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Environmental Change and Response in East African Lakes

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 History and Ontogeny of IDEAL
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    Chapter 2 Historical Fluctuations of Lake Victoria and Other Lakes in the Northern Rift Valley of East Africa
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    Chapter 3 Ancient Analogues for Recent Environmental Changes at Lake Victoria, East Africa
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    Chapter 4 Initial Results of 1995 IDEAL Seismic Reflection Survey of Lake Victoria, Uganda and Tanzania
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    Chapter 5 Environmental Magnetism of Late Pleistocene / Holocene Sequences from Lake Victoria, East Africa
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    Chapter 6 Biogenic Silica Profiles in Holocene Cores from Lake Victoria: Implications for Lake Level History and Initiation of the Victoria Nile
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    Chapter 7 Role of Apatite Weathering in the Eutrophication of Lake Victoria
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    Chapter 8 Lake Victoria Plankton Ecology: Mixing Depth and Climate-Driven Control of Lake Condition
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    Chapter 9 Caridina Nilotica: Spatial Distribution and Egg Production in Lake Victoria, Uganda
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    Chapter 10 Low-Oxygen Tolerance of the Atyid Prawn, Caridina Nilotica, in Lake Victoria (East Africa): Implications for Refuge from Nile Perch Predation
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    Chapter 11 Secondary Production by the Lake Fly Chaoborus in Lake Victoria, East Africa: Implications for Trophic Dynamics of the Modern Lake
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    Chapter 12 Abrupt Climatic Changes Associated with the Arid Younger Dryas Interval in Africa
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    Chapter 13 Nutrients and Plankton Biomass in the Rift Lake Sources of the White Nile: Lakes Albert and Edward
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    Chapter 14 Comparison of Isotopic Records in Abiogenic and Biogenic Calcite from Lake Turkana, Kenya
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    Chapter 15 A Comparison Between the Stable Isotopic Composition of Early Holocene and Late Pleistocene Carbonates from Lake Malawi, East Africa
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    Chapter 16 Fluctuations of Rift Valley Lakes Malawi and Chilwa During Historical Times: A Synthesis of Geological, Archaeological and Historical Information
Attention for Chapter 2: Historical Fluctuations of Lake Victoria and Other Lakes in the Northern Rift Valley of East Africa
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