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The Proceedings of 11th Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science and Technology

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Numerical Investigation on Temperature Profile of Horizontally Oriented Subsonic Jet Fires with Square Fuel Source
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    Chapter 2 Fire Dynamics in Informal Settlement “Shacks”: Lessons Learnt and Appraisal of Fire Behavior Based on Full-Scale Testing
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    Chapter 3 Investigation of the Effect of DMMP Addition on the Methane–Air Premixed Flame Thickness
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    Chapter 4 Influence of Initial Humidity on the Flame Propagation Rate of LPG/Air and LPG/O2/N2 Mixtures
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    Chapter 5 The Influence of Compartment Temperature on Backdraught Dynamics
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    Chapter 6 Shape and Oscillation of Ethylene and Propane Laminar Diffusion Flames in Micro- and Normal Gravities
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    Chapter 7 Importance of Intersystem Crossing on Flammability Properties of Carbon Disulphide (CS2)
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    Chapter 8 Unsteady Three-Layer Fluid Model for Smoke Movement Prediction
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    Chapter 9 Side Wind Effect on the Flow Behavior of the Window Plume
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    Chapter 10 Assessment of Radiation Solvers for Fire Simulation Models Using RADNNET-ZM
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    Chapter 11 Study on the Effect of Platform Screen Door of Different Types on Smoke Control of Platform Fire at a Subway Station
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    Chapter 12 An Experimental Study on Pressurization Smoke Control System in Staircase
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    Chapter 13 FDS Software Simulation for Control Effect of Fire Dikes on Leakage of Cryogenic Ethylene Storage Tank
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    Chapter 14 Fire-Induced Horizontal Vent Flow Pattern in a Ceiling Vented Enclosure: Theoretical Analysis and Experimental Verification
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    Chapter 15 Numerical Study on the Smoke Control Effect of the Air Inlet Setting in the Vestibule of Building
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    Chapter 16 Modeling of the Effect of Heat Release Rates on Fire Smoke Control in Multilevel Underground Parking Garage
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    Chapter 17 Human Behavior During an Evacuation of a Large Office Building Adjacent a Fire Site
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    Chapter 18 Fire Evacuation in a Large Railway Interchange Station
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    Chapter 19 Experimental Study on Single-File Movement with Different Stop Distances
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    Chapter 20 Study on Pedestrian Flow Prediction of Specific Flow Using Dimensionless Width
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    Chapter 21 Influence of Congestion in Upper Floor on Pedestrian Flow in Staircase Based on Observational Survey of Evacuation Drill in a High-Rise Building
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    Chapter 22 Time Gaps for Passing Through Bus Exits in Tunnel Fires by an Experimental Evacuation and Ordinary Use
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    Chapter 23 Investigation on Residents’ Usage for Public Facility of Evacuation at Ordinary Time
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    Chapter 24 Safety Study on Load-Limiting Device for Rope Rescue
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    Chapter 25 Study on Subway Station Evacuation Performance by the Improved Cellular Automata Evacuation Model
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    Chapter 26 Assessing Probability of Fire in an Administrative District
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    Chapter 27 Investigation of Factors and Construction of Statistical Models on Predicting Life Casualties in Building Fires in New Taipei City
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    Chapter 28 Preliminary Investigation of Critical Separation Distance Between Shacks in Informal Settlements Fire
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    Chapter 29 Spectral Characteristic Analysis of Burned Area Based on MODIS Data
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    Chapter 30 Fire Hazard Assessment of Typical Flammable Liquid Oils in Wind Turbine Nacelle
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    Chapter 31 A Risk-Based Approach to the Performance-Based Fire Safety Design of a Building in Regard to Preventing Building-to-Building Fire Spread
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    Chapter 32 Development of Testing Environment for Thermal Protective Clothing at Critical Conditions
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    Chapter 33 Effect of Ice Slurry on Suppression and Cooling of Body Temperature in Firefighters
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    Chapter 34 Experimental Studies of the Effect of Spray Dynamics on Radiation Blockage by Water Curtains
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    Chapter 35 Small-Scale Tests on Tensile Membrane Action of Reinforced Mortar Slabs at Elevated Temperature
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    Chapter 36 Investigation of Fire Damage in Concrete by Post-peak Control Technique Associated with Acoustic Emission
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    Chapter 37 Enhancing the Thermal Stability and Flame Retardancy of Transparent Fire-Retardant Coatings Applied on Wood Substrates by Introducing Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes
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    Chapter 38 A Method for Translating Compartment Fire Durations to Equivalent Fire Resistance Time at Standard Fire Test Condition
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    Chapter 39 An Experimental Study on Combustion Characteristics of Printers Depending on Geometrical Type and Kind of Plastics Used
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    Chapter 40 The Breakage Behavior of Different Types of Glazing in a Fire
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    Chapter 41 The Moisture Evaporation Rate of Walls Revisited and Predicting Temperature Profile of Moisture Containing Walls Exposed to Fire
