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Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention – MICCAI 2020

Overview of attention for book
Cover of 'Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention – MICCAI 2020'

Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Lightweight Double Attention-Fused Networks for Intraoperative Stent Segmentation
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    Chapter 2 TopNet: Topology Preserving Metric Learning for Vessel Tree Reconstruction and Labelling
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    Chapter 3 Learning Hybrid Representations for Automatic 3D Vessel Centerline Extraction
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    Chapter 4 Branch-Aware Double DQN for Centerline Extraction in Coronary CT Angiography
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    Chapter 5 Automatic CAD-RADS Scoring Using Deep Learning
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    Chapter 6 Higher-Order Flux with Spherical Harmonics Transform for Vascular Analysis
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    Chapter 7 Cerebrovascular Segmentation in MRA via Reverse Edge Attention Network
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    Chapter 8 Automated Intracranial Artery Labeling Using a Graph Neural Network and Hierarchical Refinement
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    Chapter 9 Time Matters: Handling Spatio-Temporal Perfusion Information for Automated TICI Scoring
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    Chapter 10 ID-Fit: Intra-Saccular Device Adjustment for Personalized Cerebral Aneurysm Treatment
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    Chapter 11 JointVesselNet: Joint Volume-Projection Convolutional Embedding Networks for 3D Cerebrovascular Segmentation
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    Chapter 12 Classification of Retinal Vessels into Artery-Vein in OCT Angiography Guided by Fundus Images
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    Chapter 13 Vascular Surface Segmentation for Intracranial Aneurysm Isolation and Quantification
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    Chapter 14 Deep Doubly Supervised Transfer Network for Diagnosis of Breast Cancer with Imbalanced Ultrasound Imaging Modalities
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    Chapter 15 2D X-Ray Mammogram and 3D Breast MRI Registration
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    Chapter 16 A Second-Order Subregion Pooling Network for Breast Lesion Segmentation in Ultrasound
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    Chapter 17 Multi-scale Gradational-Order Fusion Framework for Breast Lesions Classification Using Ultrasound Images
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    Chapter 18 Computer-Aided Tumor Diagnosis in Automated Breast Ultrasound Using 3D Detection Network
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    Chapter 19 Auto-weighting for Breast Cancer Classification in Multimodal Ultrasound
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    Chapter 20 MommiNet: Mammographic Multi-view Mass Identification Networks
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    Chapter 21 Multi-site Evaluation of a Study-Level Classifier for Mammography Using Deep Learning
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    Chapter 22 The Case of Missed Cancers: Applying AI as a Radiologist’s Safety Net
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    Chapter 23 Decoupling Inherent Risk and Early Cancer Signs in Image-Based Breast Cancer Risk Models
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    Chapter 24 Multi-task Learning for Detection and Classification of Cancer in Screening Mammography
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    Chapter 25 Adaptive Context Selection for Polyp Segmentation
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    Chapter 26 PraNet: Parallel Reverse Attention Network for Polyp Segmentation
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    Chapter 27 Few-Shot Anomaly Detection for Polyp Frames from Colonoscopy
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    Chapter 28 PolypSeg: An Efficient Context-Aware Network for Polyp Segmentation from Colonoscopy Videos
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    Chapter 29 Endoscopic Polyp Segmentation Using a Hybrid 2D/3D CNN
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    Chapter 30 A Distance-Based Loss for Smooth and Continuous Skin Layer Segmentation in Optoacoustic Images
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    Chapter 31 Fairness of Classifiers Across Skin Tones in Dermatology
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    Chapter 32 Alleviating the Incompatibility Between Cross Entropy Loss and Episode Training for Few-Shot Skin Disease Classification
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    Chapter 33 Clinical-Inspired Network for Skin Lesion Recognition
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    Chapter 34 Multi-class Skin Lesion Segmentation for Cutaneous T-cell Lymphomas on High-Resolution Clinical Images
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    Chapter 35 Deep Learning Automatic Fetal Structures Segmentation in MRI Scans with Few Annotated Datasets
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    Chapter 36 Data-Driven Multi-contrast Spectral Microstructure Imaging with InSpect
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    Chapter 37 Semi-supervised Learning for Fetal Brain MRI Quality Assessment with ROI Consistency
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    Chapter 38 Enhanced Detection of Fetal Pose in 3D MRI by Deep Reinforcement Learning with Physical Structure Priors on Anatomy
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    Chapter 39 Automatic Angle of Progress Measurement of Intrapartum Transperineal Ultrasound Image with Deep Learning
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    Chapter 40 Joint Image Quality Assessment and Brain Extraction of Fetal MRI Using Deep Learning
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    Chapter 41 Accelerated 4D Respiratory Motion-Resolved Cardiac MRI with a Model-Based Variational Network
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    Chapter 42 Motion Pyramid Networks for Accurate and Efficient Cardiac Motion Estimation
