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Innovations in Computational Intelligence and Computer Vision

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 An Efficient Self-embedding Fragile Watermarking Scheme Based on Neighborhood Relationship
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    Chapter 2 GeoCloud4EduNet: Geospatial Cloud Computing Model for Visualization and Analysis of Educational Information Network
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    Chapter 3 Political Polarity Classification Using NLP
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    Chapter 4 Robust Segmentation of Nodules in Ultrasound-B Thyroid Images Through Deep Model-Based Features
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    Chapter 5 Image Compression Using Histogram Equalization
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    Chapter 6 Violence Detection in Video Footages Using I3D ConvNet
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    Chapter 7 Performance Analysis of Gradient Descent and Backpropagation Algorithms in Classifying Areas under Community Quarantine in the Philippines
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    Chapter 8 Least Mean Square Algorithm for Identifying High-risk Areas Vulnerable to Man-Made Disasters: A Philippine Perspective
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    Chapter 9 Finding Numbers of Occurrences and Duration of a Particular Face in Video Stream
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    Chapter 10 Dynamic Tuning of Fuzzy Membership Function for an Application of Soil Nutrient Recommendation
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    Chapter 11 Representative-Based Cluster Undersampling Technique for Imbalanced Credit Scoring Datasets
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    Chapter 12 Automatic Road Network Extraction from High-Resolution Images using Fast Fuzzy C-Means
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    Chapter 13 Analysis of Approaches for Irony Detection in Tweets for Online Products
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    Chapter 14 An Efficient Gabor Scale Average (GSA) based PCA to LDA Feature Extraction of Face and Gait Cues for Multimodal Classifier
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    Chapter 15 Stroke-Based Handwritten Gujarati Font Synthesis in Personal Handwriting Style via Shape Simulation Approach
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    Chapter 16 Kids View—A Parents Companion
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    Chapter 17 Computational Operations and Hardware Resource Estimation in a Convolutional Neural Network Architecture
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    Chapter 18 Load Balancing in Multiprocessor Systems Using Modified Real-Coded Genetic Algorithm
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    Chapter 19 Robust Image Tampering Detection Technique Using K -Nearest Neighbors (KNN) Classifier
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    Chapter 20 LIARx: A Partial Fact Fake News Data Set with Label Distribution Approach for Fake News Detection
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    Chapter 21 A Block-Based Data Hiding Technique Using Convolutional Neural Network
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    Chapter 22 Energy-Efficient Adaptive Sensing Technique for Smart Healthcare in Connected Healthcare Systems
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    Chapter 23 Transfer Learning Approach for Analyzing Attentiveness of Students in an Online Classroom Environment with Emotion Detection
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    Chapter 24 Prediction of COVID-19 Cases and Attribution to Various Factors Across Different Geographical Regions
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    Chapter 25 Emotion Enhanced Domain Adaptation for Propaganda Detection in Indian Social Media
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    Chapter 26 Target Identification and Detection on SAR Imagery Using Deep Convolution Network
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    Chapter 27 Lung Cancer Detection by Classifying CT Scan Images Using Grey Level Co-occurrence Matrix (GLCM) and K-Nearest Neighbours
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    Chapter 28 Real-Time Translation of Indian Sign Language to Assist the Hearing and Speech Impaired
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    Chapter 29 EYE4U-Multifold Protection Monitor
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    Chapter 30 A Comprehensive Source Code Plagiarism Detection Software
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    Chapter 31 Path Planning of Mobile Robot Using Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization
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    Chapter 32 Impact on Mental Health of Youth in Punjab State of India Amid COVID-19—A Survey-Based Analysis
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    Chapter 33 SmartACL: Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear Detection by Analyzing MRI Scans
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    Chapter 34 Building a Neural Network for Identification and Localization of Diseases from Images of Eye Sonography
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    Chapter 35 A Quick Dynamic Attribute Subset Method for High Dimensional Data Using Correlation-Guided Cluster Analysis and Genetic Algorithm
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    Chapter 36 Copy-Move Forgery Detection Using BEBLID Features and DCT
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    Chapter 37 Engineering Design Optimization Using Memorized Differential Evolution
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    Chapter 38 Image Forgery Detection Using CNN and Local Binary Pattern-Based Patch Descriptor
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    Chapter 39 Extracting and Developing Spectral Indices for Soil Using Sentinel-2A to Investigate the Association of Soil NPK
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    Chapter 40 Flood Mapping Using Sentinel-1 GRD SAR Images and Google Earth Engine: Case Study of Odisha State, India
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    Chapter 41 Remote Sensing Image Captioning via Multilevel Attention-Based Visual Question Answering
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    Chapter 42 Auto Target Moving Object with Spy BOT
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    Chapter 43 Power System Restoration at Short Period of Time During Blackout by Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle Station Using Artificial Intelligence
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    Chapter 44 Robust Adversarial Training for Detection of Adversarial Samples
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    Chapter 45 Performance Evaluation of Shallow and Deep Neural Networks for Dementia Detection
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    Chapter 46 Computer Vision Based Roadside Traffic Convex Mirror Validation for Driver Assistance System
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    Chapter 47 Feature Extraction Using Autoencoders: A Case Study with Parkinson’s Disease
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    Chapter 48 Combination of Expression Data and Predictive Modelling for Polycystic Ovary Disease and Assessing Risk of Infertility Using Machine Learning Techniques
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    Chapter 49 Dematerializing Vehicle Documents with IoT—Effective Solution Using Existing Infrastructure
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    Chapter 50 Building NTH: Network Threat Hunter with Deep Learning
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    Chapter 51 Future Cases Prediction of COVID-19 Using Deep Learning Models
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    Chapter 52 An Intelligent Species Level Deep Learning-Based Framework in Automatic Classification of Microscopic Bacteria Images
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    Chapter 53 Modeling Daily Pan Evaporation Using Tree-Based Regression Methods
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    Chapter 54 Optimized Pose-Based Gait Analysis for Surveillance
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Innovations in Computational Intelligence and Computer Vision
Published by
Springer Nature Singapore, May 2022
DOI 10.1007/978-981-19-0475-2
978-9-81-190474-5, 978-9-81-190475-2

Roy, Satyabrata, Sinwar, Deepak, Perumal, Thinagaran, Slowik, Adam, Tavares, João Manuel R. S.

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