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New Metropolitan Perspectives

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 2 Communities’ Involvement for the Reuse of Historical Buildings. Experiences in Italian Marginal Areas
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    Chapter 3 Action Research for the Conservation of Architectural Heritage in Inner Areas: Towards a Methodological Framework
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    Chapter 4 Community-Driven Initiatives for Heritage Acknowledgement, Preservation and Enhancement in European Marginal Area
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    Chapter 5 Hydrological Drivers and Effects of Wildfire in Mediterranean Rural and Forest Ecosystems: A Mini Review
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    Chapter 6 Agro-Food Wastewater Management in Calabria and Sicily (Southern Italy): A General Overview and Key Case Studies
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    Chapter 7 River Transport in Calabrian Rivers
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    Chapter 8 The Impact of Spatial Location of Function Inside Building to Improve Distinguishing Architectural Forms as an Urban Landmark
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    Chapter 9 Shaping Evolving Rural Landscapes by Recovering Human-Nature Harmony Under the Beautiful Countryside Construction in China
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    Chapter 10 Cultural Democracy, Cultural Ecosystems and Urban Development: Grassroot Initiatives at the Crossroads of Social and Cultural Goals in Bologna
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    Chapter 11 Re-think Building Codes for Indoor Air Quality
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    Chapter 12 Design Opportunities Towards the Ecological Transition of Villages, Cities, Buildings and Dwellings
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    Chapter 13 Green Transition Towards Sustainability. Design, Architecture, Production
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    Chapter 14 Take Care . The Body of Architecture, the City and the Landscape
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    Chapter 15 Service Innovation: A Literature Review of Conceptual Perspectives
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    Chapter 16 Garden Cities 2.0 and Revitalization of Depopulated Rural Communities. A Net Positive Resource Production Approach
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    Chapter 17 (Un)earth Vulnerable Chile
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    Chapter 18 Exploring the Resilience of Inner Areas: A Cross-Dimensional Approach to Bring Out Territorial Potentials
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    Chapter 19 Fostering Resilience in Inner Areas. The Sicani Case Study in Sicily
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    Chapter 20 “Fit to 55”: Financial Impacts of Italian Incentive Measures for the Efficiency of the Building Stock and the Revitalization of Fragile Areas
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    Chapter 21 Human/Urban-Scapes and the City Prospects. An Axiological Approach
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    Chapter 22 Development Processes in European Marginal Areas: An Investigation in the UNESCO Gastronomic Creative City of Östersund in Sweden
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    Chapter 23 Lifestyle Migration and Rural Development: The Experience of Kaxås in the Periphery of Sweden
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    Chapter 24 Craft Breweries and the Corona Crisis–Exploring the Scandinavian Context
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    Chapter 25 Cultural Heritage Digitalisation Policy as a Co-creation of Public Value. Evaluation of the Participatory Digital Public Service of Uffizi Galleries in Italy During the COVID-19
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    Chapter 26 The Necessary Digital Update of the Camino de Santiago
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    Chapter 27 A Project of Enhancement and Integrated Management: The Cultural Heritage Agency of Locride
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    Chapter 28 New Technologies for Accessibility and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage Sites. The Archaeological Areas of Locride
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    Chapter 29 Accessible Culture: Guidelines to a Cultural Accessibility Strategic Plan (C.A.S.P.) for MArRC Museum
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    Chapter 30 Economic Feasibility of an Integrated Program for the Enhancement of the Byzantine Heritage in the Aspromonte National Park. The Case of Staiti
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    Chapter 31 Mobility as a Service (MaaS): Framework Definition of a Survey for Passengers’ Behaviour
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    Chapter 32 Evaluation of the Structural Health Conditions of Smart Roads Using Different Feature-Based Methods
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    Chapter 33 Framework of Sustainable Strategies for Monitoring Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Secondary Road Network to Guarantee a Safe and Efficient Accessibility
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    Chapter 34 Accessibility and Internal Areas - Rural Towns of Calabria and the Local Road Network
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    Chapter 35 Strategies and Measures for a Sustainable Accessibility and Effective Transport Services in Inner and Marginal Areas: The Italian Experience
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    Chapter 36 Optimization of Local Road Network Quality
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    Chapter 37 Adapting Outdoor Space for Post COVID-19
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    Chapter 38 Reshaping Public Spaces Under Impacts of Covid-19
