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Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention – MICCAI 2016

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Feature Selection Based on Iterative Canonical Correlation Analysis for Automatic Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease
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    Chapter 2 Identifying Relationships in Functional and Structural Connectome Data Using a Hypergraph Learning Method
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    Chapter 3 Ensemble Hierarchical High-Order Functional Connectivity Networks for MCI Classification
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    Chapter 4 Outcome Prediction for Patient with High-Grade Gliomas from Brain Functional and Structural Networks
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    Chapter 5 Mammographic Mass Segmentation with Online Learned Shape and Appearance Priors
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    Chapter 6 Differential Dementia Diagnosis on Incomplete Data with Latent Trees
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    Chapter 7 Bridging Computational Features Toward Multiple Semantic Features with Multi-task Regression: A Study of CT Pulmonary Nodules
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    Chapter 8 Robust Cancer Treatment Outcome Prediction Dealing with Small-Sized and Imbalanced Data from FDG-PET Images
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    Chapter 9 Structured Sparse Kernel Learning for Imaging Genetics Based Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis
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    Chapter 10 Semi-supervised Hierarchical Multimodal Feature and Sample Selection for Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis
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    Chapter 11 Stability-Weighted Matrix Completion of Incomplete Multi-modal Data for Disease Diagnosis
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    Chapter 12 Employing Visual Analytics to Aid the Design of White Matter Hyperintensity Classifiers
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    Chapter 13 The Automated Learning of Deep Features for Breast Mass Classification from Mammograms
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    Chapter 14 Multimodal Deep Learning for Cervical Dysplasia Diagnosis
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    Chapter 15 Learning from Experts: Developing Transferable Deep Features for Patient-Level Lung Cancer Prediction
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    Chapter 16 DeepVessel: Retinal Vessel Segmentation via Deep Learning and Conditional Random Field
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    Chapter 17 Deep Retinal Image Understanding
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    Chapter 18 3D Deeply Supervised Network for Automatic Liver Segmentation from CT Volumes
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    Chapter 19 Deep Neural Networks for Fast Segmentation of 3D Medical Images
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    Chapter 20 SpineNet: Automatically Pinpointing Classification Evidence in Spinal MRIs
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    Chapter 21 A Deep Learning Approach for Semantic Segmentation in Histology Tissue Images
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    Chapter 22 Spatial Clockwork Recurrent Neural Network for Muscle Perimysium Segmentation
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    Chapter 23 Automated Age Estimation from Hand MRI Volumes Using Deep Learning
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    Chapter 24 Real-Time Standard Scan Plane Detection and Localisation in Fetal Ultrasound Using Fully Convolutional Neural Networks
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    Chapter 25 3D Deep Learning for Multi-modal Imaging-Guided Survival Time Prediction of Brain Tumor Patients
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    Chapter 26 From Local to Global Random Regression Forests: Exploring Anatomical Landmark Localization
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    Chapter 27 Regressing Heatmaps for Multiple Landmark Localization Using CNNs
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    Chapter 28 Self-Transfer Learning for Weakly Supervised Lesion Localization
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    Chapter 29 Automatic Cystocele Severity Grading in Ultrasound by Spatio-Temporal Regression
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    Chapter 30 Graphical Modeling of Ultrasound Propagation in Tissue for Automatic Bone Segmentation
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    Chapter 31 Bayesian Image Quality Transfer
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    Chapter 32 Wavelet Appearance Pyramids for Landmark Detection and Pathology Classification: Application to Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
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    Chapter 33 A Learning-Free Approach to Whole Spine Vertebra Localization in MRI
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    Chapter 34 Automatic Quality Control for Population Imaging: A Generic Unsupervised Approach
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    Chapter 35 A Cross-Modality Neural Network Transform for Semi-automatic Medical Image Annotation
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    Chapter 36 Sub-category Classifiers for Multiple-instance Learning and Its Application to Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Visibility Classification
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    Chapter 37 Vision-Based Classification of Developmental Disorders Using Eye-Movements
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    Chapter 38 Scalable Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Electron Microscopy
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    Chapter 39 Automated Diagnosis of Neural Foraminal Stenosis Using Synchronized Superpixels Representation
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    Chapter 40 Automated Segmentation of Knee MRI Using Hierarchical Classifiers and Just Enough Interaction Based Learning: Data from Osteoarthritis Initiative
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    Chapter 41 Dynamically Balanced Online Random Forests for Interactive Scribble-Based Segmentation
