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Intelligent Systems Design and Applications

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Enhancing Job Opportunities in Rural India Through Constrained Cognitive Learning Process: Reforming Basic Education
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    Chapter 2 UML2ADA for Early Verification of Concurrency Inside the UML2.0 Atomic Components
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    Chapter 3 A New Approach for the Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease Using a Similarity Feature Extractor
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    Chapter 4 A Novel Restart Strategy for Solving Complex Multi-modal Optimization Problems Using Real-Coded Genetic Algorithm
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    Chapter 5 Evaluating SPL Quality with Metrics
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    Chapter 6 Using Sentence Similarity Measure for Plagiarism Detection of Arabic Documents
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    Chapter 7 Computer Aided Recognition and Classification of Coats of Arms
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    Chapter 8 Mining Gene Expression Data: Patterns Extraction for Gene Regulatory Networks
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    Chapter 9 Exploring Location and Ranking for Academic Venue Recommendation
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    Chapter 10 Designing Compound MAPE Patterns for Self-adaptive Systems
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    Chapter 11 CRF+LG: A Hybrid Approach for the Portuguese Named Entity Recognition
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    Chapter 12 A Secure and Efficient Temporal Features Based Framework for Cloud Using MapReduce
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    Chapter 13 A Comparison of Machine Learning Methods to Identify Broken Bar Failures in Induction Motors Using Statistical Moments
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    Chapter 14 Canonical Correlation-Based Feature Fusion Approach for Scene Classification
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    Chapter 15 A Mixed-Integer Linear Programming Model and a Simulated Annealing Algorithm for the Long-Term Preventive Maintenance Scheduling Problem
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    Chapter 16 Interval Valued Feature Selection for Classification of Logo Images
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    Chapter 17 An Hierarchical Framework for Classroom Events Classification
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    Chapter 18 Hand Gesture Recognition System Based on Local Binary Pattern Approach for Mobile Devices
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    Chapter 19 An Efficient Real-Time Approach for Detection of Parkinson’s Disease
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    Chapter 20 Dual Image Encryption Technique: Using Logistic Map and Noise
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    Chapter 21 A Memetic Algorithm for the Network Construction Problem with Due Dates
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    Chapter 22 Incremental Real Time Support Vector Machines
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    Chapter 23 Content-Based Classification Approach for Video-Spam Identification
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    Chapter 24 Kinematic Analysis and Simulation of a 6 DOF Robot in a Web-Based Platform Using CAD File Import
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    Chapter 25 Large Scale Deep Network Architecture of CNN for Unconstraint Visual Activity Analytics
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    Chapter 26 An Automated Support Tool to Compute State Redundancy Semantic Metric
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    Chapter 27 Computing Theory Prime Implicates in Modal Logic
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    Chapter 28 Fault Tolerance in Real-Time Systems: A Review
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    Chapter 29 Gauss-Newton Representation Based Algorithm for Magnetic Resonance Brain Image Classification
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    Chapter 30 Evaluating Different Similarity Measures for Automatic Biomedical Text Summarization
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    Chapter 31 Fingerprint Image Enhancement Using Steerable Filter in Wavelet Domain
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    Chapter 32 Privacy Preserving Hu’s Moments in Encrypted Domain
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    Chapter 33 Ensemble of Feature Selection Methods for Text Classification: An Analytical Study
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    Chapter 34 Correlation Scaled Principal Component Regression
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    Chapter 35 Automated Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy Using Weighted Support Vector Machines
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    Chapter 36 Predictive Analysis of Alertness Related Features for Driver Drowsiness Detection
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    Chapter 37 Association Rules Transformation for Knowledge Integration and Warehousing
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    Chapter 38 Abnormal High-Level Event Recognition in Parking lot
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    Chapter 39 Optimum Feature Selection Using Firefly Algorithm for Keystroke Dynamics
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    Chapter 40 Multi-UAV Path Planning with Multi Colony Ant Optimization
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    Chapter 41 An Efficient Method for Detecting Fraudulent Transactions Using Classification Algorithms on an Anonymized Credit Card Data Set
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    Chapter 42 A Deep Convolution Neural Network Based Model for Enhancing Text Video Frames for Detection
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    Chapter 43 A Novel Approach for Steganography App in Android OS
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    Chapter 44 Exploring Human Movement Behaviour Based on Mobility Association Rule Mining of Trajectory Traces
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    Chapter 45 Image Sentiment Analysis Using Convolutional Neural Network
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    Chapter 46 Cluster Based Approaches for Keyframe Selection in Natural Flower Videos
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    Chapter 47 From Crisp to Soft Possibilistic and Rough Meta-clustering of Retail Datasets
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    Chapter 48 Improved Symbol Segmentation for TELUGU Optical Character Recognition
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    Chapter 49 Semantic Attribute Classification Related to Gait
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    Chapter 50 Classification of Dengue Gene Expression Using Entropy-Based Feature Selection and Pruning on Neural Network
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    Chapter 51 Hardware Trojan: Malware Detection Using Reverse Engineering and SVM
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    Chapter 52 Obtaining Word Embedding from Existing Classification Model
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    Chapter 53 A Robust Static Sign Language Recognition System Based on Hand Key Points Estimation