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    Chapter 39 Where Do the Children Play? Taxonomy of Children’s Play Areas and Role of the City of Culture in Santiago de Compostela
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    Chapter 40 A Triadic Framework for Sustaining Metaphorical Conceptualization to Automate Urban Design Creativity
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    Chapter 41 Sustainability Frameworks and the Recovery and Resilience Plan. Challenges from the Italian Context
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    Chapter 42 Investigation on Limits and Opportunities of Rural Social Innovation in the Belluno Dolomites
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    Chapter 43 Culture Leading to Urban Regeneration. Empirical Evidence from Some Italian Funding Programs
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    Chapter 44 Strengthening Community-Based Organizations Through Social Impact Readiness: Lessons from “Periferiacapitale”
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    Chapter 45 Social Innovation or Societal Change? Rethinking Innovation in Bottom-Up Transformation Processes Starting from Three Cases in Rome’s Suburbs
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    Chapter 46 Pandemic, Fear and Social Innovation
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    Chapter 48 “As Found”. The Reuse of Existing Buildings with an Identity Character as a Fundamental Element of Regeneration in the New Community Centers’ Design. A Brutalist Building as a Case Study
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    Chapter 49 Consideration of the Potential Strategic Role of the New Community Center. Some International Case Studies: Themes and Design Practices
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    Chapter 50 Investigating the Health-Planning Nexus in Italy: A Survey on Local and Metropolitan Plans
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    Chapter 51 An Experimental Approach for the City of Health
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    Chapter 52 Toward the Development of a Planning Protocol for Public Space for Improving Health and Wellbeing of Communities
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    Chapter 53 The Eco-Neighbourhoods: Cases to Learn in the Transition Toward Urban Sustainability
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    Chapter 54 Cultural Heritage Enhancement for Health Promotion and Environment Salubrity
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    Chapter 56 Cyclical Covid Evolution and Transition Towards a Symbiosis Between Metropolitan Model and Widespread Settlement Model
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    Chapter 57 The Community Health Centers: A Territorial Service in the Post-pandemic City
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    Chapter 58 Healthy Cities with Healthy Streets, Towards a New Normal of Urban Health and Well-Being
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    Chapter 59 Ecological Networks in the Spatial Planning of Campania Region Towards Green Infrastructures
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    Chapter 60 Cultural Heritage as a Right to Well-Being and an Engine of Urban Regeneration
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    Chapter 61 Cities and Territories Theatres of the Recovery of the Country System
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    Chapter 62 Urban Regeneration and Real Estate Dynamics: A Non-linear Model of the Break-Even Analysis for the Assessment of the Investments
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    Chapter 64 Urban Regeneration Strategies According to Circular Economy: A Multi-criteria Decision Aiding Approach
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    Chapter 65 Resilience of Complex Urban Systems: A Multicriteria Methodology for the Construction of an Assessment Index
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    Chapter 66 Evaluating the Impact of Urban Renewal on the Residential Real Estate Market: Artificial Neural Networks Versus Multiple Regression Analysis
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    Chapter 67 A Bio Ecological Prototype Green Building Toward Solution of Energy Crisis
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    Chapter 68 Green Building to Overcome Climate Change: The Support of Energy Simulation Programs in Gis Environment
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    Chapter 69 Attractiveness and Problems in a Rural Village Restoration: The Umbrian Case of Postignano
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    Chapter 70 Fostering the Renovation of the Existing Building Stock. Operational Models and Evaluation Tools
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    Chapter 72 Minimum Environmental Criteria, Estimation of Costs and Regional Prices: Preliminary Considerations
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    Chapter 73 An Integrated Model to Assess the Impact on World Heritage Sites. The Case Study of the Strategic Plan for the Buffer Zone of the UNESCO Site “Pompeii, Herculaneum and Oplontis”
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    Chapter 74 Preliminary Approach for the Cost-Benefit Analysis in the Building Envelope: Study and Comparison of Actions
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    Chapter 75 Implementation Tools for Projects Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)
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    Chapter 76 Photovoice and Landscape: Participatory Research-Action to Led Young People to Monitor Policies and Landscapes
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    Chapter 77 The Mediation Role of the University Tutor to Promote Student Empowerment: A Student Voice Survey Through Documentary Writing
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    Chapter 78 ‘Work’/‘World of Work’ and Primary Teacher Training
