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Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Formal Methods for the Analysis of Critical Control Systems Models: Combining Non-linear and Linear Analyses
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    Chapter 2 HyRev: A Tool for the Automatic Generation of Real-Time Routines for Enabling Fail-Safe Control in a Class of Safety-Critical Embedded Systems Using Backwards Reachability Analysis
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    Chapter 3 An Outline Workflow for Practical Formal Verification from Software Requirements to Object Code
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    Chapter 4 Boolean Quantifier Elimination for Automotive Configuration – A Case Study
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    Chapter 5 Study on the Barriers to the Industrial Adoption of Formal Methods
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    Chapter 6 On the Effectiveness of Assertion-Based Verification in an Industrial Context
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    Chapter 7 Complex Digital System Design: A Methodology and Its Application to Medical Implants
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    Chapter 8 Study on the Barriers to the Industrial Adoption of Formal Methods
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    Chapter 9 Predicate Abstraction for Programmable Logic Controllers
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    Chapter 10 High-Level Guidance for Managers Deploying Formal Methods in Their Organisation
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    Chapter 11 Auditing User-Provided Axioms in Software Verification Conditions
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    Chapter 12 Formal Reliability Analysis of Protective Relays in Power Distribution Systems
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    Chapter 13 Specification and Verification Using Alloy of Optimistic Access Control for Distributed Collaborative Editors
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