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    Chapter 54 Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm for Minimum Weight Minimum Connected Dominating Set
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    Chapter 55 Modeling of a System for fECG Extraction from abdECG
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    Chapter 56 Supervised Learning Model for Combating Cyberbullying: Indonesian Capital City 2017 Governor Election Case
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    Chapter 57 Improving upon Package and Food Delivery by Semi-autonomous Tag-along Vehicles
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    Chapter 58 A Novel Multi-party Key Exchange Protocol
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    Chapter 59 NLP Based Phishing Attack Detection from URLs
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    Chapter 60 Hand Pose Estimation System Based on a Cascade Approach for Mobile Devices
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    Chapter 61 HMI Fuzzy Assessment of Complex Systems Usability
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    Chapter 62 A Novel Hybrid GA for the Assignment of Jobs to Machines in a Complex Hybrid Flow Shop Problem
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    Chapter 63 Selecting Relevant Educational Attributes for Predicting Students’ Academic Performance
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    Chapter 64 Detection and Localization of Duplicated Frames in Doctored Video
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    Chapter 65 A Novel Approach for Approximate Spatio-Textual Skyline Queries
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    Chapter 66 SMI-Based Opinion Analysis of Cloud Services from Online Reviews
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    Chapter 67 Heuristics for the Hybrid Flow Shop Scheduling Problem with Parallel Machines at the First Stage and Two Dedicated Machines at the Second Stage
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    Chapter 68 Breast Density Classification for Cancer Detection Using DCT-PCA Feature Extraction and Classifier Ensemble
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    Chapter 69 Scheduling Analysis and Correction of Periodic Real Time Systems with Tasks Migration
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    Chapter 70 Generating Semantic and Logic Meaning Representations When Analyzing the Arabic Natural Questions
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    Chapter 71 An Arabic Question-Answering System Combining a Semantic and Logical Representation of Texts
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    Chapter 72 Algorithms for Finding Maximal and Maximum Cliques: A Survey
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    Chapter 73 K4BPMN Modeler: An Extension of BPMN2 Modeler with the Knowledge Dimension Based on Core Ontologies
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    Chapter 74 Exploring the Integration of Business Process with Nosql Databases in the Context of BPM
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    Chapter 75 An Effective Heuristic Algorithm for the Double Vehicle Routing Problem with Multiple Stack and Heterogeneous Demand
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    Chapter 76 Named Entity Recognition from Gujarati Text Using Rule-Based Approach
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    Chapter 77 A Meta-modeling Approach to Create a Multidimensional Business Knowledge Model Based on BPMN
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    Chapter 78 Toward a MapReduce-Based K-Means Method for Multi-dimensional Time Serial Data Clustering
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    Chapter 79 Mining Communities in Directed Networks: A Game Theoretic Approach
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    Chapter 80 A Support Vector Machine Based Approach to Real Time Fault Signal Classification for High Speed BLDC Motor
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    Chapter 81 Automatic Identification of Malaria Using Image Processing and Artificial Neural Network
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    Chapter 82 Comparative Analysis of Adaptive Filters for Predicting Wind-Power Generation (SLMS, NLMS, SGDLMS, WLMS, RLMS)
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    Chapter 83 Blind Write Protocol
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    Chapter 84 Ontology Visualization: An Overview
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    Chapter 85 Towards a Contextual and Semantic Information Retrieval System Based on Non-negative Matrix Factorization Technique
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    Chapter 86 Design and Simulation of Multi-band M-shaped Vivaldi Antenna
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    Chapter 87 Performance Evaluation of Openflow SDN Controllers
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    Chapter 88 Monitoring Chili Crop and Gray Mould Disease Analysis Through Wireless Sensor Network
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    Chapter 89 Intelligent AgriTrade to Abet Indian Farming
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    Chapter 90 Evaluating the Efficiency of Higher Secondary Education State Boards in India: A DEA-ANN Approach
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    Chapter 91 Design of Millimeter-Wave Microstrip Antenna Array for 5G Communications – A Comparative Study
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    Chapter 92 Simulation Design of Aircraft CFD Based on High Performance Parallel Computation
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    Chapter 93 Determining the Optimum Release Policy Through Differential Evolution: A Case Study of Mula Irrigation Project
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    Chapter 94 Characterising the Impact of Drought on Jowar (Sorghum spp) Crop Yield Using Bayesian Networks
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    Chapter 95 Linear Programming Based Optimum Crop Mix for Crop Cultivation in Assam State of India
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    Chapter 96 eDWaaS: A Scalable Educational Data Warehouse as a Service
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    Chapter 97 Online Academic Social Networking Sites (ASNSs) Selection Through AHP for Placement of Advertisement of E-Learning Website
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    Chapter 98 Fingerprint Based Gender Identification Using Digital Image Processing and Artificial Neural Network
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    Chapter 99 Indian Mobile Agricultural Services Using Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT)
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    Chapter 100 A Study of the Privacy Attitudes of the Users of the Social Network(ing) Sites and Their Expectations from the Law in India
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Chapter title
eDWaaS: A Scalable Educational Data Warehouse as a Service
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Intelligent Systems Design and Applications
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arXiv, December 2017
DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-76348-4_96
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978-3-31-976347-7, 978-3-31-976348-4

Anupam Khan, Sourav Ghosh, Soumya K. Ghosh, Khan, Anupam, Ghosh, Sourav, Ghosh, Soumya K.

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