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Impacts of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident on Fish and Fishing Grounds

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Introduction: Overview of Our Research on Impacts of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident on Fish and Fishing Grounds
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    Chapter 2 134Cs and 137Cs in the Seawater Around Japan and in the North Pacific
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    Chapter 3 Temporal Changes in 137Cs Concentration in Zooplankton and Seawater off the Joban–Sanriku Coast, and in Sendai Bay, After the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Accident
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    Chapter 4 Three-Dimensional Distribution of Radiocesium in Sea Sediment Derived from the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant
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    Chapter 5 Radiocesium Concentrations in the Organic Fraction of Sea Sediments
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    Chapter 6 Bottom Turbidity, Boundary Layer Dynamics, and Associated Transport of Suspended Particulate Materials off the Fukushima Coast
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    Chapter 7 Investigation of Radiocesium Translation from Contaminated Sediment to Benthic Organisms
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    Chapter 8 Detection of 131I, 134Cs, and 137Cs Released into the Atmosphere from FNPP in Small Epipelagic Fishes, Japanese Sardine and Japanese Anchovy, off the Kanto Area, Japan
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    Chapter 9 Radiocesium Concentration of Small Epipelagic Fishes (Sardine and Japanese Anchovy) off the Kashima-Boso Area
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    Chapter 10 Why Do the Radionuclide Concentrations of Pacific Cod Depend on the Body Size?
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    Chapter 11 Radiocesium Contamination Histories of Japanese Flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus) After the 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident
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    Chapter 12 Evaluating the Probability of Catching Fat Greenlings (Hexagrammos otakii) Highly Contaminated with Radiocesium off the Coast of Fukushima
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    Chapter 13 Analysis of the Contamination Process of the Extremely Contaminated Fat Greenling by Fukushima-Derived Radioactive Material
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    Chapter 14 Contamination Levels of Radioactive Cesium in Fat Greenling Caught at the Main Port of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant
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    Chapter 15 Comparison of the Radioactive Cesium Contamination Level of Fish and their Habitat Among Three Lakes in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, After the Fukushima Fallout
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    Chapter 16 Radiocesium Concentrations and Body Size of Freshwater Fish in Lake Hayama 1 Year After the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident
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    Chapter 17 Spatiotemporal Monitoring of 134Cs and 137Cs in Ayu, Plecoglossus altivelis, a Microalgae-Grazing Fish, and in Their Freshwater Habitats in Fukushima
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    Chapter 18 Radiocesium Concentrations in the Muscle and Eggs of Salmonids from Lake Chuzenji, Japan, After the Fukushima Fallout
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    Chapter 19 Assessment of Radiocesium Accumulation by Hatchery-Reared Salmonids After the Fukushima Nuclear Accident
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