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Topics in Interpolation Theory

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Vladimir Petrovich Potapov as remembered by colleagues, friends and former students
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    Chapter 2 On a minimum problem in function theory and the number of roots of an algebraic equation inside the unit disc
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    Chapter 3 On tangential interpolation in reproducing kernel Hilbert modules and applications
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    Chapter 4 Notes on a Nevanlinna-Pick interpolation problem for generalized Nevanlinna functions
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    Chapter 5 The indefinite metric in the Schur interpolation problem for analytic functions. IV
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    Chapter 6 Bitangential interpolation for upper triangular operators
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    Chapter 7 Bitangential interpolation for triangular operators when the Pick operator is strictly positive
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    Chapter 8 Integral representations of a pair of nonnegative operators and interpolation problems in the Stieltjes class
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    Chapter 9 On recovering a multiplicative integral from its modulus
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    Chapter 10 On Schur functions and Szegő orthogonal polynomials
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    Chapter 11 Hilbert spaces of entire functions as a J theory subject
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    Chapter 12 On transformations of Potapov’s fundamental matrix inequality
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    Chapter 13 An abstract interpolation problem and the extension theory of isometric operators
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    Chapter 14 On the theory of matrix-valued functions belonging to the Smirnov class
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    Chapter 15 Integral representation of functions of class K a
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    Chapter 16 On the theory of entire matrix-functions of exponential type
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    Chapter 17 Analogs of the Nehari and Sarason theorems for character-automorphic functions and some related questions
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    Chapter 18 The Blaschke-Potapov factorization theorem and the theory of nonselfadjoint operators
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    Chapter 19 Weyl matrix circles as a tool for uniqueness in the theory of multiplicative representation of J -inner matrix functions
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    Chapter 20 On a criterion of positive definiteness
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    Chapter 21 Matrix boundary value problems with eigenvalue dependent boundary conditions (the linear case)
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    Chapter 22 Weyl-Titchmarsh functions of the canonical periodical system of differential equations
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    Chapter 23 On boundary values of functions regular in a disk
Attention for Chapter 14: On the theory of matrix-valued functions belonging to the Smirnov class
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Chapter title
On the theory of matrix-valued functions belonging to the Smirnov class
Chapter number 14
Book title
Topics in Interpolation Theory
Published by
Birkhäuser, Basel, January 1997
DOI 10.1007/978-3-0348-8944-5_14
Book ISBNs
978-3-03-489838-6, 978-3-03-488944-5

Victor E. Katsnelson, Bernd Kirstein