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Multiscale Modeling of Ultrafast Magnetization Dynamics

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Femtosecond Laser Pulses Switch Magnetic States via Strongly-Correlated Spin-Charge Quantum Excitations
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    Chapter 2 Investigation of Non-Thermal Process in the Dynamics of Photo-Induced FMR in (Ga, Mn)As
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    Chapter 3 Time Resolved Spectroscopy in Narrow Gap MOVPE Grown Ferromagnetic Semiconductors
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    Chapter 4 Magnetization Evolution in Semiconductor Heterostructures After Laser Excitation
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    Chapter 5 Phase and Spin Relaxation Dynamics in High-Quality Single GaN/AlGaN Quantum Well
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    Chapter 6 Experimental Observations of Optical Spin Transfer and Spin-Orbit Torques in Magnetic Semiconductors
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    Chapter 7 Laser-Induced Spin Dynamics in Ferromagnetic (In,Mn)As at Magnetic Fields up to 7 T
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    Chapter 8 Evolving Magnetization Dynamics in Mn 3-x Ga
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    Chapter 9 Electronic Scattering Dynamics and Ultrafast Magnetization Dynamics
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    Chapter 10 Influence of the Magnetization Compensation Point on the All-Optical Magnetization Switching
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    Chapter 11 Element-Specific Probing of Ultrafast Magnetization Dynamics in the Visible Spectral Range
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    Chapter 12 Ultrafast Non-local Spin Dynamics in Metallic Bi-Layers by Linear and Non-linear Magneto-Optics
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    Chapter 13 Balance of Angular Momentum and Magnetization Switching in Ferrimagnetic Alloys
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    Chapter 14 Disentangling Spin and Charge Dynamics with Magneto-Optics
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    Chapter 15 Laser-Induced Spin Dynamics in Amorphous NdFeCo
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    Chapter 16 Probing Ultrafast Spin Moment Change of Bcc Iron in Crystal-Momentum Space: A Proposal
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    Chapter 17 Angular Dependence of Gilbert Damping in Ferromagnetic Metallic Systems
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    Chapter 18 Novel Dual-Colour Architecture for Ultrafast Spin Dynamics Measurements in the Sub-10 Fs Regime
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    Chapter 19 Spin Dynamics in Rare Earth Doped Cobalt Ferromagnetic Films
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    Chapter 20 Ultrafast Ferrofluids Magnetization Frameworks
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    Chapter 21 Magnetization Reversal in a Cobalt Nanoparticle
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    Chapter 22 Ultrafast Magnetization Dynamics Driven by Equilibration of Temperatures and Chemical Potentials
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    Chapter 23 Layer-Specific Probing of Ultrafast Spin Dynamics in Multilayered Magnets with Visible Light
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    Chapter 24 Precession of the Magnetization and Breathing Motion of Assemblies of Co-Pt Nanoparticles
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    Chapter 25 Laser Heated Ferromagnetic Simulations
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    Chapter 26 Excitation and Control of Spin Wave by Light Pulses
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    Chapter 27 k-vector distribution of magneto-static spin waves excited by micro-fabricated antenna structures
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    Chapter 28 Spin-wave and spin-current dynamics in ultrafast demagnetization experiments
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    Chapter 29 Novel optical properties of spin-wave excitations in non-centrosymmetric oxides: the case of Ba 2 CoGe 2 O 7
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    Chapter 30 Nano-orbitronics in silicon
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    Chapter 31 Evanescent Exchange Magnons in a 1D Magnonic Crystal
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    Chapter 32 Magneto-Optic Study of Picosecond Magnetization Dynamics in Garnet Films
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    Chapter 33 Spin-Polarized Electron Scattering in Permalloy Films: A Spin-Wave Study
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    Chapter 34 Spin-Wave Modes in a CoFeB Magnonic Crystal Waveguide
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    Chapter 35 Laser-Induced Giant Skyrmions and Skyrmion-Compounds in a Thin Magnetic Film of TbFeCo
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    Chapter 36 Theory of Femtosecond Laser-Induced Demagnetization
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    Chapter 37 Relaxation Dynamics of Majority and Minority Electrons After Ultrashort Laser Excitation
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    Chapter 38 A Local Approach to Ultrafast Magnetization Dynamics in Ferromagnetic Transition Metals
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    Chapter 39 Ultrafast Quenching of the Exchange Interaction in a Mott-Insulator
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    Chapter 40 Spin Dynamics and Exchange Interactions from the First- and Second-Principles Calculations
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    Chapter 41 Λ-Processes Induced by Chirped Lasers
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    Chapter 42 Ultrafast Demagnetization After Laser Pulse Irradiation in Ni: Ab Initio Electron-Phonon Scattering and Phase Space Calculations
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    Chapter 43 Ultrafast Spin Flip on Homodinuclear Clusters
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    Chapter 44 Switching Dynamics of Two Sub-lattice Magnets
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    Chapter 45 The Landau-Lifshitz-Bloch Equation for Quantum Spin
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    Chapter 46 Inertial Regime of the Magnetization: Nutation resonance Beyond Precession Resonance
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    Chapter 47 Multiscale Modeling of Ultrafast Magnetization Dynamics
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    Chapter 48 What Can We Learn About Magnetization Dynamics from First-Principles Calculations?
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    Chapter 49 Theoretical Modeling of Coherent Ultrafast Spin-Light Interactions: From One to Many-Electron Systems
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    Chapter 50 Localization of Magnetic Normal Modes on Topological Defects
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    Chapter 51 Effect of the Variation of the Bond Length on Laser-Induced Spin-Flip Scenarios at Ni 2
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    Chapter 52 Coarse-Graining Approach to Atomistic Spin Dynamics
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    Chapter 53 Coherent Ultrafast Spin-Light Interactions in One- and Two-Electron Systems
