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Advances in Computational Intelligence

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 A Deeper Look into ‘Deep Learning of Aftershock Patterns Following Large Earthquakes’: Illustrating First Principles in Neural Network Physical Interpretability
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    Chapter 2 Boosting Wavelet Neural Networks Using Evolutionary Algorithms for Short-Term Wind Speed Time Series Forecasting
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    Chapter 3 An Approach to Rain Detection Using Sobel Image Pre-processing and Convolutional Neuronal Networks
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    Chapter 4 On the Application of a Recurrent Neural Network for Rainfall Quantification Based on the Received Signal from Microwave Links
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    Chapter 5 Ambient Temperature Estimation Using WSN Links and Gaussian Process Regression
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    Chapter 6 Voice Command Recognition Using Statistical Signal Processing and SVM
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    Chapter 7 Enterprise System Response Time Prediction Using Non-stationary Function Approximations
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    Chapter 8 Using Artificial Neural Networks for Recovering the Value-of-Travel-Time Distribution
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    Chapter 9 Sparse, Interpretable and Transparent Predictive Model Identification for Healthcare Data Analysis
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    Chapter 10 Use of Complex Networks for the Automatic Detection and the Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease
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    Chapter 11 The Generalized Sleep Spindles Detector: A Generative Model Approach on Single-Channel EEGs
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    Chapter 12 DeepTrace: A Generic Framework for Time Series Forecasting
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    Chapter 13 Automatic Identification of Interictal Epileptiform Discharges with the Use of Complex Networks
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    Chapter 14 Anomaly Detection for Bivariate Signals
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    Chapter 15 A Scalable Long-Horizon Forecasting of Building Electricity Consumption
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    Chapter 16 Long-Term Forecasting of Heterogenous Variables with Automatic Algorithm Selection
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    Chapter 17 Automatic Time Series Forecasting with GRNN: A Comparison with Other Models
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    Chapter 18 Improving Online Handwriting Text/Non-text Classification Accuracy Under Condition of Stroke Context Absence
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    Chapter 19 Improving Classification of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays Using Spacial Locality by Means of a Convolutional DNN
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    Chapter 20 Model and Feature Aggregation Based Federated Learning for Multi-sensor Time Series Trend Following
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    Chapter 21 Robust Echo State Network for Recursive System Identification
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    Chapter 22 Random Hyper-parameter Search-Based Deep Neural Network for Power Consumption Forecasting
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    Chapter 23 A First Approximation to the Effects of Classical Time Series Preprocessing Methods on LSTM Accuracy
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    Chapter 24 Detecting Driver Drowsiness in Real Time Through Deep Learning Based Object Detection
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    Chapter 25 The Influence of Human Walking Activities on the Doppler Characteristics of Non-stationary Indoor Channel Models
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    Chapter 26 A Neural Network for Stance Phase Detection in Smart Cane Users
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    Chapter 27 Closed-Eye Gaze Gestures: Detection and Recognition of Closed-Eye Movements with Cameras in Smart Glasses
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    Chapter 28 RF-Based Human Activity Recognition: A Non-stationary Channel Model Incorporating the Impact of Phase Distortions
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    Chapter 29 Workout Type Recognition and Repetition Counting with CNNs from 3D Acceleration Sensed on the Chest
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    Chapter 30 Improving Wearable Activity Recognition via Fusion of Multiple Equally-Sized Data Subwindows
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    Chapter 31 Preliminary Results Using a P300 Brain-Computer Interface Speller: A Possible Interaction Effect Between Presentation Paradigm and Set of Stimuli
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    Chapter 32 Custom-Made Monitor for Easy High-Frequency SSVEP Stimulation
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    Chapter 33 A Comparison of cVEP-Based BCI-Performance Between Different Age Groups
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    Chapter 34 Remote Steering of a Mobile Robotic Car by Means of VR-Based SSVEP BCI
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    Chapter 35 A VR-Based Hybrid BCI Using SSVEP and Gesture Input
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    Chapter 36 Word Prediction Support Model for SSVEP-Based BCI Web Speller
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    Chapter 37 Is Stress State an Important Factor in the BCI-P300 Speller Performance?
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    Chapter 38 Echo State Networks with Artificial Astrocytes and Hebbian Connections
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    Chapter 39 Multiple Linear Regression Based on Coefficients Identification Using Non-iterative SGTM Neural-like Structure
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    Chapter 40 Richness of Deep Echo State Network Dynamics
