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Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Autonomic and Trusted Computing for Ubiquitous Intelligence
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    Chapter 2 Sensitivity Improvement of the Receiver Module in the Passive Tag Based RFID Reader
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    Chapter 3 Q  +  -Algorithm : An Enhanced RFID Tag Collision Arbitration Algorithm
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    Chapter 4 Surface-Embedded Passive RF Exteroception: Kepler, Greed, and Buffon’s Needle
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    Chapter 5 Development of a Single 3-Axis Accelerometer Sensor Based Wearable Gesture Recognition Band
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    Chapter 6 An Enhanced Ubiquitous Identification System Using Fast Anti-collision Algorithm
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    Chapter 7 Certification Tools of Ubiquitous Mobile Platform
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    Chapter 8 Dynamic Binding Framework for Open Device Services
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    Chapter 9 Design and Evaluation of Multitasking-Based Software Communications Architecture for Real-Time Sensor Networking Platforms
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    Chapter 10 Automatic Partitioning Technique for Flash Memory on Linux-Based Embedded Systems
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    Chapter 11 Distributed Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks for Structural Health Monitoring
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    Chapter 12 An Improved Fusion and Fission Architecture Between Multi-modalities Based on Wearable Computing
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    Chapter 13 A Smart Space Architecture for Location-Based Spatial Audio Scenario Orchestration
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    Chapter 14 CHASE: Context-Aware Heterogenous Adaptive Smart Environments Using Optimal Tracking for Resident’s Comfort
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    Chapter 15 A Methodology of Identifying Ubiquitous Smart Services for U-City Development
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    Chapter 16 Simulated Intersection Environment and Learning of Collision and Traffic Data in the U&I Aware Framework
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    Chapter 17 Dynamic Scheduling Protocol for Highly-Reliable, Real-Time Information Aggregation for Telematics Intersection Safety System(TISS)
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    Chapter 18 Spontaneous Interaction Framework for Thin-Client Access to Services
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    Chapter 19 Towards a Model of Interaction for Mutual Aware Devices and Everyday Artifacts
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    Chapter 20 A Peer-to-Peer Semantic-Based Service Discovery Method for Pervasive Computing Environment
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    Chapter 21 Ubiquitous Healthcare Architecture Using SmartBidet and HomeServer with Embedded Urinalysis Agent
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    Chapter 22 Proactive Agriculture: An Integrated Framework for Developing Distributed Hybrid Systems
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    Chapter 23 Integrating RFID Services and Ubiquitous Smart Systems for Enabling Organizations to Automatically Monitor, Decide, and Take Actions
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    Chapter 24 Towards an RFID-Oriented Service Discovery System
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    Chapter 25 Activity Recognition Using an Egocentric Perspective of Everyday Objects
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    Chapter 26 A Novel Price Prediction Scheme of Grid Resources Based on Time Series Analysis
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    Chapter 27 Adaptive Multicast Trees on Static Ad Hoc Networks: Tradeoffs Between Delay and Energy Consumption
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    Chapter 28 Reliable Multicast MAC Protocol for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
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    Chapter 29 Mobility Tracking for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
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    Chapter 30 Handover Cost Optimization in Traffic Management for Multi-homed Mobile Networks
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    Chapter 31 2-Level Hierarchical Cluster-Based Address Auto-configuration Technique in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
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    Chapter 32 Replication in Intermittently Connected Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
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    Chapter 33 Rate-Adaption Channel Assignment and Routing Algorithm for Multi-channel WirelessMAN Mesh Networks
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    Chapter 34 Neighbor-Aware Optimizing Routing for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
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    Chapter 35 Gateway Zone Multi-path Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks
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    Chapter 36 On Estimating Path Capacity in Wireless Mesh Networks
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    Chapter 37 A Meta Service Description Assisted Service Discovery Protocol for MANETs
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    Chapter 38 On Characterizing Economic-Based Incentive-Compatible Mechanisms to Solving Hidden Information and Hidden Action in Ad Hoc Network
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    Chapter 39 A Study on USN Technologies for Ships
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    Chapter 40 A New Modeling and Delay Analysis of IEEE 802.11 Distributed Coordination Function
