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Innovating Strategies and Solutions for Urban Performance and Regeneration

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Reconstruction of Resettlement Community from the Perspective of Rural Memory—A Case Study of Chun Xin Yuan in Shanghai
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    Chapter 2 Temporary Urbanism and Community Engagement: A Case Study of Piazza Scaravilli in Bologna
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    Chapter 3 Urban Circularity: City Planning Perspectives from the Regeneration of Amsterdam’s Buiksloterham District
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    Chapter 4 Reinventing Bilbao, the Story of the Bilbao Effect
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    Chapter 5 The Waterfront Development in Europe: Between Planning and Urban Design Sustainability
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    Chapter 6 Transit-Oriented Development as a Tool of Urban Transformation Addressed at Urban Regeneration Processes
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    Chapter 7 The Concept of “Smart Density Planning” Principles for Livable and Sustainable Urban Transformation
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    Chapter 8 Livable Streets Determinants in Egypt: A Study on Streets’ Physical Attributes in New Urban Communities
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    Chapter 9 Using Cool Coating for Pavements, Asphalt, Façades and Building Roofs in the Urban Environment to Reduce the Summer Urban Heat Effect in Giza Square, Egypt
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    Chapter 10 Towards Sustainability in Resettlement Plans, the Necessary Conditions and Their Interplay: The Case of Mumbai
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    Chapter 11 Urban Morphology, Environmental Performance and Energy Use: Holistic Transformation of Porto di Mare as Eco-District Via IMM
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    Chapter 12 Can Skopje Museums Regenerate the Social and Urban Sustainability, Through “Social Friday Activity”?
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    Chapter 13 Elementary Waste Insulation Panels in Hot Arid Regions
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    Chapter 14 Comparative Review of Different Rating Systems Approach and Responses to Pandemic Situations
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    Chapter 15 Multiplying Effects of Urban Innovation Districts. Geospatial Analysis Framework for Evaluating Innovation Performance Within Urban Environments
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    Chapter 16 Examination of the Population Density Impact on Major Air Pollutants: A Study in the Case of Germany
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    Chapter 17 A Comparison Between Italian and French Case Studies on Urban Regeneration
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    Chapter 18 Relevance of Urban Ecosystem Services for Sustaining Urban Ecology in Cities-A Case Study of Ahmedabad City
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    Chapter 19 Increase in Neighborhood Development and Urban Water Erosion in Tropical Cities from Central Brazil: The Case of Goiânia, Goiás
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    Chapter 20 The Dimension of Urban Morphology on Placemaking Theory: A Comparative Typomorphological Analysis of a Self-built Neighbourhood and Its Regeneration Project in Ankara
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    Chapter 21 Research on the Relationship Between Informal Learning and the Regeneration of Public Spaces on Chinese University Campuses: Taking Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University as an Example
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    Chapter 22 Flora of Archaeological Landscape: Case Study of Arslantepe Mound and Its Territory
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    Chapter 23 Disused Urban Cemeteries: Unearthing User Experiences of Abney Park Cemetery
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    Chapter 24 Correction to: Multiplying Effects of Urban Innovation Districts. Geospatial Analysis Framework for Evaluating Innovation Performance Within Urban Environments
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