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Fake Degrees and Fraudulent Credentials in Higher Education

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Fake Degrees and Credential Fraud, Contract Cheating, and Paper Mills: Overview and Historical Perspectives
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    Chapter 2 Admissions Fraud in Canadian Higher Education
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    Chapter 3 Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: A Tour of Axact, the “World’s Largest Diploma Mill”
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    Chapter 4 Bridging to Tomorrow: A Historical and Technological Review of Credential Exchange in Higher Education Within Canada
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    Chapter 5 Fair Play, Fraud, or Fixed? Athletic Credentials in U.S. Higher Education
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    Chapter 6 Corruption in Admissions, Recruitment, Qualifications and Credentials: From Research into Quality Assurance
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    Chapter 7 Avoiding Favouritism in the Recruitment Practice of Turkish Higher Education Institutions
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    Chapter 8 None of the Above: Integrity Concerns of Standardized English Proficiency Tests
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    Chapter 9 Examining the Problem of Fraudulent English Test Scores: What Can Canadian Higher Education Institutions Learn?
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    Chapter 10 There is No Culture? A Framework for Addressing Admissions Fraud
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    Chapter 11 Security Risks, Fake Degrees, and Other Fraud: A Topic Modelling Approach
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    Chapter 12 Are You for Real? Lessons for the Academy About Professors with Fake or Fraudulent Degrees
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    Chapter 13 Fake Degrees and Fraudulent Credentials in Higher Education: Conclusions and Future Directions
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