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    Chapter 41 Proactive Data Delivery Scheme with Optimal Path for Dynamic Sensor Networks
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    Chapter 42 Low-Latency Routing for Energy-Harvesting Sensor Networks
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    Chapter 43 A Localized Link Quality-Aware Optimization Mechanism for Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks
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    Chapter 44 Minimum Energy and Latency MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
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    Chapter 45 An Efficient Bi-Directional Flooding in Wireless Sensor Networks
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    Chapter 46 Maximizing Network Lifetime Under Reliability Constraints Using a Cross–Layer Design in Dense Wireless Sensor Networks
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    Chapter 47 Adaptive Data Aggregation for Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks
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    Chapter 48 Directed Diffusion Based on Link-Stabilizing Clustering for Wireless Sensor Networks
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    Chapter 49 Voronoi Tessellation Based Rapid Coverage Decision Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
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    Chapter 50 A Clustering-Based Approximation Scheme for In-Network Aggregation over Sensor Networks
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    Chapter 51 Real-Time Data Delivery in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Data-Aggregated, Cluster-Based Adaptive Approach
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    Chapter 52 A Location-Unaware Connected Coverage Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
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    Chapter 53 Fuzzy-Based Reliable Data Delivery for Countering Selective Forwarding in Sensor Networks
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    Chapter 54 An Efficient Grid-Based Data Gathering Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks
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    Chapter 55 Grid-Based Sense Schedule for Event Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
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    Chapter 56 An Integrated and Flexible Scheduler for Sensor Grids
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    Chapter 57 A Lightweight Scheme for Node Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks
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    Chapter 58 A Multi-tier, Multimodal Wireless Sensor Network for Environmental Monitoring
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    Chapter 59 Wireless Sensor Networks, Making a Difference Tomorrow
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    Chapter 60 Enabling Distributed Messaging with Wireless Sensor Nodes Using TinySIP
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    Chapter 61 Localization and Synchronization for 3D Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
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    Chapter 62 An Energy-Efficient Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks with Multiple Gateways
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    Chapter 63 Self-configurable Structure for Tracking Moving Objects in Wireless Sensor Networks
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    Chapter 64 Secure Dynamic Network Reprogramming Using Supplementary Hash in Wireless Sensor Networks
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    Chapter 65 Self-deployment of Mobile Nodes in Hybrid Sensor Networks by AHP
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    Chapter 66 Data Synchronization in Distributed and Constrained Mobile Sensor Networks
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    Chapter 67 Reference Interpolation Protocol for Time Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks
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    Chapter 68 Mesh-Based Sensor Relocation for Coverage Maintenance in Mobile Sensor Networks
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    Chapter 69 Neighbor Position-Based Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor
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    Chapter 70 Location Estimation with Mobile Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks
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    Chapter 71 A Novel Architecture for Hierarchically Nested Network Mobility
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    Chapter 72 Route Optimization Using Scalable Cache Management for Intra-NEMO Communication
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    Chapter 73 Content Aware Selecting Method for Reducing the Response Time of an Adaptive Mobile Web Service
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    Chapter 74 A Study of Speech Emotion Recognition and Its Application to Mobile Services
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    Chapter 75 Mobility Driven Vertical Handover for Mobile IPTV Traffic in Hybrid IEEE 802.11e/16e Networks
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    Chapter 76 An Efficient Scheme for Lifetime Setting in the MIPv6
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    Chapter 77 Bridging OSGi Islands Through SLP Protocol
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    Chapter 78 Selective Grid Access for Energy-Aware Mobile Computing
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    Chapter 79 Cognitive Computing Resource Management for a Ubiquitous Wireless Access
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    Chapter 80 Research of UWB Signal Propagation Attenuation Model in Coal Mine
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    Chapter 81 Context Script Language and Processor for Context-Awareness in Ubiquitous Intelligent Environment
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    Chapter 82 A Semantics-Based Framework for Context-Aware Services: Lessons Learned and Challenges