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    Chapter 79 Developing Students’ Empowerment Through Health Education for Future-Oriented Curricula and Sustainable Lifestyles
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    Chapter 80 Identification, Validation and Certification of Previous Skills to Support Vulnerable Worker in Post Pandemic Dynamics
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    Chapter 81 Students’ Role in Academic Development: Patterns of Partnership in Higher Education
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    Chapter 82 How Can University Promote Eco-Literacy and Education in Environmental Sustainability? A Third-Mission Best Practice at the University of Bari
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    Chapter 83 Educational Interventions for Civil and Democratic Society: A Research-Training Project on Bullying and Cyberbullying at Apulian Schools
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    Chapter 84 Digital Competence for Citizenship: Distance Learning Before and During the Covid-19 Emergency
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    Chapter 85 Juveniles and Mafias: The Project Free to Choose for Growing up Differently
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    Chapter 86 Is City Love a Success Factor for Neighbourhood Resilience? Results from a Microcosmic Analysis of Rotterdam
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    Chapter 87 Agents of Change and Window of Locational Opportunity (WLO) in Crypto Valley in Zug, Switzerland
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    Chapter 88 Using Digitalization to Boost Lucanian Agriculture
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    Chapter 89 Sustainable Policies in a Latin-American Context
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    Chapter 90 The Never-Ending Story of the Metropolitan Area of Vigo (Galicia, Spain)
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    Chapter 91 Assessing the SDG11 on a Neighborhood Scale Through the Integrated Use of GIS Tools. An Italian Case Study
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    Chapter 93 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Evaluation for Neighbourhood Planning and Design
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    Chapter 94 Around Cosenza
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    Chapter 95 Tackling the COVID-19 Pandemic at the Metropolitan Level. Evidence from Europe
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    Chapter 96 Regulating Urban Foodscapes During Covid-19 Pandemic. Privatization or Reorganization of Public Spaces?
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    Chapter 97 How Covid-19 Pandemic Has Affected the Market Value According to Multi-parametric Methods
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    Chapter 98 Adapting Anti-adaptive Neighborhoods. What is the Role of Spatial Design?
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    Chapter 99 Types of Uncertainty: Cities from a Post-pandemic Perspective
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    Chapter 100 Urban Change in Cities During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Analysis of the Nexus of Factors from Around the World
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    Chapter 101 Local Authorities and Pandemic Responses in Perspective. Reflections from the Case of Milan
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    Chapter 102 Credentials as Regulatory Tools in the COVID Era
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    Chapter 103 Healthy City for Organizing Effective and Multifaceted Actions at the Urban Level
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    Chapter 104 Real Estate Values and Urban Quality: Definition of an Indicator
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    Chapter 105 Co-evolutionary, Transformative, and Economic Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis. Evidence-Based Experiences of Urban Community Design in Turin (Italy)
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    Chapter 106 Institutional Logics and Digital Innovations in Healthcare Organizations in Response to Crisis
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    Chapter 107 Sustainable Strategic Mobility Plans Towards the Resilient Metropolis
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    Chapter 109 Influence of Near Fault Records on the Optimal Performance of Isolated Continuous Bridges
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    Chapter 110 Safety Management of Infrastructures Through an Organizational Approach: Preliminary Results
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    Chapter 111 Evaluation of Seismic Reliability for Isolated Multi-span Continuous Deck Bridges
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    Chapter 112 The Effect of Local Emergency Policies on the Performance of the Italian Regional Health Care System
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    Chapter 113 Fundamental Rights Implications of Covid-19. Religious Freedom and Resilience During the Pandemic
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    Chapter 114 Multi-stakeholder Governance in Social Enterprises: Self-organization, Worker Involvement and Client Orientation
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    Chapter 115 Topsis Tecniques to Select Green Projects for Cities
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    Chapter 116 Human Smart Landscape: An Integrated Multi-phase Evaluation Framework to Assess the Values of a Resilient Landscape
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    Chapter 117 Hydrogeological Damage: An Overview on Appraisal Issues
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    Chapter 118 Urban Sustainability: Reporting Systems and Dataset in the European Union
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    Chapter 119 Territorial Dynamics Emerged During the Festival “Terra2050 Credenziali per Il Nostro Futuro”
