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Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention – MICCAI 2020

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Cover of 'Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention – MICCAI 2020'

Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Attention, Suggestion and Annotation: A Deep Active Learning Framework for Biomedical Image Segmentation
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    Chapter 2 Scribble2Label: Scribble-Supervised Cell Segmentation via Self-generating Pseudo-Labels with Consistency
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    Chapter 3 Are Fast Labeling Methods Reliable? A Case Study of Computer-Aided Expert Annotations on Microscopy Slides
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    Chapter 4 Deep Reinforcement Active Learning for Medical Image Classification
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    Chapter 5 An Effective Data Refinement Approach for Upper Gastrointestinal Anatomy Recognition
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    Chapter 6 Synthetic Sample Selection via Reinforcement Learning
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    Chapter 7 Dual-Level Selective Transfer Learning for Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma Segmentation in Non-enhanced Abdominal CT
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    Chapter 8 BiO-Net: Learning Recurrent Bi-directional Connections for Encoder-Decoder Architecture
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    Chapter 9 Constrain Latent Space for Schizophrenia Classification via Dual Space Mapping Net
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    Chapter 10 Have You Forgotten? A Method to Assess if Machine Learning Models Have Forgotten Data
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    Chapter 11 Learning and Exploiting Interclass Visual Correlations for Medical Image Classification
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    Chapter 12 Feature Preserving Smoothing Provides Simple and Effective Data Augmentation for Medical Image Segmentation
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    Chapter 13 Deep kNN for Medical Image Classification
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    Chapter 14 Learning Semantics-Enriched Representation via Self-discovery, Self-classification, and Self-restoration
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    Chapter 15 DECAPS: Detail-Oriented Capsule Networks
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    Chapter 16 Federated Simulation for Medical Imaging
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    Chapter 17 Continual Learning of New Diseases with Dual Distillation and Ensemble Strategy
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    Chapter 18 Learning to Segment When Experts Disagree
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    Chapter 19 Deep Disentangled Hashing with Momentum Triplets for Neuroimage Search
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    Chapter 20 Learning Joint Shape and Appearance Representations with Metamorphic Auto-Encoders
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    Chapter 21 Collaborative Learning of Cross-channel Clinical Attention for Radiotherapy-Related Esophageal Fistula Prediction from CT
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    Chapter 22 Learning Bronchiole-Sensitive Airway Segmentation CNNs by Feature Recalibration and Attention Distillation
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    Chapter 23 Learning Rich Attention for Pediatric Bone Age Assessment
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    Chapter 24 Weakly Supervised Organ Localization with Attention Maps Regularized by Local Area Reconstruction
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    Chapter 25 High-Order Attention Networks for Medical Image Segmentation
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    Chapter 26 NAS-SCAM: Neural Architecture Search-Based Spatial and Channel Joint Attention Module for Nuclei Semantic Segmentation and Classification
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    Chapter 27 Scientific Discovery by Generating Counterfactuals Using Image Translation
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    Chapter 28 Interpretable Deep Models for Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy Response Prediction
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    Chapter 29 Encoding Visual Attributes in Capsules for Explainable Medical Diagnoses
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    Chapter 30 Interpretability-Guided Content-Based Medical Image Retrieval
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    Chapter 31 Domain Aware Medical Image Classifier Interpretation by Counterfactual Impact Analysis
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    Chapter 32 Towards Emergent Language Symbolic Semantic Segmentation and Model Interpretability
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    Chapter 33 Meta Corrupted Pixels Mining for Medical Image Segmentation
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    Chapter 34 UXNet: Searching Multi-level Feature Aggregation for 3D Medical Image Segmentation
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    Chapter 35 Difficulty-Aware Meta-learning for Rare Disease Diagnosis
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    Chapter 36 Few Is Enough: Task-Augmented Active Meta-learning for Brain Cell Classification
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    Chapter 37 Automatic Data Augmentation for 3D Medical Image Segmentation
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    Chapter 38 MS-NAS: Multi-scale Neural Architecture Search for Medical Image Segmentation
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    Chapter 39 Comparing to Learn: Surpassing ImageNet Pretraining on Radiographs by Comparing Image Representations
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    Chapter 40 Dual-Task Self-supervision for Cross-modality Domain Adaptation
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    Chapter 41 Dual-Teacher: Integrating Intra-domain and Inter-domain Teachers for Annotation-Efficient Cardiac Segmentation
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    Chapter 42 Test-Time Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
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    Chapter 43 Self Domain Adapted Network