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    Chapter 42 Orientation-Sensitive Overlap Measures for the Validation of Medical Image Segmentations
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    Chapter 43 High-Throughput Glomeruli Analysis of $$\mu $$ CT Kidney Images Using Tree Priors and Scalable Sparse Computation
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    Chapter 44 A Surface Patch-Based Segmentation Method for Hippocampal Subfields
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    Chapter 45 Automatic Lymph Node Cluster Segmentation Using Holistically-Nested Neural Networks and Structured Optimization in CT Images
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    Chapter 46 Evaluation-Oriented Training via Surrogate Metrics for Multiple Sclerosis Segmentation
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    Chapter 47 Corpus Callosum Segmentation in Brain MRIs via Robust Target-Localization and Joint Supervised Feature Extraction and Prediction
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    Chapter 48 Automatic Liver and Lesion Segmentation in CT Using Cascaded Fully Convolutional Neural Networks and 3D Conditional Random Fields
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    Chapter 49 3D U-Net: Learning Dense Volumetric Segmentation from Sparse Annotation
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    Chapter 50 Model-Based Segmentation of Vertebral Bodies from MR Images with 3D CNNs
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    Chapter 51 Pancreas Segmentation in MRI Using Graph-Based Decision Fusion on Convolutional Neural Networks
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    Chapter 52 Spatial Aggregation of Holistically-Nested Networks for Automated Pancreas Segmentation
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    Chapter 53 Topology Aware Fully Convolutional Networks for Histology Gland Segmentation
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    Chapter 54 HeMIS: Hetero-Modal Image Segmentation
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    Chapter 55 Deep Learning for Multi-task Medical Image Segmentation in Multiple Modalities
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    Chapter 56 Iterative Multi-domain Regularized Deep Learning for Anatomical Structure Detection and Segmentation from Ultrasound Images
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    Chapter 57 Gland Instance Segmentation by Deep Multichannel Side Supervision
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    Chapter 58 Enhanced Probabilistic Label Fusion by Estimating Label Confidences Through Discriminative Learning
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    Chapter 59 Feature Sensitive Label Fusion with Random Walker for Atlas-Based Image Segmentation
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    Chapter 60 Deep Fusion Net for Multi-atlas Segmentation: Application to Cardiac MR Images
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    Chapter 61 Prior-Based Coregistration and Cosegmentation
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    Chapter 62 Globally Optimal Label Fusion with Shape Priors
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    Chapter 63 Joint Segmentation and CT Synthesis for MRI-only Radiotherapy Treatment Planning
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    Chapter 64 Regression Forest-Based Atlas Localization and Direction Specific Atlas Generation for Pancreas Segmentation
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    Chapter 65 Accounting for the Confound of Meninges in Segmenting Entorhinal and Perirhinal Cortices in T1-Weighted MRI
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    Chapter 66 7T-Guided Learning Framework for Improving the Segmentation of 3T MR Images
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    Chapter 67 Multivariate Mixture Model for Cardiac Segmentation from Multi-Sequence MRI
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    Chapter 68 Fast Fully Automatic Segmentation of the Human Placenta from Motion Corrupted MRI
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    Chapter 69 Multi-organ Segmentation Using Vantage Point Forests and Binary Context Features
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    Chapter 70 Multiple Object Segmentation and Tracking by Bayes Risk Minimization
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    Chapter 71 Crowd-Algorithm Collaboration for Large-Scale Endoscopic Image Annotation with Confidence
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    Chapter 72 Emphysema Quantification on Cardiac CT Scans Using Hidden Markov Measure Field Model: The MESA Lung Study
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    Chapter 73 Cutting Out the Middleman: Measuring Nuclear Area in Histopathology Slides Without Segmentation
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    Chapter 74 Subtype Cell Detection with an Accelerated Deep Convolution Neural Network
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    Chapter 75 Imaging Biomarker Discovery for Lung Cancer Survival Prediction
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    Chapter 76 3D Segmentation of Glial Cells Using Fully Convolutional Networks and k-Terminal Cut
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    Chapter 77 Detection of Differentiated vs. Undifferentiated Colonies of iPS Cells Using Random Forests Modeled with the Multivariate Polya Distribution
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    Chapter 78 Detecting 10,000 Cells in One Second
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    Chapter 79 A Hierarchical Convolutional Neural Network for Mitosis Detection in Phase-Contrast Microscopy Images
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    Chapter 80 Erratum to: A Learning-Free Approach to Whole Spine Vertebra Localization in MRI
Attention for Chapter 28: Self-Transfer Learning for Weakly Supervised Lesion Localization
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Chapter title
Self-Transfer Learning for Weakly Supervised Lesion Localization
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Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention – MICCAI 2016
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Springer, Cham, October 2016
DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-46723-8_28
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978-3-31-946722-1, 978-3-31-946723-8

Sangheum Hwang, Hyo-Eun Kim, Hwang, Sangheum, Kim, Hyo-Eun

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