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    Chapter 120 The Role of the Institutional Dimension in Defining Sustainable Development Policies in Italy
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    Chapter 121 The Role of the Coordination Models in Urban Resilience Against Covid-19
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    Chapter 122 The Financial Sustainability a Cultural Heritage Adaptive Reuse Project in Public-Private Partnership
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    Chapter 123 Migrants, Retail Properties and Historic Centre. Urban and Economic Resilience in Palermo (Italy)
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    Chapter 124 Dam Break-Induced Urban Flood Propagation Modelling with DualSPHysics: A Validation Case Study
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    Chapter 125 Transport Infrastructures and Economic Development of the Territory
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    Chapter 126 Spatial Patterns of Blue Economy Firms in the South of Italy
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    Chapter 127 Electrification of Commercial Fleets: Implementation Practices
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    Chapter 128 Medium-Long Term Economic Sustainability for Public Utility Works
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    Chapter 129 A GIS-BIM Approach for the Evaluation of Retrofit Actions in Urban Planning. A Methodological Proposal
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    Chapter 130 Economic-Financial Sustainability and Risk Assessment in the Water Sector in Italy
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    Chapter 131 Awareness Campaigns and Sustainable Marketing for an Efficient Use of Territorial Resources
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    Chapter 133 The Smart City NEOM: A Hub for a Sustainable Raise of Economy and Innovation
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    Chapter 134 Where is the City? Where is the Countryside? The Methods Developed by Italian Scholars to Delimit Urban, Rural, and Intermediate Territories
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    Chapter 135 A Multicriteria Evaluation of Blockchain-Based Agrifood Chain in the New Scenario Post-Covid 19
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    Chapter 136 Experiences of Online Purchase of Food Products in Italy During COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown
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    Chapter 137 Metropolitan Food Systems at the Test of Covid-19: Changes, Reactions, Opportunities Between Food Insecurity and New Needs
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    Chapter 138 Designing Food Landscape in the 15-Min Post-covid City. Imagining a New Scenario for Low-Density Spaces in Metropolitan Areas
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    Chapter 139 Turning ‘Food to Be Wasted’ into Food Security and Multi-ethnic Integration:
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    Chapter 140 Food (in)security in a Nordic Welfare State: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Activities of Oslo’s Food Bank
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    Chapter 141 Valuation and Design for Economic and Social Value Creation
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    Chapter 142 Projecting the Underused. Increasing the Transformation Value of Residential Spaces Through Their Adaptive Reuse
  136. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 143 Back to School. Addressing the Regeneration of the Italian School Building Stock in the Latent Pandemic Contingency
  137. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 144 Post-covid City: Proximity Spaces, Sharing Economy and Phygital
  138. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 145 Digital Platforms, Imaginaries and Values Creation: Opportunities for New Urban Dynamics
  139. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 146 Grid Governance Between Spatial Efficiency and Social Segregation: Chinese Gated Communities Socio-spatial Responses Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak
  140. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 148 Barcelona’s Challenge to Supply Affordable Housing. Innovative Tenure Alternatives to Improve Accessibility
  141. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 149 Urban Planning and Urban Morphology Variables in Defining Real-Estate Sub-markets
  142. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 150 Housing Values Defined by Urban Morphology Characteristics
  143. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 151 Integrated Evaluation Methodology for Urban Sustainable Projects
  144. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 152 Proposal of an Environmental-Economic Accounting System for Urban Renewal Projects
  145. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 153 The Extended House as Response to the Post-pandemic Housing Needs: Hints from the Real Estate Market
  146. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 154 An Integrated Model for the Estimation of the Emissions of Pollutants from Traffic in the Urban Area
  147. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 155 Structural Equation Modelling for Detecting Latent “Green” Attributes in Real Estate Pricing Processes
  148. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 156 Designing Forms of Regeneration. Spatial Implication of Strategies to Face Climate Change at Neighborhood Scale
  149. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 157 Investigating the Effect of Form and Material of Spatial Structures on Energy Consumption in Hot and Dry Climates Case Study: Kerman City
  150. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 158 Green Building Strategy Supported by PostgreSQL and ArcGis System
  151. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 159 Climate Change Adaptation of Buildings Using Nature-Based Solutions: Application in Alentejo Central - LIFE myBUILDINGisGREEN
