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Future Data and Security Engineering. Big Data, Security and Privacy, Smart City and Industry 4.0 Applications

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Three-Dimensional Visualization of Legal Acts: Concept and Prototype
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    Chapter 2 An Enhanced Incentive Mechanism for Crowdsourced Federated Learning Based on Contract Theory and Shapley Value
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    Chapter 3 Biggest Margin Tree for the Multi-class Classification
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    Chapter 4 Maintenance Algorithms for 0-Complete Trees with Improved Space Utilization
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    Chapter 5 Robust Vietnam’s Motorcycle License Plate Detection and Recognition Using Deep Learning Model
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    Chapter 6 Structuring of Discourse and Annotation Method for Contribution Assessment in Collaborative Discussions
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    Chapter 7 Removal of Various Noise Types and Voice-Based Gender Classification for Dubbed Videos
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    Chapter 8 Apply Multivariate Time Series Approaches for Forecasting Vietnam Index 30
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    Chapter 9 Efficient Mining of Top-K Cross-Level High Utility Itemsets
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    Chapter 10 Web Browsers’ Support for Managing Cookies. An Experiment Report
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    Chapter 11 Authenticating Parties in Blockchain-Enabled Inter-Organizational Processes with Configurable Challenge-Sets
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    Chapter 12 Differential Privacy for Consumer Data in Retail Data Partnerships
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    Chapter 13 Using Transformer Technique for Intrusion Detection
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    Chapter 14 A Siamese-Based Approach for Network Intrusion Detection Systems in Software-Defined Networks
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    Chapter 15 An Efficient Machine Learning-Based Web Application Firewall with Deep Automated Pattern Categorization
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    Chapter 16 Utilizing InfoGAN and PE Header Features for Synthetic Ransomware Image Generation: An Experimental Study
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    Chapter 17 Enhancing Detection of Daily-Used Face Swap Applications by Using Focused Landmark Analysis
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    Chapter 18 Differential Privacy Under Membership Inference Attacks
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    Chapter 19 LAVETTES: Large-scAle-dataset Vietnamese ExTractive TExt Summarization Models
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    Chapter 20 Exploring Links Between Personality Traits and Environmental Attitudes with GreenBig5 System
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    Chapter 21 Study on Web Based Virtualized Containers for Software Development Lectures in BYOD
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    Chapter 22 Session-Based Recommendation System Approach for Predicting Learning Performance
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    Chapter 23 A Fuzzy Logic Model for Digital Transformation Assessment of Vietnamese Higher Education Institutions
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    Chapter 24 Digital Transformation Insights from an AI Solution in Search of a Problem
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    Chapter 25 Improving Human Resources’ Efficiency with a Generative AI-Based Resume Analysis Solution
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    Chapter 26 LORAP: Local Deep Neural Network for Solar Radiation Prediction
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    Chapter 27 A Digital Therapeutics System for the Diagnosis and Management of Depression: Work in Progress
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    Chapter 28 BERT-Based Sentence Recommendation for Building Vietnamese Universal Dependency Treebank
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    Chapter 29 Evaluate the Efficiency of Hybrid Model Based on Convolutional Neural Network and Long Short-Term Memory in Information Technology Job Graph Network
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    Chapter 30 A Dataset of Vietnamese Documents for Text Detection
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    Chapter 31 Personalized Stress Detection System Using Physiological Data from Wearable Sensors
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    Chapter 32 Vision Transformer for Kidney Stone Detection
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    Chapter 33 Attention Models and Image Pre-processing for Covid-19 Detection Based on Lung Ultrasound Images
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    Chapter 34 Deep Learning Techniques for Segmenting Breast Lesion Regions and Classifying Mammography Images
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    Chapter 35 Development of a Handwriting Drawings Assessment System for Early Parkinson’s Disease Identification with Deep Learning Methods
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    Chapter 36 Breast Cancer Classification on Mammograms Using Vision Transformer
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    Chapter 37 Comparing Performance of Linear Regression Models Trained on Systematic Forest Measurement Datasets to Predict Diameter at Breast Height
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    Chapter 38 Detection and Segmentation of Brain Tumors on 3D MR Images Using 3D U-Net
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    Chapter 39 Towards Automating Semantic Relationship Awareness in Operational Technology Monitoring
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    Chapter 40 Feature Fool Exploitation for Lightweight Anomaly Detection in Respiratory Sound
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    Chapter 41 Multiple Vehicles Detection and Tracking Using Ground and Aerial Images for Vehicular Management System
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    Chapter 42 Deep Learning Approach for Tomato Leaf Disease Detection
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    Chapter 43 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Classification from Whole Slide Image Based on BRISQUE and Convolutional Neural Networks
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    Chapter 44 Robust and Accurate Automatic License Plate Recognition System
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    Chapter 45 Community Detection for Personalized Learning Pathway Recommendations on IT E-Learning System
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    Chapter 46 Improving Warped Planar Object Detection Network for Automatic License Plate Recognition
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Future Data and Security Engineering. Big Data, Security and Privacy, Smart City and Industry 4.0 Applications
Published by
Springer Nature Singapore, December 2023
DOI 10.1007/978-981-99-8296-7
978-9-81-998295-0, 978-9-81-998296-7

Dang, Tran Khanh, Küng, Josef, Chung, Tai M.

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