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Sustainable Land Management in a European Context

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 A Knowledge-Based European Perspective on Sustainable Land Management: Conceptual Approach and Overview of Chapters
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    Chapter 2 Landscape Change in Europe
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    Chapter 3 New Trends and Drivers for Agricultural Land Use in Germany
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    Chapter 4 Demographic Change and Land Use
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    Chapter 5 Urbanisation and Land Use Change
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    Chapter 6 Urban-Rural Interrelations—A Challenge for Sustainable Land Management
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    Chapter 7 Transdisciplinary Research in Land Use Science—Developments, Criticism and Empirical Findings from Research Practice
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    Chapter 8 Innovations for Sustainable Land Management—A Comparative Case Study
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    Chapter 9 Knowledge Exchange at Science-Policy Interfaces in the Fields of Spatial Planning, Land Use and Soil Management: A Swiss Case Study
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    Chapter 10 Serious Games in Sustainable Land Management
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    Chapter 11 Real-World Laboratories Initiated by Practitioner Stakeholders for Sustainable Land Management—Characteristics and Challenges Using the Example of Energieavantgarde Anhalt
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    Chapter 12 Knowledge Management for Sustainability: The Spatial Dimension of Higher Education as an Opportunity for Land Management
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    Chapter 13 Transcending the Loading Dock Paradigm—Rethinking Science-Practice Transfer and Implementation in Sustainable Land Management
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    Chapter 14 Small-Scale System Solutions—Material Flow Management (MFM) in Settlements (Water, Energy, Food, Materials)
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    Chapter 15 Multifunctional Urban Landscapes: The Potential Role of Urban Agriculture as an Element of Sustainable Land Management
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    Chapter 16 Integrating Ecosystem Services, Green Infrastructure and Nature-Based Solutions—New Perspectives in Sustainable Urban Land Management
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    Chapter 17 Upcoming Challenges in Land Use Science—An International Perspective
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    Chapter 18 Conclusions and Research Perspectives
Attention for Chapter 3: New Trends and Drivers for Agricultural Land Use in Germany
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