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Climate Smart Agriculture

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Introduction and Overview
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    Chapter 2 A Short History of the Evolution of the Climate Smart Agriculture Approach and Its Links to Climate Change and Sustainable Agriculture Debates
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    Chapter 3 Economics of Climate Smart Agriculture: An Overview
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    Chapter 4 Innovation in Response to Climate Change
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    Chapter 5 Use of Satellite Information on Wetness and Temperature for Crop Yield Prediction and River Resource Planning
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    Chapter 6 Early Warning Techniques for Local Climate Resilience: Smallholder Rice in Lao PDR
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    Chapter 7 Farmers’ Perceptions of and Adaptations to Climate Change in Southeast Asia: The Case Study from Thailand and Vietnam
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    Chapter 8 U.S. Maize Yield Growth and Countervailing Climate Change Impacts
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    Chapter 9 Understanding Tradeoffs in the Context of Farm-Scale Impacts: An Application of Decision-Support Tools for Assessing Climate Smart Agriculture
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    Chapter 10 Can Insurance Help Manage Climate Risk and Food Insecurity? Evidence from the Pastoral Regions of East Africa
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    Chapter 11 Can Cash Transfer Programmes Promote Household Resilience? Cross-Country Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa
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    Chapter 12 Input Subsidy Programs and Climate Smart Agriculture: Current Realities and Future Potential
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    Chapter 13 Robust Decision Making for a Climate-Resilient Development of the Agricultural Sector in Nigeria
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    Chapter 14 Using AgMIP Regional Integrated Assessment Methods to Evaluate Vulnerability, Resilience and Adaptive Capacity for Climate Smart Agricultural Systems
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    Chapter 15 Climate Smart Food Supply Chains in Developing Countries in an Era of Rapid Dual Change in Agrifood Systems and the Climate
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    Chapter 16 The Adoption of Climate Smart Agriculture: The Role of Information and Insurance Under Climate Change
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    Chapter 17 A Qualitative Evaluation of CSA Options in Mixed Crop-Livestock Systems in Developing Countries
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    Chapter 18 Identifying Strategies to Enhance the Resilience of Smallholder Farming Systems: Evidence from Zambia
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    Chapter 19 Climate Risk Management through Sustainable Land and Water Management in Sub-Saharan Africa
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    Chapter 20 Improving the Resilience of Central Asian Agriculture to Weather Variability and Climate Change
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    Chapter 21 Managing Environmental Risk in Presence of Climate Change: The Role of Adaptation in the Nile Basin of Ethiopia
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    Chapter 22 Diversification as Part of a CSA Strategy: The Cases of Zambia and Malawi
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    Chapter 23 Economic Analysis of Improved Smallholder Paddy and Maize Production in Northern Viet Nam and Implications for Climate-Smart Agriculture
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    Chapter 24 Devising Effective Strategies and Policies for CSA: Insights from a Panel of Global Policy Experts
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    Chapter 25 Conclusion and Policy Implications to “Climate Smart Agriculture: Building Resilience to Climate Change”
Attention for Chapter 2: A Short History of the Evolution of the Climate Smart Agriculture Approach and Its Links to Climate Change and Sustainable Agriculture Debates
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