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Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention − MICCAI 2017

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 The Active Atlas: Combining 3D Anatomical Models with Texture Detectors
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    Chapter 2 Exploring Gyral Patterns of Infant Cortical Folding Based on Multi-view Curvature Information
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    Chapter 3 Holistic Mapping of Striatum Surfaces in the Laplace-Beltrami Embedding Space
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    Chapter 4 Novel Local Shape-Adaptive Gyrification Index with Application to Brain Development
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    Chapter 5 Joint Sparse and Low-Rank Regularized Multi-Task Multi-Linear Regression for Prediction of Infant Brain Development with Incomplete Data
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    Chapter 6 Graph-Constrained Sparse Construction of Longitudinal Diffusion-Weighted Infant Atlases
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    Chapter 7 4D Infant Cortical Surface Atlas Construction Using Spherical Patch-Based Sparse Representation
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    Chapter 8 Developmental Patterns Based Individualized Parcellation of Infant Cortical Surface
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    Chapter 9 Longitudinal Modeling of Multi-modal Image Contrast Reveals Patterns of Early Brain Growth
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    Chapter 10 Prediction of Brain Network Age and Factors of Delayed Maturation in Very Preterm Infants
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    Chapter 11 Falx Cerebri Segmentation via Multi-atlas Boundary Fusion
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    Chapter 12 A 3D Femoral Head Coverage Metric for Enhanced Reliability in Diagnosing Hip Dysplasia
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    Chapter 13 Learning-Based Multi-atlas Segmentation of the Lungs and Lobes in Proton MR Images
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    Chapter 14 Unsupervised Discovery of Spatially-Informed Lung Texture Patterns for Pulmonary Emphysema: The MESA COPD Study
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    Chapter 15 Automatic Landmark Estimation for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Assessment Using BoostNet
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    Chapter 16 Nonlinear Statistical Shape Modeling for Ankle Bone Segmentation Using a Novel Kernelized Robust PCA
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    Chapter 17 Adaptable Landmark Localisation: Applying Model Transfer Learning to a Shape Model Matching System
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    Chapter 18 Representative Patch-based Active Appearance Models Generated from Small Training Populations
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    Chapter 19 Integrating Statistical Prior Knowledge into Convolutional Neural Networks
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    Chapter 20 Statistical Shape Model of Nested Structures Based on the Level Set
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    Chapter 21 Locally Adaptive Probabilistic Models for Global Segmentation of Pathological OCT Scans
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    Chapter 22 Learning Deep Features for Automated Placement of Correspondence Points on Ensembles of Complex Shapes
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    Chapter 23 Robust Multi-scale Anatomical Landmark Detection in Incomplete 3D-CT Data
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    Chapter 24 Learning and Incorporating Shape Models for Semantic Segmentation
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    Chapter 25 Surface-Wise Texture Patch Analysis of Combined MRI and PET to Detect MRI-Negative Focal Cortical Dysplasia
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    Chapter 26 Training CNNs for Image Registration from Few Samples with Model-based Data Augmentation
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    Chapter 27 Nonrigid Image Registration Using Multi-scale 3D Convolutional Neural Networks
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    Chapter 28 Multimodal Image Registration with Deep Context Reinforcement Learning
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    Chapter 29 Directional Averages for Motion Segmentation in Discontinuity Preserving Image Registration
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    Chapter 30 $$\ell _2$$ Similarity Metrics for Diffusion Multi-Compartment Model Images Registration
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    Chapter 31 SVF-Net: Learning Deformable Image Registration Using Shape Matching
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    Chapter 32 A Large Deformation Diffeomorphic Approach to Registration of CLARITY Images via Mutual Information
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    Chapter 33 Mixed Metric Random Forest for Dense Correspondence of Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Images
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    Chapter 34 Optimal Transport for Diffeomorphic Registration
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    Chapter 35 Deformable Image Registration Based on Similarity-Steered CNN Regression
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    Chapter 36 Generalised Coherent Point Drift for Group-Wise Registration of Multi-dimensional Point Sets
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    Chapter 37 Fast Geodesic Regression for Population-Based Image Analysis
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    Chapter 38 Deformable Registration of a Preoperative 3D Liver Volume to a Laparoscopy Image Using Contour and Shading Cues
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    Chapter 39 Parameter Sensitivity Analysis in Medical Image Registration Algorithms Using Polynomial Chaos Expansions
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    Chapter 40 Robust Non-rigid Registration Through Agent-Based Action Learning
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    Chapter 41 Selecting the Optimal Sequence for Deformable Registration of Microscopy Image Sequences Using Two-Stage MST-based Clustering Algorithm
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    Chapter 42 Dynamic Regression for Partial Correlation and Causality Analysis of Functional Brain Networks
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    Chapter 43 Kernel-Regularized ICA for Computing Functional Topography from Resting-State fMRI
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    Chapter 44 N-way Decomposition: Towards Linking Concurrent EEG and fMRI Analysis During Natural Stimulus
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    Chapter 45 Connectome-Based Pattern Learning Predicts Histology and Surgical Outcome of Epileptogenic Malformations of Cortical Development
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    Chapter 46 Joint Representation of Connectome-Scale Structural and Functional Profiles for Identification of Consistent Cortical Landmarks in Human Brains