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    Chapter 42 Burning of a Polyurethane Slab in Open and in Room Environments
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    Chapter 43 Diffusion of Carbon Monoxide Through Unpainted and Painted Gypsum Wallboard
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    Chapter 44 Experimental Investigation of Smoldering Combustion of Tropical Peat Layer Under Stratified Moisture Content
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    Chapter 45 Pyrolysis Kinetic Analysis of Forest Combustible Material: An Improved Method for Optimization Calculation
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    Chapter 46 Application of Safety Planning Method Based on Quantitative Risk Analysis in Oil Pipeline
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    Chapter 47 Experimental Study on Effectiveness of Water Mist Containing Potassium Salts in Extinguishing Liquid Pool Fire
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    Chapter 48 Characteristics of Thermal Runaway Propagation of Lithium Ion Battery Module Induced by Thermal Abuses in Enclosure Space
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    Chapter 49 Full-Scale Experimental Study of Boilover Suppression by Floating Perlites
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    Chapter 50 Influence of Base Sheathing Material on Wind-Driven Firebrand Production During Real-Scale Building Component Combustion
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    Chapter 51 Behavior of Downslope Fire Spread Through a Pine Needle Fuel Bed
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    Chapter 52 EnKF-Based Real-Time Prediction of Wildfire Propagation
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    Chapter 53 Experimental Studies of Roll-Paper Storage Burning Behavior with Water Application
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    Chapter 54 A Study on Actual Delivered Density of Water Application Under the Effects of Fire Sources
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    Chapter 55 Application of Common-Use Temperature Sensors to Early Fire Detection
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    Chapter 56 Water Mist Fire Suppression Modeling of Rack Storage Fires in Open Space
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    Chapter 57 The Experimental Studies of the Cooking Oil Fire by Water-Mist Fire-Extinguishing System with Additive
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    Chapter 58 Characterization of Typical Fire and Non-fire Aerosols by Polarized Light Scattering for Reliable Optical Smoke Detection
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    Chapter 59 A Study on the Application of Automatic Sprinkler Systems in AS/RS Warehouses in Taiwan
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    Chapter 60 Chinese Firefighter Fatalities 2007–2016
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    Chapter 61 Planning of Intermediate Refuge Floors as a Comprehensive Measure for Business Continuity Planning of After Large Earthquakes and Mitigation of Fire Damage on Super High-Rise Buildings
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    Chapter 62 Risk Analysis of Helicopter Search and Rescue Hoist Operation Accident
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    Chapter 63 Investigation Report of Bei-Men Hospital Fire in Taiwan on October 23, 2012
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    Chapter 64 FDS Model Simulates and Reconstructs the Ammonia Fire Accident Scene
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    Chapter 65 Fire Protection and Fire Safety Design of New Zealand Heritage Building
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    Chapter 66 Sensitivity Analysis of Smoke Flow in New Zealand High-Rise Stairwells
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    Chapter 67 Tall Building Evacuation Strategy—The Refuge Floor Concept Revisited
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    Chapter 68 The Analysis of the Effects of Critical Velocity in Tunnel Fires with Water Spray System
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    Chapter 69 Research on Evacuation of Train Fire in Extra-Long Channel Tunnel
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    Chapter 70 Experiment on Effects of Sealing Rate on Fire Behaviors in Sealing Tactics Against Tunnel Fire
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    Chapter 71 Potential Risks Assessment Method Using the Model Tunnel Associated with Japanese Expressway Tunnel Fires
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    Chapter 72 Network Flow Modelling for Optimizing Fire Smoke Control in Complex Urban Traffic Link Tunnels: Incorporating Heat Loss and Gas Species Generation Rate Calculation into Models
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    Chapter 73 Influence of Stationary Vehicles to Thermal Fume Backlayering Length in Tunnel Fire
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    Chapter 74 Model-Scale Fire Experiments and Simulations of a Tunnel with Point-Extraction Ventilation
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    Chapter 75 Fire Smothering and Post-fire Ventilation Strategy for Cable Compartment in Urban Utility Tunnel
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    Chapter 76 Numerical Studies on the Smoke Control Parameters of Water Mist Screens with Transverse Ventilation System in Tunnel Fires
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    Chapter 77 Effects of Tunnel Length on Combustion Efficiency in Tunnel Fires
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    Chapter 78 The Analysis of HGV Fire Scenarios in Tunnel with Point-Extraction Ventilation
Attention for Chapter 57: The Experimental Studies of the Cooking Oil Fire by Water-Mist Fire-Extinguishing System with Additive
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Chapter title
The Experimental Studies of the Cooking Oil Fire by Water-Mist Fire-Extinguishing System with Additive
Chapter number 57
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The Proceedings of 11th Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science and Technology
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Springer, Singapore, September 2019
DOI 10.1007/978-981-32-9139-3_57
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978-9-81-329138-6, 978-9-81-329139-3

Kee-Chiang Chung, Yu-Chia Chen, Wei-Cheng Han, Ming-Yuan Lei, Chung, Kee-Chiang, Chen, Yu-Chia, Han, Wei-Cheng, Lei, Ming-Yuan

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