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Towards Industry 4.0 — Current Challenges in Information Systems

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Towards Industry 4.0: Functional and Technological Basis for ERP 4.0 Systems
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    Chapter 2 Statistic-Based Method for Budgetary Control Limits Setting—Renewed Approach in the Context of Industry 4.0
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    Chapter 3 Supporting Investment Decisions Based on Cognitive Technology
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    Chapter 4 Intelligent Support of Accounting IT Systems in Modern Enterprises
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    Chapter 5 A Conceptual Framework of Intelligent System for Environmental Life Cycle Costing
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    Chapter 6 Prospects and Limitations of the Use of Blockchain-Options for the Supply of Electricity
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    Chapter 7 Digital Transformation of Public Administration Through Blockchain Technology
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    Chapter 8 The Cyber Threats Analysis for Web Applications Security in Industry 4.0
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    Chapter 9 Schemes for Verification of Resources in the Cloud: Comparison of the Cloud Technology Providers
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    Chapter 10 Business Process as a Service—A Systematic Literature Review
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    Chapter 11 Data Lake: Strategic Challenges for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
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    Chapter 12 Agile Approach to Develop Data Lake Based Systems
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    Chapter 13 On Quality Assessment of Websites Offering Mobile Applications
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    Chapter 14 Conceptual Foundations for the Temporal Big Data Analytics (TBDA) Implementation Methodology in Organizations
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    Chapter 15 Supporting Time Management in the Process of New Product Development: The Source of Problems and Directions of Research, the Problem of Creative Work
Attention for Chapter 10: Business Process as a Service—A Systematic Literature Review
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