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Mathematical Optimization Theory and Operations Research: Recent Trends

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Towards Subderivative-Based Zeroing Neural Networks
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    Chapter 2 An Algorithm for Decentralized Multi-agent Feasibility Problems
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    Chapter 3 Online Optimization Problems with Functional Constraints Under Relative Lipschitz Continuity and Relative Strong Convexity Conditions
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    Chapter 4 A Cutting Method with Successive Use of Constraint Functions in Constructing Approximating Sets
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    Chapter 5 Implementing One Variant of the Successive Concessions Method for the Multi-objective Optimization Problem
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    Chapter 6 UCB Strategy for Gaussian and Bernoulli Multi-armed Bandits
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    Chapter 7 Estimation of Both Unknown Parameters in Gaussian Multi-armed Bandit for Batch Processing Scenario
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    Chapter 8 Zero-Order Stochastic Conditional Gradient Sliding Method for Non-smooth Convex Optimization
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    Chapter 9 Tabu Search Metaheuristic for the Penalty Minimization Personnel Task Scheduling Problem
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    Chapter 10 An $$O(n\log n)$$ O ( n log n ) -Time Algorithm for Linearly Ordered Packing of 2-Bar Charts into  $$OPT+1$$ O P T + 1 Bins
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    Chapter 11 Approximation Algorithms for Graph Cluster Editing Problems with Cluster Size at Most 3 and 4
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    Chapter 12 On Cone Partitions for the Min-Cut and Max-Cut Problems with Non-negative Edges
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    Chapter 13 A Pattern-Based Heuristic for a Temporal Bin Packing Problem with Conflicts
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    Chapter 14 Integer Models for the Total Weighted Tardiness Problem on a Single Machine
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    Chapter 15 Solving Maximin Location Problems on Networks with Different Metrics and Restrictions
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    Chapter 16 On Probability Shaping for 5G MIMO Wireless Channel with Realistic LDPC Codes
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    Chapter 17 Additive Routing Problem for a System of High-Priority Tasks
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    Chapter 18 Public-Private Partnership Model with a Consortium
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    Chapter 19 Variable Neighborhood Search Approach for the Bi-criteria Competitive Location and Design Problem with Elastic Demand
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    Chapter 20 Decomposition Approach for Simulation-Based Optimization of Inventory Management
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    Chapter 21 The Algorithm for the Construction of a Symbolic Family of Regulators for Nonlinear Discrete Control Systems with Two Small Parameters
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    Chapter 22 Analytical Construction of the Singular Set in One Class of Time-Optimal Control Problems in the Presence of Linear Segments of the Boundary of the Target
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    Chapter 23 On the Existence of Fuzzy Contractual Allocations, Fuzzy Core and Perfect Competition in an Exchange Economy
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    Chapter 24 Linear Interpolation of Program Control with Respect to a Multidimensional Parameter in the Convergence Problem
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    Chapter 25 Behavior of Stabilized Trajectories of a Two Factor Economic Growth Model Under the Changes of a Production Function Parameter
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    Chapter 26 Uncertainty of Graph Clustering in Correlation Block Model
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    Chapter 27 Multi-target Weakly Supervised Regression Using Manifold Regularization and Wasserstein Metric
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    Chapter 28 Using General Least Deviations Method for Forecasting of Crops Yields
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    Chapter 29 Searching for Distance Graph Embeddings and Optimal Partitions of Compact Sets in Euclidean Space
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Mathematical Optimization Theory and Operations Research: Recent Trends
Published by
Springer Nature Switzerland, October 2023
DOI 10.1007/978-3-031-43257-6
978-3-03-143256-9, 978-3-03-143257-6

Khachay, Michael, Kochetov, Yury, Eremeev, Anton, Khamisov, Oleg, Mazalov, Vladimir, Pardalos, Panos