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    Chapter 41 Image Classification and Retrieval with Random Depthwise Signed Convolutional Neural Networks
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    Chapter 42 Exploring Classification, Clustering, and Its Limits in a Compressed Hidden Space of a Single Layer Neural Network with Random Weights
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    Chapter 43 Improving Randomized Learning of Feedforward Neural Networks by Appropriate Generation of Random Parameters
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    Chapter 44 Detector of Small Objects with Application to the License Plate Symbols
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    Chapter 45 Failure Diagnosis of Wind Turbine Bearing Using Feature Extraction and a Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS)
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    Chapter 46 OnMLM: An Online Formulation for the Minimal Learning Machine
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    Chapter 47 Adversarial Examples are a Manifestation of the Fitting-Generalization Trade-off
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    Chapter 48 Some Insights and Observations on Depth Issues in Deep Learning Networks
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    Chapter 49 Multi-input CNN for Text Classification in Commercial Scenarios
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    Chapter 50 Applying Sentiment Analysis with Cross-Domain Models to Evaluate User eXperience in Virtual Learning Environments
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    Chapter 51 Document Model with Attention Bidirectional Recurrent Network for Gender Identification
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    Chapter 52 Visual Disambiguation of Prepositional Phrase Attachments: Multimodal Machine Learning for Syntactic Analysis Correction
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    Chapter 53 Meeting Summarization, A Challenge for Deep Learning
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    Chapter 54 Semantic Fake News Detection: A Machine Learning Perspective
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    Chapter 55 Unsupervised Inflection Generation Using Neural Language Modelling
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    Chapter 56 AL 4 LA: Active Learning for Text Labeling Based on Paragraph Vectors
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    Chapter 57 On Transfer Learning for Detecting Abusive Language Online
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    Chapter 58 Security Testing for Multi-Agent Systems
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    Chapter 59 GPTSG: A Genetic Programming Test Suite Generator Using Information Theory Measures
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    Chapter 60 An Intelligent System Integrating CEP and Colored Petri Nets for Helping in Decision Making About Pollution Scenarios
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    Chapter 61 Using Genetic Algorithms to Generate Test Suites for FSMs
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    Chapter 62 Conformance Relations for Fuzzy Automata
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    Chapter 63 Investigating the Effectiveness of Mutation Testing Tools in the Context of Deep Neural Networks
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    Chapter 64 SGD-Based Wiener Polynomial Approximation for Missing Data Recovery in Air Pollution Monitoring Dataset
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    Chapter 65 Heavy Duty Vehicle Fuel Consumption Modelling Based on Exploitation Data by Using Artificial Neural Networks
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    Chapter 66 A Deep Ensemble Neural Network Approach to Improve Predictions of Container Inspection Volume
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    Chapter 67 Ro-Ro Freight Forecasting Based on an ANN-SVR Hybrid Approach. Case of the Strait of Gibraltar
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    Chapter 68 Infering Air Quality from Traffic Data Using Transferable Neural Network Models
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    Chapter 69 Deep Learning Based Ship Movement Prediction System Architecture
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    Chapter 70 A Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network Stacking Ensemble Approach to Improve NO 2 Level Estimations
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    Chapter 71 Convolutional Neural Network Learning Versus Traditional Segmentation for the Approximation of the Degree of Defective Surface in Titanium for Implantable Medical Devices
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    Chapter 72 Convolutional Neural Networks and Feature Selection for BCI with Multiresolution Analysis
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    Chapter 73 Attention-Based Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) for Short Text Classification: An Application in Public Health Monitoring
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    Chapter 74 A Transfer-Learning Approach to Feature Extraction from Cancer Transcriptomes with Deep Autoencoders
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    Chapter 75 Dementia Detection and Classification from MRI Images Using Deep Neural Networks and Transfer Learning
Attention for Chapter 1: A Deeper Look into ‘Deep Learning of Aftershock Patterns Following Large Earthquakes’: Illustrating First Principles in Neural Network Physical Interpretability
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Chapter title
A Deeper Look into ‘Deep Learning of Aftershock Patterns Following Large Earthquakes’: Illustrating First Principles in Neural Network Physical Interpretability
Chapter number 1
Book title
Advances in Computational Intelligence
Published by
Springer, Cham, June 2019
DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-20521-8_1
Book ISBNs
978-3-03-020520-1, 978-3-03-020521-8

Arnaud Mignan, Marco Broccardo, Mignan, Arnaud, Broccardo, Marco

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