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    Chapter 83 Devising a Context Selection-Based Reasoning Engine for Context-Aware Ubiquitous Computing Middleware
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    Chapter 84 The u-Class Based on Context-Awareness
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    Chapter 85 Audio-Visual Fused Online Context Analysis Toward Smart Meeting Room
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    Chapter 86 An Offset Algorithm for Conflict Resolution in Context-Aware Computing
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    Chapter 87 UCIPE: Ubiquitous Context-Based Image Processing Engine for Medical Image Grid
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    Chapter 88 Ontology-Based Semantic Recommendation for Context-Aware E-Learning
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    Chapter 89 Deployment of Context-Aware Component-Based Applications Based on Middleware
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    Chapter 90 Identifying a Generic Model of Context for Context-Aware Multi-services
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    Chapter 91 Context Privacy and Obfuscation Supported by Dynamic Context Source Discovery and Processing in a Context Management System
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    Chapter 92 Context-Aware Service Composition for Mobile Network Environments
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    Chapter 93 A Context-Awareness Middleware Based on Service-Oriented Architecture
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    Chapter 94 On the Design, Deployment and Use of Ubiquitous Systems
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    Chapter 95 Performance Evaluation of 3-Hierarchical Resource Management Model with Grid Service Architecture
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    Chapter 96 A Study on Ubiquitous Intelligent Healthcare Systems in Home Service Aggregation Business Model
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    Chapter 97 Implementation and Quantitative Evaluation of UbiMDR Framework
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    Chapter 98 A Key-Index Based Distributed Mechanism for Component Registration
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    Chapter 99 BASCA: A Business Area-Oriented Service Component Adaptation Approach Suitable for Ubiquitous Environment
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    Chapter 100 A Pervasive Service Framework for Pervasive Computing Applications
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    Chapter 101 Symbiotic Computing: Concept, Architecture and Its Applications
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    Chapter 102 Multi-agent Software Control System with Hybrid Intelligence for Ubiquitous Intelligent Environments
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    Chapter 103 IUMELA: A Lightweight Multi-Agent Systems Based Mobile Learning Assistant Using the ABITS Messaging Service
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    Chapter 104 Towards Intuitive Spatiotemporal Communication Between Human and Ubiquitous Intelligence Based on Mental Image Directed Semantic Theory — A General Theory of Tempo-logical Connectives —
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    Chapter 105 Graph-Based Semantic Description in Medical Knowledge Representation and 3D Coronary Vessels Recognition
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    Chapter 106 Persistent Storage System for Efficient Management of OWL Web Ontology
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    Chapter 107 Prediction-Based Dynamic Thread Pool Management of Agent Platform for Ubiquitous Computing
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    Chapter 108 A Ubiquitous Watch-Over System Based on Environmental Information and Social Knowledge
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    Chapter 109 Ubiquitous Intelligent Information Push-Delivery for Personalized Content Recommendation
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    Chapter 110 Location-Based Recommendation System Using Bayesian User’s Preference Model in Mobile Devices
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    Chapter 111 Fuzzy-Smith Control for QoS-Adaptive Notification Service
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    Chapter 112 Petri Nets for the Verification of Ubiquitous Systems with Transient Secure Association
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    Chapter 113 An Approach of Trusted Program Generation for User-Responsible Privacy
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    Chapter 114 Self-updating: Strong Privacy Protection Protocol for RFID-Tagged Banknotes
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    Chapter 115 Intelligent Detection Computer Viruses Based on Multiple Classifiers
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    Chapter 116 Designated Verifier Signature: Definition, Framework and New Constructions
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    Chapter 117 Towards Secure Agent Computing for Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence
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    Chapter 118 On the Analysis and Design of a Family Tree of Smart Card Based User Authentication Schemes
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    Chapter 119 Secret Key Revocation in Sensor Networks
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    Chapter 120 Hybrid Key Establishment Protocol Based on ECC for Wireless Sensor Network
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    Chapter 121 A Secure Pairwise Key Establishment Scheme in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
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Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing
Published by
Lecture notes in computer science, January 2007
DOI 10.1007/978-3-540-73549-6
978-3-54-073548-9, 978-3-54-073549-6

Indulska, Jadwiga


Jadwiga Indulska, Jianhua Ma, Laurence T. Yang, Theo Ungerer, Jiannong Cao

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