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    Chapter 160 The Use of Plants for Building Purposes in the Popular Tradition
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    Chapter 161 Urban Transformation of the Coastline from a Landscape Perspective. Analysis of Cases on the Costa del Sol (Spain)
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    Chapter 162 The Teaching of Environmental Sciences in Secondary Education, High School and University to Fight Against Climate Change
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    Chapter 163 Urban Spaces as a Phytogenetic Reserve
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    Chapter 164 Improving the Efficiency of District Heating and Cooling Using a Geothermal Technology: Underground Thermal Energy Storage (UTES)
  157. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 165 A Multi-criteria Assessment of HVAC Configurations for Contemporary Heating and Cooling Needs
  158. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 166 Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries: Characteristics and Economic Value
  159. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 167 The Role of Quality Management Services (QMSs) in Aligning the Construction Sector to the European Taxonomy: The Experience of the QUEST Project
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    Chapter 168 A Multi-dimensional Decision Support System for Choosing Solar Shading Devices in Office Buildings
  161. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 169 A Multi-criteria and Multi-domain Model to Support the Comprehensive Assessment of Building Performance
  162. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 170 Evaluating Positive Energy Districts: A Literature Review
  163. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 171 Neighbourhood Energy Community: Norms, Actors and Policies. The Case of Pilastro-Roveri
  164. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 172 Dimensions of Social Acceptance in Energy Transition
  165. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 173 Strategies for the Valorisation of Small Towns in Inland Areas: Critical Analysis
  166. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 174 From Condominium to Energy Community: Energy and Economic Advantages with Application to a Case Study
  167. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 175 Energy Requalification of a Neighbourhood of Reggio Calabria with a View to an Energy District
  168. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 176 Environmental Assessment of a Hybrid Energy System Supporting a Smart Polygeneration Micro-grid
  169. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 177 Drainage Layer in Green Roofs: Proposal for the Use of Agricultural Plastic Waste
  170. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 178 Towards the Environmental Sustainability of the Construction Sector: Life Cycle Environmental Impacts of Buildings Retrofit
  171. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 179 Reversible, Sustainable and Circular Constructive Systems : Buildability Conditions
  172. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 180 Advanced Circular Design, a Life Cycle Approach
  173. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 181 Design Strategies Toward Low-Carbon Buildings and Neighborhoods. The Use of LCA to Support a Project Proposal for Reinventing Cities
  174. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 182 Regenerative Design and Hybrid Buildings to Address Climate Change
  175. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 183 Outdoor Green Walls: Multi-perspective Methodology for Assessing Urban Sites Based on Socio-environmental Aspects
  176. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 184 Systemic Decision Support Tool for Online Application to Aid NBS Co-creation
  177. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 185 An Evaluation Approach to Support Urban Agriculture Implementation in Post-covid19 Cities: The Case of Troisi Park in Naples
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    Chapter 187 A Proposal to Assess the Benefits of Urban Ecosystem Services
  179. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 188 Intra-scale Design and Benefit Assessment of Green Stormwater Infrastructures
  180. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 189 Urban Green Space to Promote Urban Public Health: Green Areas’ Design Features and Accessibility Assessment in Milano City, Italy
  181. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 190 Social Environmental Profitability Index (SEPI) and BIM to Support Decision-Making Processes in Public Green Infrastructure Investments
  182. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 191 Assessing Tangible and Intangible Values of Cultural Ecosystem Services for Sustainable Regeneration Strategies
  183. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 192 The Use of the Adoption Prediction Outcome Tool to Help Communities Improve the Transition Towards the Implementation of Nature-Based Solutions
  184. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 193 Traffic Monitoring Using Intelligent Video Sensors to Support the Urban Mobility Planning
  185. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 194 Cultural Heritage Recovery Interventions Through Steel Endoskeletons: A Case Study
  186. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 195 Sant’Aniceto Castle from the Survey to the Enhancement
  187. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 196 GIS Roads Cadastre, Infrastructure Management and Maintenance
  188. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 197 OBIA to Detect Asbestos-Containing Roofs
  189. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 198 Geomatic Techniques: A Smart App for Cultural Heritage
  190. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 199 Use of Big Data and Geomatics Tools for Monitoring and Combating Pandemics
  191. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 200 Modern Tools of Geomatics as an Indispensable Support to the Public Administration for the Protection, Restoration, Conservation and Dissemination of Cultural Heritage
