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Knowing the Salween River: Resource Politics of a Contested Transboundary River

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Introduction: Resources Politics and Knowing the Salween River
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    Chapter 2 Salween: What’s in a Name?
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    Chapter 3 Hydropower Politics and Conflict on the Salween River
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    Chapter 4 From Hydropower Construction to National Park Creation: Changing Pathways of the Nu River
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    Chapter 5 Rites, Rights, and Water Justice in Karen State: A Case Study of Community-Based Water Governance and the Hatgyi Dam
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    Chapter 6 Contested Water Governance in Myanmar/Burma: Politics, the Peace Negotiations and the Production of Scale
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    Chapter 7 A State of Knowledge of the Salween River: An Overview of Civil Society Research
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    Chapter 9 Local Context, National Law: The Rights of Karen People on the Salween River in Thailand
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    Chapter 10 An Ethnobotanical Survey in Shan State, Myanmar: Where Thanlwin Biodiversity, Health, and Deforestation Meet
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    Chapter 11 Not only Anti-dam: Simplistic Rendering of Complex Salween Communities in Their Negotiation for Development in Thailand
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    Chapter 12 Powers of Access: Impacts on Resource Users and Researchers in Myanmar’s Shan State
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    Chapter 13 Fisheries and Socio-economic Change in the Thanlwin River Estuary in Mon and Kayin State, Myanmar
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    Chapter 14 The Impact of Land Cover Changes on Socio-economic Conditions in Bawlakhe District, Kayah State
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    Chapter 15 Local Knowledge and Rangeland Protection on the Tibetan Plateau: Lessons for Conservation and Co-management of the Upper Nu-Salween and Yellow River Watersheds
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    Chapter 16 Future Trajectories: Five Short Concluding Reflections
Attention for Chapter 3: Hydropower Politics and Conflict on the Salween River
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