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Medical Image Understanding and Analysis

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Neck Fat Estimation from DXA Using Convolutional Neural Networks
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    Chapter 2 Multimodal Cardiomegaly Classification with Image-Derived Digital Biomarkers
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    Chapter 3 Proton Density Fat Fraction of Breast Adipose Tissue: Comparison of the Effect of Fat Spectra and Initial Evaluation as a Biomarker
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    Chapter 4 Revisiting the Shape-Bias of Deep Learning for Dermoscopic Skin Lesion Classification
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    Chapter 5 Joint Group-Wise Motion Estimation and Segmentation of Cardiac Cine MR Images Using Recurrent U-Net
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    Chapter 6 Recursive Deformable Image Registration Network with Mutual Attention
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    Chapter 7 Spatiotemporal Attention Constrained Deep Learning Framework for Dual-Tracer PET Imaging
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    Chapter 8 Faster Diffusion Cardiac MRI with Deep Learning-Based Breath Hold Reduction
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    Chapter 9 Preoperative CT and Intraoperative CBCT Image Registration and Evaluation in Robotic Cochlear Implant Surgery
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    Chapter 10 Simultaneous Semantic and Instance Segmentation for Colon Nuclei Identification and Counting
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    Chapter 11 Point2Mask: A Weakly Supervised Approach for Cell Segmentation Using Point Annotation
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    Chapter 12 Class Distance Weighted Cross-Entropy Loss for Ulcerative Colitis Severity Estimation
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    Chapter 13 Procrustes Analysis of Muscle Fascicle Shapes Based on DTI Fibre Tracking
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    Chapter 14 Weakly Supervised Captioning of Ultrasound Images
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    Chapter 15 Computerised Methods for Monitoring Diabetic Foot Ulcers on Plantar Foot: A Feasibility Study
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    Chapter 16 CellCentroidFormer: Combining Self-attention and Convolution for Cell Detection
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    Chapter 17 GPU-Net: Lightweight U-Net with More Diverse Features
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    Chapter 18 Self-supervision and Multi-task Learning: Challenges in Fine-Grained COVID-19 Multi-class Classification from Chest X-rays
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    Chapter 19 Ultrasonography Uterus and Fetus Segmentation with Constrained Spatial-Temporal Memory FCN
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    Chapter 20 Thigh and Calf Muscles Segmentation Using Ensemble of Patch-Based Deep Convolutional Neural Network on Whole-Body Water-Fat MRI
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    Chapter 21 Fitting Segmentation Networks on Varying Image Resolutions Using Splatting
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    Chapter 22 Rotation-Equivariant Semantic Instance Segmentation on Biomedical Images
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    Chapter 23 Joint Learning with Local and Global Consistency for Improved Medical Image Segmentation
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    Chapter 24 LKAU-Net: 3D Large-Kernel Attention-Based U-Net for Automatic MRI Brain Tumor Segmentation
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    Chapter 25 Attention-Fused CNN Model Compression with Knowledge Distillation for Brain Tumor Segmentation
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    Chapter 26 Lung Segmentation Using ResUnet++ Powered by Variational Auto Encoder-Based Enhancement in Chest X-ray Images
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    Chapter 27 A Neural Architecture Search Based Framework for Segmentation of Epithelium, Nuclei and Oral Epithelial Dysplasia Grading
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    Chapter 28 STAMP: A Self-training Student-Teacher Augmentation-Driven Meta Pseudo-Labeling Framework for 3D Cardiac MRI Image Segmentation
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    Chapter 29 Implicit U-Net for Volumetric Medical Image Segmentation
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    Chapter 30 A Deep-Learning Lesion Segmentation Model that Addresses Class Imbalance and Expected Low Probability Tissue Abnormalities in Pre and Postoperative Liver MRI
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    Chapter 31 Utility of Equivariant Message Passing in Cortical Mesh Segmentation
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    Chapter 32 A Novel Framework for Coarse-Grained Semantic Segmentation of Whole-Slide Images
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    Chapter 33 How Effective is Adversarial Training of CNNs in Medical Image Analysis?
