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Proceedings of Second International Conference in Mechanical and Energy Technology

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Redesign and Analysis of Cargo Containers for Delivery Drone Applications
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    Chapter 2 The Opportunities and Challenges of Implementing Green Internet of Things (IoT) Towards Energy Saving Practices in the Current Environment
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    Chapter 3 Monitoring of Infrastructure and Development for Smart Cities Supported by IoT Method
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    Chapter 4 A Review on Various Aerodynamics Control Techniques
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    Chapter 5 Air Pollution Index Prediction: A Machine Learning Approach
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    Chapter 6 A Comparative Study of Different IOT Sensors
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    Chapter 7 Evaluating the Performance of Deep Learning Methods and Its Impact on Digital Marketing
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    Chapter 8 Effectiveness of Machine Learning Technology in Detecting Patterns of Certain Diseases Within Patient Electronic Healthcare Records
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    Chapter 9 Sparse Function Learning for Alzheimer’s Disease Detection Dependent on Magnetic Characteristics Imaging with Mark Information
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    Chapter 10 A Study on the Relationship Between Cloud Computing and Data Mining in Business Organizations
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    Chapter 11 Study of Different Types of Smart Sensors for IoT Application Sensors
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    Chapter 12 Experimental Study and Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Material SS304/SS316 Using Rotary Friction Welding Technique
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    Chapter 13 Critically Analyzing the Concept of Internet of Things (IOT) and How It Impacts Employee and Organizational Performance
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    Chapter 14 Based on Internet of Things Tracking of Hand Hygiene and Practices
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    Chapter 15 A Detailed Exploration of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Education and Its Sustainable Impact on the Youth of Society
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    Chapter 16 Review Paper: Combined Study of Oceanography and Indigenous Method for Effective Fishing
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    Chapter 17 The Dynamic Role of Big Data Analytics in Learning and Development and Its Impact on Risk Analysis in Stock Market
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    Chapter 18 Roles of Cloud Computing and Internet of Things in Marketing Management: A Critical Review and Future Trends
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    Chapter 19 The Internet of Things and Its Aspect for Digital Marketing During COVID-19 Pandemic
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    Chapter 20 Enhancing Data Quality by Detecting and Repairing Inconsistencies in Big Data
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    Chapter 21 The Integrated Framework of Environmental Internet of Things Based Recruitment Process and the Impact Created by IoT in Inventory Management
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    Chapter 22 An Evaluation of Company Economic Performance Using 5G Network an Integrated Management Framework
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    Chapter 23 The Future Impact of Technological Developments on Digital Marketing Through Artificial Intelligence
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    Chapter 24 Order Winning Criteria: A Case of Small Manufacturing Sectors
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    Chapter 25 Application of Electrical Resistivity Method for Monitoring and Assessment of Cracks in Concrete Structures
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    Chapter 26 Using Machine Learning and Data Mining to Evaluate Modern Financial Management Techniques
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    Chapter 27 A Survey on the Capability of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Crime Prediction and Prevention
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    Chapter 28 Role of Artificial Intelligence in Energy and Power Engineering
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    Chapter 29 Forest Fire Detection Using Satellite Images
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    Chapter 30 Evaluating the Role of Robotics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the Field of Performance Management
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    Chapter 31 Benefits of Digital Education Over the Impact of Pandemic on Indian Higher Education System
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    Chapter 32 An Investigation on Impact of Machine Learning in Additive Manufacturing
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    Chapter 33 A Short Study on IoT-Based Cellular Network
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    Chapter 34 Decomposition Makes Better Rain Removal: An Enhanced Attention-Guided Image De-raining Using Deconvolutions Network
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    Chapter 35 Review Based on Named Entity Recognition for Hindi Language Using Machine Learning Approach
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    Chapter 36 A Critical Analysis of Machine Learning’s Function in Changing the Social and Business Ecosystem
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    Chapter 37 Image Forgery Detection Techniques: A Brief Review
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    Chapter 38 The Role of Blockchain Technology on Human Rights Management and Business Ethics—Utopia or Dystopia
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    Chapter 39 Fake News Identification and Detection: A Brief Review
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    Chapter 40 Consumer Behaviour on Digital Marketing Platforms—Specifically in Terms of Consumer Loyalty Using Machine Learning
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    Chapter 41 Machine Learning for the Manufacturing of Digital Marketing Techniques and Its Impact on Health Care System
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    Chapter 42 Advancements in Controlled Atmosphere Storage Technology—A Review
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    Chapter 43 A PLS-SEM Approach for Analysing Job Satisfaction and Human Resource Practices in Indian Banking Sector
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    Chapter 44 Role of Data Mining in Detecting Theft and Making Effective Impact on Performance Management
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    Chapter 45 An Analytical Approach of Crime Prediction Using Machine Learning
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    Chapter 46 Using Blockchain and Distributed Machine Learning to Evaluate Performance Management and Its Effect on the Construction Industry
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    Chapter 47 The Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Creating Smart Energy Infrastructure for the Next Generation and Protection Climate Change
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    Chapter 48 Covid-19 Interior Security Tracking System Based on the Artificial Intelligence
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    Chapter 49 Railway Track Monitoring System
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    Chapter 50 Determinants of Small and Medium Construction Firms’ Financial Performance
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    Chapter 51 The Impact of Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence on Supply Chain Management and Environmental Performance
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    Chapter 52 A Blockchain-Based Decentralized Machine Learning Framework for Performance Management: A Systematic Review
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    Chapter 53 Exploring the Essentials Elements of Data Analysis and Its Impact on Performance Management Framework
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    Chapter 54 Effects of Covid-19 Lockdown: A Perception Survey
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    Chapter 55 A Critical Analysis on the Application of Next-Generation Internet of Things (Iot) for Building Efficient Energy Systems for Improved Temperature Control and Better Energy Consumption
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    Chapter 56 Automated Machine Learning-Based Gestational Monitoring Framework in Wearable Internet of Things Environment
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    Chapter 57 Improving Energy Efficiency in Piezoelectric Effect Based Synchronous Multicast Protocol (PESM) in Wireless Sensor Networks
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    Chapter 58 An Advanced Security Framework Scheme Based on SCSR for Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Network
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    Chapter 59 Influential Effects of Process Parameters of Fused Deposition Modelling on Wear of a PLA Specimen: A Comprehensive Review
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Proceedings of Second International Conference in Mechanical and Energy Technology
Published by
Springer Nature Singapore, May 2022
DOI 10.1007/978-981-19-0108-9
978-9-81-190107-2, 978-9-81-190108-9

Yadav, Sanjay, Haleem, Abid, Arora, P. K., Kumar, Harish

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