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Sustainable Finance, Digitalization and the Role of Technology

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 3 CatBoost: The Case of Bankruptcy Prediction
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    Chapter 4 Review of the Public Sector Organizations’ Environment: Accounting and Internal Control Systems, and Audit Quality
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    Chapter 5 The Impact of Accounting Information System on the Organizations Financial Performance
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    Chapter 6 Asset Management Performance: Evidence from Ukraine
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    Chapter 7 Factors Affecting Investor Switching Intention to Fintech Peer-To-Peer Lending
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    Chapter 8 Contemporary Management Accounting Practices, Innovation and Organizational Performance of Service Organizations in Malaysia
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    Chapter 9 Latest Challenges of International Migration for Ukraine: Theoretical and Empirical Aspects
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    Chapter 10 Optimization of Bank Lending in the Context of Modern Realities and Prospects of Financial Market Development
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    Chapter 11 Management Accounting Information Usefulness, Digital Inclusion and Performance of SMEs
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    Chapter 12 Capital Adequacy and Profitability Indicators: An Empirical Study on Palestinian Banks
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    Chapter 13 Market Reaction to an Audit Firm Change Decision
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    Chapter 14 Stakeholders of Yogyakarta Special Region and the Way They Manage Privilege Fund
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    Chapter 15 How Airline Service Quality (AIRQUAL) Affects Customer Decision Making in Airline Choices—A Conceptual Paper
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    Chapter 16 Impact of Audit Quality on the Firms Performance and the Mediation of Accrual Earning Management—Conceptual Paper
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    Chapter 17 Model of Relational Capital, Networking Customer Capability and Customer Retention to Increase Marketing Performance of SMEs
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    Chapter 18 Organization of Management of Moral Risks of Banking Activity in a Modern Business Environment
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    Chapter 19 The Links Between Banking Theories and Financial Inclusion: A Theoretical Framework
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    Chapter 20 Examining the Practice of Tawarruq Credit Financing in Malaysian Credit Co-operatives
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    Chapter 22 The Impact of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Technology in Banking Sector in Bahrain
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    Chapter 23 The Role of Governance in Analysing Waqf Performance
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    Chapter 24 The Earnings Management in Jordanian Banks: Do Profitability Measures Matter?
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    Chapter 25 Study of Impact of Dematerialization of Shares on the Indian Stock Market
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    Chapter 26 Performance Analysis of Indian Mutual Funds During Covid-2019
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    Chapter 27 Psychological Contract Breach as Moderator to the Influence of the Organizational Justice on Job Satisfaction and Employee Procrastination
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    Chapter 28 The Impact of Working Capital Management on the Financial Performance of Industrial Companies Listed on the Palestine Stock Exchange
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    Chapter 29 The Impact of Ownership Concentration on Stock Performance in the Palestinian Firms Listed in the Stock Exchange
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    Chapter 30 The Importance of Compliance Management in SMEs Ambidexterity Towards Innovation Performance Aside of Corporate Openness: Theoretical Framework
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    Chapter 31 World Experience of Investing and Human Capital Development
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    Chapter 32 Application of the Balanced Scorecard and Costing System Relying on Activities to Reduce Costs of Bank Services
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    Chapter 33 Principal-Agent or Patron-Client? The Unspoken Concord of Indonesia’s Two-Tier Corporate Governance
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    Chapter 34 How Do Human Capital Empowerments Constitute the Organizational Performance?
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    Chapter 35 The Impact of Ownership Structures on Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure in Palestine
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    Chapter 36 Antecedent and Consequence of Work Life Balance in Islamic Perspective: Cases in Indonesia
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    Chapter 37 A Qualitative Approach to Develop an Assessment Instrument for Homestay Operators’ Environmental Behaviour
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    Chapter 38 Real-Time Dream House Decorator in the Virtual Reality Environment
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    Chapter 39 The Determinants of Cooperative Sustainable Development: A Case Study of Malaysian Cooperatives
