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Climate Change and Global Development

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Introduction
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    Chapter 2 Global Development and Climate Change: A Game Theory Approach
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    Chapter 3 On the Edge of Climate Change: In a Search of an Adequate Agent-Based Methodology to Model Environmental Dynamics
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    Chapter 4 Greenhouse Gas, Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from Threshold Effect
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    Chapter 5 Effects of Climate Change to Industrial Outputs and Employment in Asian Emerging Economies
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    Chapter 6 The Role of Carbon Markets in the Paris Agreement: Mitigation and Development
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    Chapter 7 The European Union as a Leading Environmental Player? A Critical Analysis on the Policy and Commitments Towards Global Development and Climate Change
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    Chapter 8 The European Union Accession and Climate Change Policies in the Western Balkan Countries
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    Chapter 9 The BRICS Commitment on Climate Change: Process Towards an Effective Approach in the Path of Sustainable Development
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    Chapter 10 Reducing Catastrophic Climate Risk by Revolutionizing the Amazon: Novel Pathways for Brazilian Diplomacy
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    Chapter 11 Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Africa: Strategies, Synergies, and Constraints
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    Chapter 12 Climate Change Mitigation Through the Application of LCA Methodology on the Environmental Performance of Two Vehicles with Distinct Engines
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    Chapter 13 The Role of Marketing in Reducing Climate Change: An Approach to the Sustainable Marketing Orientation
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    Chapter 14 Madeira Island: Tourism, Natural Disasters and Destination Image
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    Chapter 15 Conclusion
Attention for Chapter 11: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Africa: Strategies, Synergies, and Constraints
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