An Exploration of Virtual Classroom Simulation for Pre-service Teachers During the COVID-19 Pandemic
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    Chapter 7 Utilizing Rapid Needs Assessment to Strengthen PK-12 Teaching and Learning Affordances in Emergency Remote Teaching
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    Chapter 8 The Effects of Covid-19 on Rural School Communities in Guyana: New Directions or Old Methods Retooled
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    Chapter 9 Mobile Learning for Emergency Situations: Four Design Cases from Latin America
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    Chapter 10 Back to Design Basics: Reflections, Challenges and Essentials of a Designer’s Survival Kit during a Pandemic
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    Chapter 11 Open, Flexible, and Serving Others: Meeting Needs during a Pandemic and beyond
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    Chapter 12 Intersectionality and Compromise: Enacting Government Policies in the Caribbean
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    Chapter 13 A Family of K-12 Educators’ Innovative Responses to Overcome COVID-19 Challenges: Researchers’ Reflexivity Accounts
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    Chapter 14 Translating Distance Education Theory into Practice: Developing an Emergency Teaching Framework for a Caribbean University
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    Chapter 15 All Hands on Deck: Faculty Collaboration in Transforming to Remote Teaching
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    Chapter 16 Virtual Making: Transforming Maker Education in a Teacher Education Program During the COVID-19 Pandemic
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    Chapter 17 Reflecting on a Year of Emergency Remote Teaching
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    Chapter 18 A Reflection on Online Teaching and Learning Through the Pandemic: Revisiting Creativity
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    Chapter 19 Chilean Perspectives on Educational Experiences and Innovations in Emergency Contexts
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    Chapter 20 Implementation of a Digital Live-Action Gaming Experience for Interprofessional Learning and Training
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    Chapter 21 Transforming Emergency into Opportunity: Unleashing the Creative Potential of Student-Faculty Collaborations to Prototype Better Educational Futures in Response to Crisis
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    Chapter 22 Online Higher Education in the Wake of COVID-19: A Systems Thinking Perspective
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    Chapter 23 Moving Volleyball Coaches Education Online: A Case Study
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    Chapter 24 Distance Learning and the Influence of Schools’ Organizational Characteristics on the Students Perceived Learning Success
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    Chapter 25 Online Learning Environments and Student Engagement: Meeting the Psychological Needs of Learners during the COVID-19 Pandemic
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    Chapter 26 From Emergency Remote Teaching to Effective Online Learning: A Teacher Professional Development Case Study from Higher Education in India
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    Chapter 27 Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Education in Japan and the Role of the Japan Society for Educational Technology
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    Chapter 28 China’s Experience of Online Education during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Policies, Lessons and Challenges
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    Chapter 29 Responsive Online Course Design: Microcredentials and Non-Linear Pathways in Higher Education
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    Chapter 30 Emerging Reform of Higher Education in Post Pandemic
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    Chapter 31 Evolution of Clinical Education under COVID-19 Pandemic: Blended Clinical Education
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