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    Chapter 34 A U-Net Based Progressive GAN for Microscopic Image Augmentation
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    Chapter 35 A Deep Generative Model of Neonatal Cortical Surface Development
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    Chapter 36 A Generative Framework for Predicting Myocardial Strain from Cine-Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging
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    Chapter 37 An Uncertainty-Aware Transformer for MRI Cardiac Semantic Segmentation via Mean Teachers
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    Chapter 38 SF-SegFormer: Stepped-Fusion Segmentation Transformer for Brain Tissue Image via Inter-Group Correlation and Enhanced Multi-layer Perceptron
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    Chapter 39 Polyp2Seg: Improved Polyp Segmentation with Vision Transformer
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    Chapter 40 Multi-resolution Fine-Tuning of Vision Transformers
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    Chapter 41 From Astronomy to Histology: Adapting the FellWalker Algorithm to Deep Nuclear Instance Segmentation
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    Chapter 42 Leveraging Uncertainty in Deep Learning for Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Grading
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    Chapter 43 A Novel Bi-level Lung Cancer Classification System on CT Scans
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    Chapter 44 Jointly Boosting Saliency Prediction and Disease Classification on Chest X-ray Images with Multi-task UNet
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    Chapter 45 Deep Bayesian Active-Learning-to-Rank for Endoscopic Image Data
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    Chapter 46 Improving Image Representations via MoCo Pre-training for Multimodal CXR Classification
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    Chapter 47 Multi-scale Graph Neural Networks for Mammography Classification and Abnormality Detection
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    Chapter 48 TransSLC: Skin Lesion Classification in Dermatoscopic Images Using Transformers
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    Chapter 49 Privacy Preserving and Communication Efficient Information Enhancement for Imbalanced Medical Image Classification
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    Chapter 50 Contrastive Pretraining for Echocardiography Segmentation with Limited Data
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    Chapter 51 High-Quality 4D-CBCT Imaging from Single Routine Scan
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    Chapter 52 Non-iterative Blind Deblurring of Digital Microscope Images with Spatially Varying Blur
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    Chapter 53 Low-Effort Re-identification Techniques Based on Medical Imagery Threaten Patient Privacy
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    Chapter 54 Removing Specular Reflection in Multispectral Dermatological Images Using Blind Source Separation
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    Chapter 55 A Multi-scale Self-supervision Method for Improving Cell Nuclei Segmentation in Pathological Tissues
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    Chapter 56 Correlation Between IBSI Morphological Features and Manually-Annotated Shape Attributes on Lung Lesions at CT
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    Chapter 57 Large-Scale Patch-Wise Pathological Image Feature Dataset with a Hardware-agnostic Feature Extraction Tool
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    Chapter 58 Predicting Myocardial Infarction Using Retinal OCT Imaging
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    Chapter 59 On the Feasibility of Radiomic Analysis for the Detection of Breast Lesions in Speed-of-Sound Images of the Breast
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    Chapter 60 Oral Dental Diagnosis Using Deep Learning Techniques: A Review
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    Chapter 61 Computational Image Analysis Techniques, Programming Languages and Software Platforms Used in Cancer Research: A Scoping Review
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    Chapter 62 A User Interface for Automatic Polyp Detection Based on Deep Learning with Extended Vision
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    Chapter 63 Using Deep Learning on X-ray Orthogonal Coronary Angiograms for Quantitative Coronary Analysis
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    Chapter 64 Efficient Pipeline for Rapid Detection of Catheters and Tubes in Chest Radiographs
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    Chapter 65 FCN-Transformer Feature Fusion for Polyp Segmentation
Attention for Chapter 52: Non-iterative Blind Deblurring of Digital Microscope Images with Spatially Varying Blur
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Chapter title
Non-iterative Blind Deblurring of Digital Microscope Images with Spatially Varying Blur
Chapter number 52
Book title
Medical Image Understanding and Analysis
Published by
Springer, Cham, January 2022
DOI 10.1007/978-3-031-12053-4_52
Book ISBNs
978-3-03-112052-7, 978-3-03-112053-4

Kaynar, Furkan, Geißler, Peter, Demaret, Laurent, Seybold, Tamara, Stechele, Walter