  192. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 201 Virtual Reality Approach for Geoparks Fruition During SARS-Cov2 Pandemic Situation: Methodological Notes and First Results
  193. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 202 Geographic Information and Socio-Economic Indicators: A Reading of Recent Territorial Processes in the Test Area of Basilicata Region
  194. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 203 Methods and Tools for a Participatory Local Development Strategy
  195. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 204 On the Use of Big Earth Data in the Copernicus Era for the Investigation and the Preservation of the Human Past
  196. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 206 The Influence of Potential Flood Hazard Areas for Urban Adaptation to Climate Change
  197. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 207 Preliminary Results in the Use of WorldView-3 for the Detection of Cork Oak ( Quercus Suber L. ): A Case in Calabria (Italy)
  198. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 208 Towards Quantifying Rural Environment Soil Erosion: RUSLE Model and Remote Sensing Based Approach in Basilicata (Southern Italy)
  199. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 210 Saltwater and Alkali Resistance of Steel Reinforced Grout Composites with Stainless Steel
  200. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 211 Freeze/Thaw Effect on the Mechanical Properties of FRCM System
  201. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 212 Structural Assessment of a Heritage Building in the UNESCO Site of Alberobello
  202. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 213 Mechanical Properties of Mortars for Structural Restoration of Historic Masonry Buildings
  203. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 214 A New Compatible and Sustainable FRLM Composite for the Seismic and Energetic Upgrade of Historic Buildings
  204. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 215 Experimental Investigation on the Effectiveness of Masonry Columns Confinement Using Lime-Based Composite Material
  205. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 216 Preliminary Italian Maps of the Expected Annual Losses of Residential Code-Conforming Buildings
  206. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 217 Structural Safety Assessment of Existing Bridge Decks: Numerical Analysis Assisted by Field Test Results
  207. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 218 Safety Management of Existing Bridges: A Case Study
  208. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 219 Seismic Retrofit of Concrete Reinforced Existing Buildings by Insertion of Steel Exoskeleton: A Case Study
  209. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 220 Impact of Graphene-Based Additives on Bituminous Mixtures: A Preliminary Assessment
  210. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 221 Local Development Through the Connection Between Roots Tourism, Local Food and Wine
  211. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 222 Focus on the Role and Point of View of Municipal Administrations in the Apulia Region on the Phenomenon of Roots Tourism Through a Factor Analysis
  212. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 223 The Management Models of a Tourist Destination in Italy
  213. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 224 Cultural Tourism in Historic Towns and Villages as Driver of Sustainable and Resilient Development
  214. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 225 Economic Feasibility of a Project for the Reuse of the Old Hospital of Nicotera as a Center for Eating Disorders and for the Enhancement of the Mediterranean Diet
  215. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 226 The ICOMOS Draft International Charter for Cultural Heritage Tourism (2021): Reinforcing Cultural Heritage Protection and Community Resilience Through Responsible and Sustainable Tourism Management. New Approaches to Global Policies, Challenges and Issues Concerning Cultural Heritage Preservation and Enjoyment Within Tourism
  216. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 227 The Haenyeo Community: Local Expert Facilitator for Tangible-Intangible Cultural Heritage and Its Economic Contributions to the Jeju Society, Korea
  217. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 228 “Experts and Professionals”: Intangible Cultural Heritage Custodians and Natural Resource Management in Poland and Canada
  218. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 229 The Role of the Expert in Holistic Approach to ICH: Case Study in the Community of “Sites Remarquables du Goût (Outstanding Sites of Taste)” in France
  219. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 230 The Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe and the Journey of Ulysses: Shared Values and Good Practices
  220. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 231 The Journey of Ulysses: A Cultural Itinerary Among the Shores of the Mediterranean for the Promotion of Dialogue and Sustainable Development as Tools for Peace and Territorial Growth
  221. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 232 In the Wake of the Homeric Periples: Escapes, Rejections, Landings and Emergencies in Italy from the Second Post-war Period Up to the Pandemic Times
  222. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 233 Proposal for the Enhancement of Archaeological Sites and Places of Spirituality, in the Territories of the Colonnie Magnogreche of the Province of Reggio Calabria
  223. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 234 Fortifications for the Control of the Early Medieval Valdemone
  224. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 235 The Church of San Sebastiano in the Valley of Pagliara (Messina) Formerly the “Priorato di Santa Maria di Billimeni in Terra di Savoca” in the Byzantine Mediterranean
  225. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 236 On the Roads of Bruttium Between Italìa and Kalavrìa. Rediscovering Ancient and New Cultural Landscapes
