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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 On the Transition Temperature to Calcite and Cell Lengths for Various Biogenic Aragonites
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    Chapter 2 TEM Study of the Radular Teeth of the Chiton Acanthopleura japonica
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    Chapter 3 Experimental Cremation of Bone: Crystallite Size and Lattice Parameter Evolution
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    Chapter 4 Effect of Carbonic Anhydrase Immobilized on Eggshell Membranes on Calcium Carbonate Crystallization In Vitro
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    Chapter 5 Proteomic Analysis of Venomous Fang Matrix Proteins of Protobothrops flavoviridis (Habu) Snake
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    Chapter 6 Characterization of Goldfish Scales by Vibrational Spectroscopic Analyses
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    Chapter 7 Relationship Between Bone Morphology and Bone Quality in Female Femurs: Implication for Additive Risk of Alternative Forced Molting
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    Chapter 8 Spectroscopic Investigation of Shell Pigments from the Family Neritidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda)
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    Chapter 9 3D Visualization of Calcified and Non-calcified Molluscan Tissues Using Computed Tomography
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    Chapter 10 Calcium Ion and Mineral Pathways in Biomineralization: A Perspective
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    Chapter 11 Identification of Barnacle Shell Proteins by Transcriptome and Proteomic Approaches
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    Chapter 12 The Optical Characteristics of Cultured Akoya Pearl Are Influenced by Both Donor and Recipient Oysters
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    Chapter 13 Influence of B Vitamins on Proliferation and Differentiation of Osteoblastic Bovine Cell Cultures: An In Vitro Study
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    Chapter 14 Rice Plant Biomineralization: Electron Microscopic Study on Plant Opals and Exploration of Organic Matrices Involved in Biosilica Formation
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    Chapter 15 DMP1 Binds Specifically to Type I Collagen and Regulates Mineral Nucleation and Growth
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    Chapter 16 Exploration of Genes Associated with Sponge Silicon Biomineralization in the Whole Genome Sequence of the Hexactinellid Euplectella curvistellata
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    Chapter 17 The Origin and Early Evolution of SCPP Genes and Tissue Mineralization in Vertebrates
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    Chapter 18 Immunolocalization of Enamel Matrix Protein-Like Proteins in the Tooth Enameloid of Actinopterygian Bony Fish
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    Chapter 19 Geographical and Seasonal Variations of the Shell Microstructures in the Bivalve Scapharca broughtonii
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    Chapter 20 Enhancement of Bone Tissue Repair by Octacalcium Phosphate Crystallizing into Hydroxyapatite In Situ
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    Chapter 21 The Relationship Between the Structure and Calcification of Dentin and the Role of Melatonin
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    Chapter 22 Fabrication of Hydroxyapatite Nanofibers with High Aspect Ratio via Low-Temperature Wet Precipitation Methods Under Acidic Conditions
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    Chapter 23 Physico-chemical Characterisation of the Processes Involved in Enamel Remineralisation by CPP-ACP
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    Chapter 24 Molecular Interactions of Peptide Encapsulated Calcium Phosphate Delivery Vehicle at Enamel Surfaces
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    Chapter 25 Preparation of Random and Aligned Polycaprolactone Fiber as Template for Classical Calcium Oxalate Through Electrocrystallization
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    Chapter 26 Dysprosium Biomineralization by Penidiella sp. Strain T9
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    Chapter 27 Various Shapes of Gold Nanoparticles Synthesized by Glycolipids Extracted from Lactobacillus casei
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    Chapter 28 Octacalcium Phosphate Overgrowth on β-Tricalcium Phosphate Substrate in Metastable Calcium Phosphate Solution
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    Chapter 29 Coral-Based Approaches to Paleoclimate Studies, Future Ocean Environment Assessment, and Disaster Research
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    Chapter 30 An Elemental Fractionation Mechanism Common to Biogenic Calcium Carbonate
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    Chapter 31 Biomineralization of Metallic Tellurium by Bacteria Isolated From Marine Sediment Off Niigata Japan
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    Chapter 32 Calcium Oxalate Crystals in Plant Communities of the Southeast of the Pampean Plain, Argentina
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    Chapter 33 Iron and Calcium Biomineralizations in the Pampean Coastal Plains, Argentina: Their Role in the Environmental Reconstruction of the Holocene
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    Chapter 34 Skeletal Organic Matrices in Molluscs: Origin, Evolution, Diagenesis
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    Chapter 35 Functional Analysis on Shelk2 of Pacific Oyster
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    Chapter 36 Mollusk Shells: Does the Nacro-prismatic “Model” Exist?
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    Chapter 37 The Marsh’s Membrane: A Key-Role for a Forgotten Structure
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    Chapter 38 Pearl Production by Implantation of Outer Epithelial Cells Isolated from the Mantle of Pinctada fucata and the Effects of Blending of Epithelial Cells with Different Genetic Backgrounds on Pearl Quality
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    Chapter 39 Functional Analyses of MMP Genes in the Ligament of Pinctada fucata
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    Chapter 40 Chitin Degraded by Chitinolytic Enzymes Induces Crystal Defects of Calcites
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    Chapter 41 Screening for Genes Participating in the Formation of Prismatic and Nacreous Layers of the Japanese Pearl Oyster Pinctada fucata by RNA Interference Knockdown
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    Chapter 42 Gene Expression Patterns in the Mantle and Pearl Sac Tissues of the Pearl Oyster Pinctada fucata
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    Chapter 43 Selected SEM and TEM Images by Late Dr. Hiroshi Nakahara
Attention for Chapter 33: Iron and Calcium Biomineralizations in the Pampean Coastal Plains, Argentina: Their Role in the Environmental Reconstruction of the Holocene
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Chapter title
Iron and Calcium Biomineralizations in the Pampean Coastal Plains, Argentina: Their Role in the Environmental Reconstruction of the Holocene
Chapter number 33
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Published by
Springer, Singapore, October 2018
DOI 10.1007/978-981-13-1002-7_33
Book ISBNs
978-9-81-131001-0, 978-9-81-131002-7

Margarita Osterrieth, Celia Frayssinet, Lucrecia Frayssinet