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Bio-Inspired Computing: Theories and Applications

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 An Optimization Task Scheduling Model for Multi-robot Systems in Intelligent Warehouses
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    Chapter 2 A Multi-objective Optimization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network Energy Balance Problem in Internet of Things
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    Chapter 3 Improved AODV Routing Protocol Based on Multi-objective Simulated Annealing Algorithm
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    Chapter 4 Solving Satellite Range Scheduling Problem with Learning-Based Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
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    Chapter 5 Black Widow Spider Algorithm Based on Differential Evolution and Random Disturbance
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    Chapter 6 Attribute Selection Method Based on Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm and Neighborhood Discrimination Matrix Optimization
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    Chapter 7 A Cuckoo Quantum Evolutionary Algorithm for the Graph Coloring Problem
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    Chapter 8 Feature Selection Algorithm Based on Discernibility Matrix and Fruit Fly Optimization
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    Chapter 9 Feature Selection Method Based on Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm and Improved Neighborhood Discernibility Matrix
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    Chapter 10 Implementation and Application of NSGA-III Improved Algorithm in Multi-objective Environment
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    Chapter 11 A Differential Evolution Algorithm for Multi-objective Mixed-Variable Optimization Problems
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    Chapter 12 An Effective Data Balancing Strategy Based on Swarm Intelligence Algorithm for Malicious Code Detection and Classification
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    Chapter 13 Adaptive Multi-strategy Learning Particle Swarm Optimization with Evolutionary State Estimation
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    Chapter 14 Water Wave Optimization with Distributed-Learning Refraction
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    Chapter 15 Adaptive Differential Privacy Budget Allocation Algorithm Based on Random Forest
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    Chapter 16 A Node Influence Based Memetic Algorithm for Community Detection in Complex Networks
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    Chapter 17 Adaptive Constraint Multi-objective Differential Evolution Algorithm Based on SARSA Method
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    Chapter 18 A Hybrid Multi-objective Coevolutionary Approach for the Multi-user Agile Earth Observation Satellite Scheduling Problem
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    Chapter 19 Surrogate-Assisted Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
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    Chapter 20 An Improved Bare-Bones Multi-objective Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
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    Chapter 21 Fitness Landscape Analysis: From Problem Understanding to Design of Evolutionary Algorithms
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    Chapter 22 Optimal Overbooking Appointment Scheduling in Hospitals Using Evolutionary Markov Decision Process
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    Chapter 23 A Multi-direction Prediction Multi-objective Hybrid Chemical Reaction Optimization Algorithm for Dynamic Multi-objective Optimization
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    Chapter 24 Automatic Particle Swarm Optimizer Based on Reinforcement Learning
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    Chapter 25 A Multi-UUV Formation Control and Reorganization Method Based on Path Tracking Controller and Improved Ant Colony Algorithm
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    Chapter 26 Firefly Algorithm with Opposition-Based Learning
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    Chapter 27 An Optimization Method of Course Scheduling Problem Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm
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    Chapter 28 Graphene Oxide-triplex Structure Based DNA Nanoswitches as a Programmable Tetracycline-Responsive Fluorescent Biosensor
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    Chapter 29 Construction of Complex Logic Circuit Based on DNA Logic Gate AND and OR
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    Chapter 30 Tetracycline Intelligent Target-Inducing Logic Gate Based on Triple-Stranded DNA Nanoswitch
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    Chapter 31 Application of Chain P Systems with Promoters in Power Coordinated Control of Multi-microgrid
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    Chapter 32 Solution to Satisfiability Problem Based on Molecular Beacon Microfluidic Chip Computing Model
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    Chapter 33 Construction of Four-Variable Chaotic System Based on DNA Strand Displacement
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    Chapter 34 Synchronization of Chaos with a Single Driving Variable Feedback Control Based on DNA Strand Displacement
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    Chapter 35 Sequential Spiking Neural P Systems with Polarizations Based on Minimum Spike Number Working in the Accepting Mode
Attention for Chapter 15: Adaptive Differential Privacy Budget Allocation Algorithm Based on Random Forest
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