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Anxieties of Migration and Integration in Turbulent Times

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Migration and Integration in Turbulent Times
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    Chapter 2 Dis-embedding or Re-embedding? Exploring Migrants’ Responses in Contexts of ‘Unsettling Events’
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    Chapter 3 Migration Strategies at the Time of a Crisis: Asylum Applicants in Finland
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    Chapter 4 Adapting to the New Normality: The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Seasonal Migration from Albania
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    Chapter 5 Left to Their Own Devices: Refugees’ Labour-Market Integration Challenges in Austria during the Covid-19 Pandemic
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    Chapter 6 LGBTQ+ Forced Migrants: Precarious Experiences of Arrival and Settlement in Wales
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    Chapter 7 Disrupted Mobilities: British-Bangladeshis Visiting Their Friends and Relatives During the Global Pandemic
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    Chapter 8 Different Systems, Similar Responses: Policy Reforms on Asylum-Seekers’ and Refugees’ Access to Healthcare in Germany and Sweden in the Wake of the 2015–17 ‘Migration Crisis’
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    Chapter 9 The Assimilationist Drift of Italian Jurisprudence on Integration in the Years of the ‘Refugee Crisis’
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    Chapter 10 Covid-19 and the Politics of Migration Policy in Estonia
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    Chapter 11 Immigrants as the ‘Antagonists’? Populism, Negative Emotions and Anti-immigrant Attitudes in Ecuador
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    Chapter 12 The Mediatisation of Migration Issues During the ‘Refugee Crisis’: A Comparative Case-Study of the UK, Denmark and Germany
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    Chapter 13 Who Is the Worst Migrant? Migrant Hierarchies in Populist Radical-Right Rhetoric in Estonia
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    Chapter 14 Migration and (De)Securitisation Dynamics at the Local Level: Discourses and Practices in South Tyrol
Attention for Chapter 14: Migration and (De)Securitisation Dynamics at the Local Level: Discourses and Practices in South Tyrol
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