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    Chapter 40 Impact of Employee’s Engagement and Task Identity on Employee’s Retention Strategy Mediated by Job Satisfaction
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    Chapter 41 Corporate-Community Engagement—The Case Study of Malaysian Palm Oil Companies in Indonesia
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    Chapter 42 Does Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Disclosure Add Firm Value? Evidence from Sharia-Compliant Banks in Jordan
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    Chapter 43 Dynamics of Living Standards Based on Factors of the Remuneration System
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    Chapter 44 Influence of the Changing Organizational Culture on the Work Outcomes of Agile Teams in the Pandemic Era
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    Chapter 45 Formation of Stakeholders’ Interaction of Agricultural Insurance on the Basis of Corporate Social Responsibility
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    Chapter 46 The Application of Planned Behavior Theory to the Adoption of Food Bank Program Among University Students
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    Chapter 47 Understanding Green Environment Practices Through Local Authorities Perspectives
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    Chapter 48 The Case of Malaysian Working Women: A Discussion on Glass Ceiling Phenomenon Towards Career Advancement
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    Chapter 49 Financial Profiling and Possible Financial Inclusion of Rohingya Refugees in Malaysia
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    Chapter 50 Bibliometric Analysis of Optimization in Sports from 2011 to 2020 Using Scopus Database
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    Chapter 51 The Quality of Corporate Social Responsibilities Disclosures in Malaysian Companies
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    Chapter 52 Elucidating the Role of Human Governance to Eradicate Corruption
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    Chapter 53 Islamic Social Finance, Modern Slavery of Children, and Sustainable Development Goals in Indonesia
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    Chapter 54 The Benefits of Traditional Postnatal Practices: A Narrative Review of Cultural Beliefs vs Scientific Findings
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    Chapter 55 Climate Risks in Tunisia
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    Chapter 56 Ensuring of Financial Stability of the Enterprise by Financial Management Tools
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    Chapter 57 Financial Investment Management of Trade Enterprises: Analytical Aspect
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    Chapter 58 Total Management of Customer Service Value - A Tool for Sustainable Changes in Service Behavior: Ukrainian Experience in Suburban Passenger Traffic
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    Chapter 59 Factors Affecting Food Price Stability: Evidence from Turkey
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    Chapter 60 Developing Resilient Financial Wellbeing Among Elderly Citizens in Malaysia
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    Chapter 61 Challenges of Family Co-operative Sustainability: An Autoethnographic Narrative
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    Chapter 62 Online Banking of Islamic Banks: The Customer’s Perceptions in Kelantan
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    Chapter 63 Talent Shortage Assessment in Malaysia Islamic Banking Institution
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    Chapter 64 Achieving Islamic Financial Literacy in Malaysia: Issues and Challenges
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    Chapter 65 Zakat Payers’ Satisfaction as a Mediator in the Relationship Between Service Quality and Zakat Payers’ Trust
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    Chapter 66 The Assumption of Unlimited Human Wants (AUHW) in Islamic Economics: A Tasawur Perspective
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    Chapter 67 Developing Social Financial Resources Model for Islamic Microfinance to Reduce Unemployment Rate
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    Chapter 68 The Role of Islamic Psychological Contract on Authentic Leadership and Organizational Commitment
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    Chapter 69 Promoting Women’s Economic Empowerment Through Islamic Financial Inclusion in Lower Income Economies: Empirical Evidence from Yemen
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    Chapter 70 Employee Engagement on Employee Performance: Islamic Perspective
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    Chapter 71 Political Marketing of Muslim Minority Candidates in the Bali Legislative Election
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    Chapter 72 Shariah and Accounting Principles for Calculating the Actual Cost of Lending Services Among Islamic Banks: Case of Malaysia
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    Chapter 73 The Shariah Framework for Smart Contracts, an Original Analytical Study
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    Chapter 74 Correction to: The Shariah Framework for Smart Contracts, an Original Analytical Study
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Sustainable Finance, Digitalization and the Role of Technology
Published by
Springer International Publishing, August 2022
DOI 10.1007/978-3-031-08084-5
978-3-03-108083-8, 978-3-03-108084-5

Alareeni, Bahaaeddin, Hamdan, Allam

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