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    Chapter 44 Entropy Guided Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Cross-Center Hip Cartilage Segmentation from MRI
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    Chapter 45 User-Guided Domain Adaptation for Rapid Annotation from User Interactions: A Study on Pathological Liver Segmentation
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    Chapter 46 SALAD: Self-supervised Aggregation Learning for Anomaly Detection on X-Rays
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    Chapter 47 Scribble-Based Domain Adaptation via Co-segmentation
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    Chapter 48 Source-Relaxed Domain Adaptation for Image Segmentation
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    Chapter 49 Region-of-Interest Guided Supervoxel Inpainting for Self-supervision
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    Chapter 50 Harnessing Uncertainty in Domain Adaptation for MRI Prostate Lesion Segmentation
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    Chapter 51 Deep Semi-supervised Knowledge Distillation for Overlapping Cervical Cell Instance Segmentation
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    Chapter 52 DMNet: Difference Minimization Network for Semi-supervised Segmentation in Medical Images
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    Chapter 53 Double-Uncertainty Weighted Method for Semi-supervised Learning
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    Chapter 54 Shape-Aware Semi-supervised 3D Semantic Segmentation for Medical Images
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    Chapter 55 Local and Global Structure-Aware Entropy Regularized Mean Teacher Model for 3D Left Atrium Segmentation
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    Chapter 56 Improving Dense Pixelwise Prediction of Epithelial Density Using Unsupervised Data Augmentation for Consistency Regularization
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    Chapter 57 Knowledge-Guided Pretext Learning for Utero-Placental Interface Detection
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    Chapter 58 Self-supervised Depth Estimation to Regularise Semantic Segmentation in Knee Arthroscopy
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    Chapter 59 Semi-supervised Medical Image Classification with Global Latent Mixing
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    Chapter 60 Self-Loop Uncertainty: A Novel Pseudo-Label for Semi-supervised Medical Image Segmentation
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    Chapter 61 Semi-supervised Classification of Diagnostic Radiographs with NoTeacher: A Teacher that is Not Mean
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    Chapter 62 Predicting Potential Propensity of Adolescents to Drugs via New Semi-supervised Deep Ordinal Regression Model
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    Chapter 63 Deep Q-Network-Driven Catheter Segmentation in 3D US by Hybrid Constrained Semi-supervised Learning and Dual-UNet
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    Chapter 64 Domain Adaptive Relational Reasoning for 3D Multi-organ Segmentation
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    Chapter 65 Realistic Adversarial Data Augmentation for MR Image Segmentation
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    Chapter 66 Learning to Segment Anatomical Structures Accurately from One Exemplar
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    Chapter 67 Uncertainty Estimates as Data Selection Criteria to Boost Omni-Supervised Learning
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    Chapter 68 Extreme Consistency: Overcoming Annotation Scarcity and Domain Shifts
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    Chapter 69 Spatio-Temporal Consistency and Negative Label Transfer for 3D Freehand US Segmentation
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    Chapter 70 Characterizing Label Errors: Confident Learning for Noisy-Labeled Image Segmentation
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    Chapter 71 Leveraging Undiagnosed Data for Glaucoma Classification with Teacher-Student Learning
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    Chapter 72 Difficulty-Aware Glaucoma Classification with Multi-rater Consensus Modeling
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    Chapter 73 Intra-operative Forecasting of Growth Modulation Spine Surgery Outcomes with Spatio-Temporal Dynamic Networks
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    Chapter 74 Self-supervision on Unlabelled or Data for Multi-person 2D/3D Human Pose Estimation
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    Chapter 75 Knowledge Distillation from Multi-modal to Mono-modal Segmentation Networks
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    Chapter 76 Heterogeneity Measurement of Cardiac Tissues Leveraging Uncertainty Information from Image Segmentation
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    Chapter 77 Efficient Shapley Explanation for Features Importance Estimation Under Uncertainty
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    Chapter 78 Cartilage Segmentation in High-Resolution 3D Micro-CT Images via Uncertainty-Guided Self-training with Very Sparse Annotation
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    Chapter 79 Probabilistic 3D Surface Reconstruction from Sparse MRI Information
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    Chapter 80 Can You Trust Predictive Uncertainty Under Real Dataset Shifts in Digital Pathology?
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    Chapter 81 Deep Generative Model for Synthetic-CT Generation with Uncertainty Predictions
Attention for Chapter 67: Uncertainty Estimates as Data Selection Criteria to Boost Omni-Supervised Learning
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Chapter title
Uncertainty Estimates as Data Selection Criteria to Boost Omni-Supervised Learning
Chapter number 67
Book title
Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention – MICCAI 2020
Published by
Springer, Cham, September 2020
DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-59710-8_67
Book ISBNs
978-3-03-059709-2, 978-3-03-059710-8

Lorenzo Venturini, Aris T. Papageorghiou, J. Alison Noble, Ana I. L. Namburete, Venturini, Lorenzo, Papageorghiou, Aris T., Noble, J. Alison, Namburete, Ana I. L.

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