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King Yehoshua and Grandma Ta’am

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Volatile and Extreme Food Prices, Food Security, and Policy: An Overview
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    Chapter 2 Volatile Volatility: Conceptual and Measurement Issues Related to Price Trends and Volatility
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    Chapter 3 Drivers and Triggers of International Food Price Spikes and Volatility
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    Chapter 4 The Effects of Southern Hemisphere Crop Production on Trade, Stocks, and Price Integration
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    Chapter 5 Food Price Changes, Price Insulation, and Their Impacts on Global and Domestic Poverty
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    Chapter 6 Alternative Mechanisms to Reduce Food Price Volatility and Price Spikes: Policy Responses at the Global Level
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    Chapter 7 Worldwide Acreage and Yield Response to International Price Change and Volatility: A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis for Wheat, Rice, Corn, and Soybeans
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    Chapter 8 Food Crisis and Export Taxation: Revisiting the Adverse Effects of Noncooperative Aspect of Trade Policies
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    Chapter 9 Directional Volatility Spillovers Between Agricultural, Crude Oil, Real Estate, and Other Financial Markets
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    Chapter 10 A Roller Coaster Ride: An Empirical Investigation of the Main Drivers of Wheat Price
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    Chapter 11 Relative Prices of Food and the Volatility of Agricultural Commodities: Evidence for a Panel of Developing Economies
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    Chapter 12 How Strong Do Global Commodity Prices Influence Domestic Food Prices in Developing Countries? A Global Price Transmission and Vulnerability Mapping Analysis
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    Chapter 13 Transmission of Food Price Volatility from International to Domestic Markets: Evidence from Africa, Latin America, and South Asia
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    Chapter 14 India’s Food Security Policies in the Wake of Global Food Price Volatility
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    Chapter 15 The Costs and Benefits of Regional Cooperation on Grain Reserves: The Case of ECOWAS
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    Chapter 16 Regional Trade and Volatility in Staple Food Markets in Africa
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    Chapter 17 ASEAN Food Reserve and Trade: Review and Prospect
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    Chapter 18 When Do Prices Matter Most? Rice, Wheat, and Corn Supply Response in China
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    Chapter 19 Consistency Between Theory and Practice in Policy Recommendations by International Organizations for Extreme Price and Extreme Volatility Situations
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    Chapter 20 Access to Information and Price Expectation Errors of Smallholder Farmers: Theory and Empirics
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    Chapter 21 Coping with Food Price Shocks in Afghanistan
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    Chapter 22 Hedging Seasonal Food Price Risks: The Impact of Cereal Banking in the Gambia
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    Chapter 23 Stocks and Storage Behavior of Traders in Ghana: Insights from a Trader Survey
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