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European Socialists and the State in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries

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Cover of 'European Socialists and the State in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries'

Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 European Socialists and the State: A Comparative and Transnational Approach
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    Chapter 2 Using the State to Democratise it. Introduction to Part I
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    Chapter 3 Between Challenging the Authoritarian State and Democratising It: German Social Democracy, 1914–1945
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    Chapter 4 French Socialists and the State, 1905–2017
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    Chapter 5 The Planist Temptation: Belgian Social Democracy and the State During the Great Depression, c. 1929–c. 1936
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    Chapter 6 Paradoxes of Hegemony: Scandinavian Social Democracy and the State
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    Chapter 7 Socialists and Civil Servants. Introduction to Part II
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    Chapter 8 The British Labour Party and the Civil Service in the Twentieth Century
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    Chapter 9 Social Democracy, Labour Unions and Civil Service in West Germany since the Second World War
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    Chapter 10 The French Socialist Party, Civil Servants and the State. A Comparative Approach to Social Reforms Between the Popular Front Period (1936–1938) and the Early Years of the Mitterrand Presidency (1981–1983)
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    Chapter 11 Socialism, the State and Civil Service in Spain: Two Experiences in Perspective (Second Republic and Democratic Transition)
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    Chapter 12 The Swedish Social Democracy: Civil Servants, Social Engineers and Welfare Bureaucrats
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    Chapter 13 The Divorce between Public-Sector Employees and West European Socialist Parties
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    Chapter 14 Socialists and Changes in Capitalism and States: Introduction to Part III
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    Chapter 15 French Socialists, Capitalism and the State: A Unique Approach within West European Social Democracy?
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    Chapter 16 From Marxism to “Agenda 2010”: German Social Democratic Notions of the State from Its Founding until Today
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    Chapter 17 “K. u. k. Social Democracy” Reloaded: Austria’s SPÖ and the State After 1945
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    Chapter 18 The Swedish Social Democrats, Reform Socialism and the state after the Golden Era
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    Chapter 19 What’s Left of Blairism? The Labour Party’s Changing Conception of the State since the 1980s
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    Chapter 20 The Italian Socialist Party from the mid-1970s to the early 1990s: Socialists and a Weak State
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    Chapter 21 Superficial Social Democracy: PASOK, the State and the Shipwreck of the Greek Economy
Attention for Chapter 14: Socialists and Changes in Capitalism and States: Introduction to Part III
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