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    Chapter 54 Noncollinear Ballistic and Diffusive Spin Transport: Magnetic-Field Dependence
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    Chapter 55 Semi-relativistic Quantum Electron Dynamics—A Lagrangian Approach
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    Chapter 56 Electron Lifetimes in a 2D Electron-Gas with Rashba SO-Coupling: Screening Properties
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    Chapter 57 Non-equilibrium Spin–Spin Interactions in Strongly Correlated Systems
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    Chapter 58 Study of the X-ray-Plasma Interaction for High Intensity Laser Pulses
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    Chapter 59 Femtosecond Opto-Magnetism
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    Chapter 60 Optical Magnetization Control in EuO Films
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    Chapter 61 Non-thermal Light-Induced Spin Dynamics in YIG: Co Films via the Photomagnetic Effect
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    Chapter 62 Ultrafast Charge Contribution to Magneto-optics in Strong Correlated Magnetic Oxides
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    Chapter 63 Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording
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    Chapter 64 Photo-induced Ferromagnetic Resonance in Systems Incorporating Magnetic Junctions
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    Chapter 65 Nonlinear Spin Waves in Two-Dimensional Arrays of Magnetic Nanodots
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    Chapter 66 Ultrafast Photoinduced Linear and Circular Anisotropy in Multiferroic Manganite YMnO 3
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    Chapter 67 Magneto-optical Wave Mixing in Garnets
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    Chapter 68 Quantum Femtosecond Magnetism in a Strongly Correlated Manganese Oxide
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    Chapter 69 Ultrafast Opto-magnetism in KNiF3
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    Chapter 70 Classical Modeling of Coherent Ultrafast Demagnetization Experiments
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    Chapter 71 Sub-nanosecond Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording of FePt Media
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    Chapter 72 Controlling Ultrafast Transport in Magnetic Heterostructures
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    Chapter 73 Ultrafast Magnetoacoustics in Nickel
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    Chapter 74 Thermally Assisted All-Optical Helicity Dependent Switching of Ferrimagnetic Amorphous Fe 100− x Tb x Thin Films
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    Chapter 75 Ultrafast Laser-Excited Spin Transport in Au/Fe/MgO(001): Relevance of the Fe Layer Thickness
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    Chapter 76 All-Optical Switching in CoTb Alloys: Composition and Thickness Dependent Studies
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    Chapter 77 Picosecond Strain Pulses for Ultrafast Magnetoacoustics
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    Chapter 78 Ultrafast Demagnetization Rates in Two-Component Magnetic Materials
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    Chapter 79 Lattice-Mediated Optical Control of Magnetic Anisotropy in FeBO3
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    Chapter 80 Dual-Pump Manipulation of Ultrafast Demagnetization in TbFeCo
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    Chapter 81 Terahertz Response and Ultrafast Laser-Induced Dynamics of Spins and Charges in CoFe/Al 2 O 3 Multilayers
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    Chapter 82 Nonthermal Magnetization Switching by Ultrashort Acoustic Pulses
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    Chapter 83 Improving the Efficiency of Ultrafast Optical Control of Magnetism in GdFeCo Continuous Films and Submicron Structures
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    Chapter 84 Magneto-Optical Resistance Induced and Controlled by Laser Pulses
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    Chapter 85 The Valence Band Structure of Gadolinium Studied with Time-Resolved Photoemission
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    Chapter 86 Mechanisms of Multiphoton Photoemission from Metal Surfaces
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    Chapter 87 Time-Resolved Photo-Emission Electron Microscopy of Nanomagnetic Logic Chains
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    Chapter 88 Spin-selective excitation pathways in nonlinear photoemission from metal surfaces
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    Chapter 89 Ultrafast demagnetization dynamics in the presence of nanometer sized magnetic domains
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    Chapter 90 Catching the moment: magnetization dynamics studied with X-ray Photoemission Electron Microscopy
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    Chapter 91 Accessing the Magnetic Susceptibility of FeRh on a Sub-nanosecond Time Scale
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    Chapter 92 Engineering Ultrafast Magnetism
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    Chapter 93 Ultrafast, Element-Specific Magnetization Dynamics of Multi-constituent Magnetic Materials by Use of High-Harmonic Generation
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    Chapter 94 Ultrafast Spin Dynamics on the Nanoscale
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    Chapter 95 Element Selective Investigation of Spin Dynamics in Magnetic Multilayers
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    Chapter 96 Element- and time-resolved dynamics in rare-earth/transition metals alloys
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    Chapter 97 Space charge effects occurring during fast demagnetization processes
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    Chapter 98 Ultrafast spectroscopy with spin polarization
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    Chapter 99 Magnetic-Field-Dependent Fraunhofer Diffraction Pattern by 4f Imaging System in Transparent Magnetooptic Thin Film
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    Chapter 100 Ultrafast Spin Precession and Transport Controlled and Probed with Terahertz Radiation
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    Chapter 101 THz Spin Dynamics: Phonon-Induced Spin Order
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    Chapter 102 Ultrafast Magnetism I
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    Chapter 103 Contribution of magnetic circular dichroism in all-optical light helicity-dependent magnetic switching
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Multiscale Modeling of Ultrafast Magnetization Dynamics
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ADS, October 2015
DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-07743-7
978-3-31-907742-0, 978-3-31-907743-7

Ostler, Thomas, Barker, J., Evans, R. F. L., Atxitia, U., Chantrell, R. W., Hovorka, O., Chubykalo-Fesenko, O.


Bigot, Jean-Yves, Hübner, Wolfgang, Rasing, Theo, Chantrell, Roy

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