  226. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 237 Sustainable Tourism and Its Role in Preserving Archaeological Sites
  227. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 238 Sustainable Transportation for Healthy Tourist Environment: Erbil City-Iraq a Case Study
  228. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 239 The Urban Blue Space as a Wellness Tourism Destination
  229. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 241 Re-thinking the Resilience Paradigm in Cultural Heritage
  230. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 242 Subsidence Monitoring in the Duomo di Milano: Half a Century of Measuring Activities
  231. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 243 An Integrated Method to Assess Flood Risk and Resilience in the MAB UNESCO Collina Po (Italy)
  232. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 245 Assessing the Economic Value of the Unmovable Cultural Assets for Improving Their Resilience: The Case Study of the Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli
  233. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 246 Mountain Hamlet Heritage Between Risk and Enhancement
  234. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 247 Study of the Cloisters of the Historical Center of Florence: Methodological Approach for the Definition of Restoration Intervention Priorities
  235. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 248 Post-fire Assessment of Heritage Timber Structures
  236. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 249 Oil Heritage in Iran and Malaysia: The Future Energy Legacy in the Persian Gulf and the South China Sea
  237. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 250 Digital Transformation in the Preservation of Cultural Heritage in Cities: The Example of Love Bank
  238. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 251 Circular Economy of the Built Environment in Post-pandemic Era; A Disignerly Proposal for the Future Generation of Workspaces
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    Chapter 252 A Healthy Approach to Post-COVID Reopening of Sugar Factory of Kahrizak, Iran
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    Chapter 253 Approaches Proposal for Tools Coordinating in Maintenance and Reuse of Architectural Heritage. A Case Study on Urban Complexes of Modern Architectural Heritage
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    Chapter 254 Beyond Culture and Tourism: Conservation and Reuse of Architectural Heritage in a Productive Perspective
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    Chapter 255 II Edition Rhegion UN 2030: Towards a New Space’s ORMA Opportunity and Risks of New Modalities of Anthropization Between Sustainability, Innovation and Fragility for the Territory
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    Chapter 256 Climate Change and “Local Nature Based Solution” Towards Resilience
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    Chapter 257 Climate-Proof Planning: Water as Engine of Urban Regeneration in the Ecological Transition Era
  245. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 258 Rethinking the South in Humanistic, Social and Pedagogical Perspective. Rethinking the Relationship Between Local and Global
  246. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 260 Combining the Ecological and Digital Transitions: Smart Villages for New Scenarios in the EU Rural Areas
  247. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 261 Rethinking New Communities. Moving Towards a Science of Cities
  248. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 262 Hypothesis of Recovery and Redevelopment in the Territories of the Stilaro
  249. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 263 Small Rural Towns and Farmhouses of the Opera for Valorizzazione of Sila in Calabria. Narrated Memory from the Past and the Present, Research for Possible Sustainable Scenarios
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    Chapter 264 Ecopolis vs Megacity: A Post-crises Regional-Urban Vision Towards 2050
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    Chapter 265 Reversible Building Technologies and Unconventional Materials for the Circular and Creative Reuse of Small Centers
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    Chapter 266 Green Infrastructures and Water Management. Urban Regeneration Strategies to Face Global Change
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    Chapter 267 Application of Crowd Sensing for Sustainable Management of Smart Cities
  254. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 268 Ecological Transition and Planning Strategies
  255. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 269 Urban Happiness Planning Through Interactive Chorems
  256. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 270 A Preliminary Model for Promoting Energy Communities in Urban Planning
  257. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 271 Correction to: Co-evolutionary, Transformative, and Economic Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis. Evidence-Based Experiences of Urban Community Design in Turin (Italy)
Attention for Chapter 226: The ICOMOS Draft International Charter for Cultural Heritage Tourism (2021): Reinforcing Cultural Heritage Protection and Community Resilience Through Responsible and Sustainable Tourism Management. New Approaches to Global Policies, Challenges and Issues Concerning Cultural Heritage Preservation and Enjoyment Within Tourism
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The ICOMOS Draft International Charter for Cultural Heritage Tourism (2021): Reinforcing Cultural Heritage Protection and Community Resilience Through Responsible and Sustainable Tourism Management. New Approaches to Global Policies, Challenges and Issues Concerning Cultural Heritage Preservation and Enjoyment Within Tourism
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New Metropolitan Perspectives
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