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Elliptic Integrals, Elliptic Functions and Modular Forms in Quantum Field Theory

Overview of attention for book
Cover of 'Elliptic Integrals, Elliptic Functions and Modular Forms in Quantum Field Theory'

Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Eta Quotients Eta quotients and Rademacher Sums Rademacher sums
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    Chapter 2 On a Class of Feynman Integrals Evaluating to Iterated Integrals of Modular Forms
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    Chapter 3 Iterative Non-iterative Integrals in Quantum Field Theory
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    Chapter 4 Analytic Continuation of the Kite Family
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    Chapter 5 A Four-Point Function for the Planar QCD Massive Corrections to Top-Antitop Production in the Gluon-Fusion Channel
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    Chapter 6 From Modular Forms to Differential Equations for Feynman Integrals
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    Chapter 7 One-Loop String String Scattering Scattering Amplitudes Amplitudes as Iterated Eisenstein Eisenstein Integrals
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    Chapter 8 Expansions at Cusps and Petersson Products in Pari/GP
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    Chapter 9 CM Evaluations of the Goswami-Sun Series
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    Chapter 10 Automatic Proof of Theta-Function Identities
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    Chapter 11 The Generators of all Polynomial Relations Among Jacobi Theta Functions
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    Chapter 12 Numerical Evaluation of Elliptic Functions, Elliptic Integrals and Modular Forms
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    Chapter 13 Multi-valued Feynman Graphs and Scattering Theory
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    Chapter 14 Interpolated Sequences and Critical L -Values of Modular Forms
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    Chapter 15 Towards a Symbolic Summation Theory for Unspecified Sequences
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    Chapter 16 Differential Equations Differential Equations and Dispersion Relations Dispersion Relations for Feynman Amplitudes
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    Chapter 17 Feynman Integrals, Toric Geometry and Mirror Symmetry
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    Chapter 18 Modular and Holomorphic Graph Functions from Superstring Amplitudes
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    Chapter 19 Some Algebraic and Arithmetic Properties of Feynman Diagrams
Attention for Chapter 9: CM Evaluations of the Goswami-Sun Series
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Chapter title
CM Evaluations of the Goswami-Sun Series
Chapter number 9
Book title
Elliptic Integrals, Elliptic Functions and Modular Forms in Quantum Field Theory
Published by
Springer, Cham, January 2019
DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-04480-0_9
Book ISBNs
978-3-03-004479-4, 978-3-03-004480-0

Madeline Locus Dawsey, Ken Ono, Dawsey, Madeline Locus, Ono, Ken