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    Chapter 43 ICA-UNet: ICA Inspired Statistical UNet for Real-Time 3D Cardiac Cine MRI Segmentation
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    Chapter 44 A Bottom-Up Approach for Real-Time Mitral Valve Annulus Modeling on 3D Echo Images
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    Chapter 45 A Semi-supervised Joint Network for Simultaneous Left Ventricular Motion Tracking and Segmentation in 4D Echocardiography
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    Chapter 46 Joint Data Imputation and Mechanistic Modelling for Simulating Heart-Brain Interactions in Incomplete Datasets
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    Chapter 47 Learning Geometry-Dependent and Physics-Based Inverse Image Reconstruction
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    Chapter 48 Hierarchical Classification of Pulmonary Lesions: A Large-Scale Radio-Pathomics Study
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    Chapter 49 Learning Tumor Growth via Follow-Up Volume Prediction for Lung Nodules
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    Chapter 50 Multi-stream Progressive Up-Sampling Network for Dense CT Image Reconstruction
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    Chapter 51 Abnormality Detection in Chest X-Ray Images Using Uncertainty Prediction Autoencoders
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    Chapter 52 Region Proposals for Saliency Map Refinement for Weakly-Supervised Disease Localisation and Classification
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    Chapter 53 CPM-Net: A 3D Center-Points Matching Network for Pulmonary Nodule Detection in CT Scans
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    Chapter 54 Interpretable Identification of Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) Associated Findings from CT
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    Chapter 55 Learning with Sure Data for Nodule-Level Lung Cancer Prediction
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    Chapter 56 Cascaded Robust Learning at Imperfect Labels for Chest X-ray Segmentation
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    Chapter 57 Class-Aware Multi-window Adversarial Lung Nodule Synthesis Conditioned on Semantic Features
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    Chapter 58 Nodule2vec: A 3D Deep Learning System for Pulmonary Nodule Retrieval Using Semantic Representation
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    Chapter 59 Deep Active Learning for Effective Pulmonary Nodule Detection
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    Chapter 60 Towards Robust Bone Age Assessment: Rethinking Label Noise and Ambiguity
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    Chapter 61 Improve Bone Age Assessment by Learning from Anatomical Local Regions
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    Chapter 62 An Analysis by Synthesis Method that Allows Accurate Spatial Modeling of Thickness of Cortical Bone from Clinical QCT
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    Chapter 63 Segmentation of Paraspinal Muscles at Varied Lumbar Spinal Levels by Explicit Saliency-Aware Learning
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    Chapter 64 Manifold Ordinal-Mixup for Ordered Classes in TW3-Based Bone Age Assessment
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    Chapter 65 Contour-Based Bone Axis Detection for X-Ray Guided Surgery on the Knee
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    Chapter 66 Automatic Segmentation, Localization, and Identification of Vertebrae in 3D CT Images Using Cascaded Convolutional Neural Networks
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    Chapter 67 Discriminative Dictionary-Embedded Network for Comprehensive Vertebrae Tumor Diagnosis
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    Chapter 68 Multi-vertebrae Segmentation from Arbitrary Spine MR Images Under Global View
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    Chapter 69 A Convolutional Approach to Vertebrae Detection and Labelling in Whole Spine MRI
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    Chapter 70 Keypoints Localization for Joint Vertebra Detection and Fracture Severity Quantification
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    Chapter 71 Grading Loss: A Fracture Grade-Based Metric Loss for Vertebral Fracture Detection
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    Chapter 72 3D Convolutional Sequence to Sequence Model for Vertebral Compression Fractures Identification in CT
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    Chapter 73 SIMBA: Specific Identity Markers for Bone Age Assessment
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    Chapter 74 Doctor Imitator: A Graph-Based Bone Age Assessment Framework Using Hand Radiographs
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    Chapter 75 Inferring the 3D Standing Spine Posture from 2D Radiographs
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    Chapter 76 Generative Modelling of 3D In-Silico Spongiosa with Controllable Micro-structural Parameters
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    Chapter 77 GAN-Based Realistic Bone Ultrasound Image and Label Synthesis for Improved Segmentation
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    Chapter 78 Robust Bone Shadow Segmentation from 2D Ultrasound Through Task Decomposition
Attention for Chapter 22: The Case of Missed Cancers: Applying AI as a Radiologist’s Safety Net
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Chapter title
The Case of Missed Cancers: Applying AI as a Radiologist’s Safety Net
Chapter number 22
Book title
Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention – MICCAI 2020
Published by
Springer, Cham, September 2020
DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-59725-2_22
Book ISBNs
978-3-03-059724-5, 978-3-03-059725-2

Michal Chorev, Yoel Shoshan, Adam Spiro, Shaked Naor, Alon Hazan, Vesna Barros, Iuliana Weinstein, Esma Herzel, Varda Shalev, Michal Guindy, Michal Rosen-Zvi, Chorev, Michal, Shoshan, Yoel, Akselrod-Ballin, Ayelet, Spiro, Adam, Naor, Shaked, Hazan, Alon, Barros, Vesna, Weinstein, Iuliana, Herzel, Esma, Shalev, Varda, Guindy, Michal, Rosen-Zvi, Michal

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