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Marine Metagenomics

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Metagenomic Methods: From Seawater to the Database
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    Chapter 2 Collection of Microbial DNA from Marine Sediments
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    Chapter 3 Primer Design, Evaluation of Primer Universality, and Estimation of Identification Power of Amplicon Sequences In Silico
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    Chapter 4 High Coverage Expression Profiling (HiCEP) of Microbial Community Genomes in the Ocean
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    Chapter 5 The Application of DDCA to Metagenomic Analysis
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    Chapter 6 Horizontal Gene Transfer in Marine Environment: A Technical Perspective on Metagenomics
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    Chapter 7 MAPLE Enables Functional Assessment of Microbiota in Various Environments
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    Chapter 8 Comparison of Microscopic and PCR Amplicon and Shotgun Metagenomic Approaches Applied to Marine Diatom Communities
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    Chapter 9 Seasonal Dynamics of Bacterial Community Composition in Coastal Seawater at Sendai Bay, Japan
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    Chapter 10 Shotgun Metagenome Analyses: Seasonality Monitoring in Sendai Bay and Search for Red Tide Marker Sequences
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    Chapter 11 Distribution and Community Composition of Ammonia-Oxidizing Archaea and Bacteria in Coastal Sediments in Response to Sediment Material Gradients at Sendai Bay, Japan
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    Chapter 12 Marine Metagenomic Sequence Counts of Reads Assigned to Taxa Consistently Proportionate to Read Counts Obtained for per g of Seawater Sample
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    Chapter 13 New Aquaculture Technology Based on Host-Symbiotic Co-metabolism
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    Chapter 14 Influences of Diurnal Sampling Bias on Fixed-Point Monitoring of Plankton Biodiversity Determined Using a Massively Parallel Sequencing-Based Technique
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    Chapter 15 Mining of Knowledge Related to Factors Involved in the Aberrant Growth of Plankton
Attention for Chapter 4: High Coverage Expression Profiling (HiCEP) of Microbial Community Genomes in the Ocean
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