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    Chapter 47 Subject-Specific Structural Parcellations Based on Randomized AB-divergences
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    Chapter 48 Improving Functional MRI Registration Using Whole-Brain Functional Correlation Tensors
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    Chapter 49 Multi-way Regression Reveals Backbone of Macaque Structural Brain Connectivity in Longitudinal Datasets
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    Chapter 50 Multimodal Hyper-connectivity Networks for MCI Classification
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    Chapter 51 Multi-modal EEG and fMRI Source Estimation Using Sparse Constraints
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    Chapter 52 Statistical Learning of Spatiotemporal Patterns from Longitudinal Manifold-Valued Networks
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    Chapter 53 Population-Shrinkage of Covariance to Estimate Better Brain Functional Connectivity
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    Chapter 54 Distance Metric Learning Using Graph Convolutional Networks: Application to Functional Brain Networks
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    Chapter 55 A Submodular Approach to Create Individualized Parcellations of the Human Brain
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    Chapter 56 BrainSync: An Orthogonal Transformation for Synchronization of fMRI Data Across Subjects
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    Chapter 57 Supervised Discriminative EEG Brain Source Imaging with Graph Regularization
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    Chapter 58 Inference and Visualization of Information Flow in the Visual Pathway Using dMRI and EEG
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    Chapter 59 Evaluating 35 Methods to Generate Structural Connectomes Using Pairwise Classification
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    Chapter 60 Dynamic Field Mapping and Motion Correction Using Interleaved Double Spin-Echo Diffusion MRI
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    Chapter 61 A Novel Anatomically-Constrained Global Tractography Approach to Monitor Sharp Turns in Gyri
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    Chapter 62 Learn to Track: Deep Learning for Tractography
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    Chapter 63 FiberNET: An Ensemble Deep Learning Framework for Clustering White Matter Fibers
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    Chapter 64 Supra-Threshold Fiber Cluster Statistics for Data-Driven Whole Brain Tractography Analysis
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    Chapter 65 White Matter Fiber Representation Using Continuous Dictionary Learning
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    Chapter 66 Fiber Orientation Estimation Guided by a Deep Network
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    Chapter 67 FOD Restoration for Enhanced Mapping of White Matter Lesion Connectivity
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    Chapter 68 Learning-Based Ensemble Average Propagator Estimation
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    Chapter 69 A Sparse Bayesian Learning Algorithm for White Matter Parameter Estimation from Compressed Multi-shell Diffusion MRI
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    Chapter 70 Bayesian Image Quality Transfer with CNNs: Exploring Uncertainty in dMRI Super-Resolution
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    Chapter 71 q-Space Upsampling Using x-q Space Regularization
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    Chapter 72 Neighborhood Matching for Curved Domains with Application to Denoising in Diffusion MRI
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    Chapter 73 Gray Matter Surface Based Spatial Statistics (GS-BSS) in Diffusion Microstructure
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    Chapter 74 A Bag-of-Features Approach to Predicting TMS Language Mapping Results from DSI Tractography
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    Chapter 75 Patient-Specific Skeletal Muscle Fiber Modeling from Structure Tensor Field of Clinical CT Images
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    Chapter 76 Revealing Hidden Potentials of the q-Space Signal in Breast Cancer
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    Chapter 77 Denoising Moving Heart Wall Fibers Using Cartan Frames
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    Chapter 78 TBS: Tensor-Based Supervoxels for Unfolding the Heart
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    Chapter 79 A Fixed-Point Model for Pancreas Segmentation in Abdominal CT Scans
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    Chapter 80 Semi-supervised Learning for Biomedical Image Segmentation via Forest Oriented Super Pixels(Voxels)
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    Chapter 81 Towards Automatic Semantic Segmentation in Volumetric Ultrasound
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    Chapter 82 Automatic Quality Control of Cardiac MRI Segmentation in Large-Scale Population Imaging
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    Chapter 83 Towards Image-Guided Pancreas and Biliary Endoscopy: Automatic Multi-organ Segmentation on Abdominal CT with Dense Dilated Networks
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    Chapter 84 Holistic Segmentation of Intermuscular Adipose Tissues on Thigh MRI
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    Chapter 85 Spatiotemporal Segmentation and Modeling of the Mitral Valve in Real-Time 3D Echocardiographic Images
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    Chapter 86 Unbiased Shape Compactness for Segmentation
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    Chapter 87 Joint Reconstruction and Segmentation of 7T-like MR Images from 3T MRI Based on Cascaded Convolutional Neural Networks
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    Chapter 88 Development of a $$\upmu $$ CT-based Patient-Specific Model of the Electrically Stimulated Cochlea
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    Chapter 89 Compresso: Efficient Compression of Segmentation Data for Connectomics
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    Chapter 90 Combining Spatial and Non-spatial Dictionary Learning for Automated Labeling of Intra-ventricular Hemorrhage in Neonatal Brain MRI
Attention for Chapter 80: Semi-supervised Learning for Biomedical Image Segmentation via Forest Oriented Super Pixels(Voxels)
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Chapter title
Semi-supervised Learning for Biomedical Image Segmentation via Forest Oriented Super Pixels(Voxels)
Chapter number 80
Book title
Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention − MICCAI 2017
Published by
Springer, Cham, September 2017
DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-66182-7_80
Book ISBNs
978-3-31-966181-0, 978-3-31-966182-7

Lin Gu, Yinqiang Zheng, Ryoma Bise, Imari Sato, Nobuaki Imanishi, Sadakazu Aiso

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