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The Woolly Monkey

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Introduction: Studying Woolly Monkeys
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    Chapter 2 Coat Color is not an Indicator of Subspecies Identity in Colombian Woolly Monkeys
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    Chapter 3 Colombian Lagothrix: Analysis of Their Phenotypes and Taxonomy
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    Chapter 4 Behavior and Husbandry of a Captive Group of Woolly Monkeys: A Case Study
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    Chapter 5 Clinical Experience and Diseases of the Woolly Monkey (Lagothrix lagothricha) at the Louisville Zoo
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    Chapter 6 Recent Advances in Woolly Monkey Nutrition
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    Chapter 7 Effect of Housing Conditions and Diet on the Behavior of Captive Woolly Monkeys (Lagothrix)
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    Chapter 8 Life History, Behavior, and Development of Wild Immature Lowland Woolly Monkeys (Lagothrix poeppigii) in Amazonian Ecuador
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    Chapter 9 Seed Dispersal by Woolly Monkeys (Lagothrix lagothricha) at Caparú Biological Station (Colombia): Quantitative Description and Qualitative Analysis
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    Chapter 10 Ranging Behaviour, Daily Path Lengths, Diet and Habitat Use of Yellow-Tailed Woolly Monkeys (Lagothrix flavicauda) at La Esperanza, Peru
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    Chapter 11 Vocal Communication in Woolly Monkeys (Lagothrix lagothricha lugens) in Cueva de los Guacharos National Park, Colombia
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    Chapter 12 Potential Determinants of the Abundance of Woolly Monkeys in Neotropical Forests
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    Chapter 13 Behavioral Ecology and Interindividual Distance of Woolly Monkeys (Lagothrix lagothricha) in a Rainforest Fragment in Colombia
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    Chapter 14 Notes on the Behavior of Captive and Released Woolly Monkeys (Lagothrix lagothricha): Reintroduction as a Conservation Strategy in Colombian Southern Amazon
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    Chapter 15 Population Viability Analysis of Woolly Monkeys in Western Amazonia
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    Chapter 16 Yellow-Tailed Woolly Monkey (Lagothrix flavicauda): Conservation Status, Anthropogenic Threats, and Conservation Initiatives
Attention for Chapter 5: Clinical Experience and Diseases of the Woolly Monkey (Lagothrix lagothricha) at the Louisville Zoo
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Chapter title
Clinical Experience and Diseases of the Woolly Monkey (Lagothrix lagothricha) at the Louisville Zoo
Chapter number 5
Book title
The Woolly Monkey
Published by
Springer New York, May 2014
DOI 10.1007/978-1-4939-0697-0_5
Book ISBNs
978-1-4939-0696-3, 978-1-4939-0697-0

Roy Burns DVM, Roy Burns


Thomas R. Defler, Pablo R. Stevenson