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Applied Cryptography and Network Security

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Formal Verification of Arithmetic Masking in Hardware and Software
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    Chapter 2 Layered Binary Templating
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    Chapter 3 HS-Based Error Correction Algorithm for Noisy Binary GCD Side-Channel Sequences
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    Chapter 4 Divide and Rule: DiFA  - Division Property Based Fault Attacks on  PRESENT and  GIFT
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    Chapter 5 A Novel Automatic Technique Based on MILP to Search for Impossible Differentials
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    Chapter 6 Meet-in-the-Filter and Dynamic Counting with Applications to  Speck
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    Chapter 7 Near Collision Attack Against Grain V1
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    Chapter 8 TIDAL: Practical Collisions on State-Reduced Keccak Variants
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    Chapter 9 Tiny WFP: Lightweight and Effective Website Fingerprinting via Wavelet Multi-Resolution Analysis
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    Chapter 10 Capturing Antique Browsers in Modern Devices: A Security Analysis of Captive Portal Mini-Browsers
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    Chapter 11 Those Aren’t Your Memories, They’re Somebody Else’s: Seeding Misinformation in Chat Bot Memories
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    Chapter 12 Social Honeypot for Humans: Luring People Through Self-managed Instagram Pages
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    Chapter 13 Pairings in Rank-1 Constraint Systems
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    Chapter 14 Binary Kummer Line
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    Chapter 15 Generalised Asynchronous Remote Key Generation for Pairing-Based Cryptosystems
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    Chapter 16 PIE: p -adic Encoding for High-Precision Arithmetic in Homomorphic Encryption
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    Chapter 17 Analysis and Prevention of Averaging Attacks Against Obfuscation Protocols
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    Chapter 18 FLSwitch: Towards Secure and Fast Model Aggregation for Federated Deep Learning with a Learning State-Aware Switch
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    Chapter 19 Fast and Efficient Malware Detection with Joint Static and Dynamic Features Through Transfer Learning
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    Chapter 20 Efficient Network Representation for GNN-Based Intrusion Detection
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    Chapter 21 EVADE: Efficient Moving Target Defense for Autonomous Network Topology Shuffling Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
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    Chapter 22 Steal from Collaboration: Spy Attack by a Dishonest Party in Vertical Federated Learning
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    Chapter 23 Forward Security of Fiat-Shamir Lattice Signatures
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    Chapter 24 Shorter and Faster Identity-Based Signatures with Tight Security in the (Q)ROM from Lattices
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    Chapter 25 A Gapless Post-quantum Hash Proof System in the Hamming Metric
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    Chapter 26 Spherical Gaussian Leftover Hash Lemma via the Rényi Divergence
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    Chapter 27 BIKE Key-Recovery: Combining Power Consumption Analysis and Information-Set Decoding
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Applied Cryptography and Network Security
Published by
Springer Nature Switzerland, June 2023
DOI 10.1007/978-3-031-33488-7
978-3-03-133487-0, 978-3-03-133488-7

Tibouchi, Mehdi, Wang, XiaoFeng

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