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Designing Low Carbon Societies in Landscapes

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Landscape Ecological Approaches to a Low Carbon Society
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    Chapter 2 Cooling Potential of Urban Green Spaces in Summer
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    Chapter 3 A Study on the Restoration of Urban Ecology: Focus on the Concept of Home Place in Callenbach’s Ecotopia —A Park Conservation and Community Networks
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    Chapter 4 Transpiration Characteristics of Chinese Pines ( Pinus tabulaeformis ) in an Urban Environment
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    Chapter 5 Landscape Design for Urban Biodiversity and Ecological Education in Japan: Approach from Process Planning and Multifunctional Landscape Planning
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    Chapter 6 Can Satoyama Offer a Realistic Solution for a Low Carbon Society? Public Perception and Challenges Arising
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    Chapter 7 Effects of Sustainable Energy Facilities on Landscape: A Case Study of Slovakia
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    Chapter 8 Low Carbon Society Through Pekarangan, Traditional Agroforestry Practices in Java, Indonesia
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    Chapter 9 Challenges and Goal of the Sustainable Island: Case Study in UNESCO Shinan Dadohae Biosphere Reserve, Korea
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    Chapter 10 The Neglect of Traditional Ecological Knowledge on Wild Elephant-Related Problems in Xishuangbanna, SW China
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    Chapter 11 Effects of Tropical Successional Forests on Bird Feeding Guilds
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    Chapter 12 Understanding Development Trends and Landscape Changes of Protected Areas in Peninsular Malaysia: A Much Needed Component of Sustainable Conservation Planning
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    Chapter 13 Land Use Trends Analysis Using SPOT 5 Images and Its Effect on the Landscape of Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
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    Chapter 14 The Relationship Between Land Use/Land Cover Change and Land Degradation of a Natural Protected Area in Batang Merao Watershed, Indonesia
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    Chapter 15 Ecotourism Activities for Sustainability and Management of Forest Protected Areas: A Case of Camili Biosphere Reserve Area, Turkey
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    Chapter 16 Community Aspects of Forest Ecosystems in the Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Indonesia
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    Chapter 17 Landscape Ecology-Based Approach for Assessing Pekarangan Condition to Preserve Protected Area in West Java
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    Chapter 18 Integrating the Aerial Photos and DTM to Estimate the Area and Niche of Arundo formosana in Jiou-Jiou Peaks Natural Reserve of Taiwan
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    Chapter 19 REDD+ Readiness Through Selected Project Activities, Financial Mechanisms, and Provincial Perspectives in Indonesia
Attention for Chapter 2: Cooling Potential of Urban Green Spaces in Summer
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