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Advances in Neuroergonomics and Cognitive Engineering

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 A Comparative Study on Epileptic Seizure Detection Methods
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    Chapter 2 Fractional Order Modeling of Brain Signals
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    Chapter 3 Neural Correlation of Brain Activities and Gaming Using Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Iowa Gambling Task
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    Chapter 4 Machine Learning Approaches and Neuroimaging in Cognitive Functions of the Human Brain: A Review
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    Chapter 5 Algorithm for Assessing Auditory Images Perception and Verbal Information
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    Chapter 6 A Review on Applications of Soft Computing Techniques in Neuroergonomics During the Last Decade
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    Chapter 7 Quantification of Social Media Influence on Behavior Using Psychophysiological Profiles
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    Chapter 8 Understanding the Cognitive Demands of the Purdue Pegboard Test: An fNIRs Study
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    Chapter 9 Changes in Brain Activity After the Sternberg and Cognitive Judgment Tasks
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    Chapter 10 Fidget Spinners May Decrease Prefrontal Cortex Activity During Cognitively Challenging Fine Motor Tasks
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    Chapter 11 Technological Innovation to Assess Cognitive Functions in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
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    Chapter 12 Cognitive Performance Degradation in High School Students as the Response to the Psychophysiological Changes
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    Chapter 13 Mobile Technological Apps to Improve Frontal Lobe Functioning
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    Chapter 14 Effects of Situational Awareness Support System in the Risk of Collision with Multiple Ships
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    Chapter 15 Responsible Brain-System Integration
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    Chapter 16 A Neuroergonomics Approach to Measure Pilot’s Cognitive Incapacitation in the Real World with EEG
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    Chapter 17 Augmenting Traditional Performance Analyses with Eye Tracking Metrics
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    Chapter 18 Analysis of ERP on Drivers in Traffic Accidents by Sudden Vehicle
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    Chapter 19 Human Performance with Complex Technology: How Visual Cognition Is Critical to Enhanced Performance with Aided Target Recognition (AiTR)
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    Chapter 20 Research and Analysis on the Influence Factors of Visual Reaction Time
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    Chapter 21 Developing a tDCS-Enhanced Dual-Task Flight Simulator for Evaluating Learning
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    Chapter 22 Development of a Demonstrator System for Online Measurement of Soldier Cognitive Readiness in Field and in Simulator Environments
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    Chapter 23 Cognitive Task Analysis and Knowledge Elicitation to Inform Medical Workstation Requirements for Long Duration Space Missions
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    Chapter 24 Evaluating Effects of Environmental and Financial-Savings Messaging on Decision-Making Using Electrodermal Activity
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    Chapter 25 Measuring the Effects of Messaging on Consumer Decision-Making Using Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy
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    Chapter 26 Assessment of Human-Likeness and Anthropomorphism of Robots: A Literature Review
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    Chapter 27 Instrumental and Value Rationality of the Self-regulation Model of Decision-Making
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    Chapter 28 Modeling and Estimation of Physiological, Psychological and Sensory Indicators for Working Capacity
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    Chapter 29 Decision Support and Error Analysis of Difficult Decisions in Clinical Medicine
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    Chapter 30 Prefrontal and Vestibular Cortex Activation During Overground and Treadmill Walking
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    Chapter 31 Detecting Semantic and Non-semantic Images by Elderly Mobile Device Users and Non-users
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    Chapter 32 Changes in Prefrontal Cortex and Skeletal Muscle Metabolism Associated with Muscle Fatigue: An FNIRS Study
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    Chapter 33 An Objective and Quantitative Evaluation of Intermittent Aroma Stimuli on Intellectual Concentration
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    Chapter 34 Research on Design Method of Color Matching in Commanding Cabin Based on Color Perception
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    Chapter 35 Cognitive Dynamics of Gender in Individuals’ Activity Goal Classification and Formation Process, Activity Strategy and Decision Outcome Expectation
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    Chapter 36 Cognitive Modeling and Model-Based Performance Evaluation on Collaborative Decision and Control Task
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    Chapter 37 An Experimental Study of Influence of Post Lunch Brief Nap on Intellectual Concentration
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    Chapter 38 Optimal Experimental Design Methods for Acquiring and Restricting Information to Improve Decision Making
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    Chapter 39 The Effect of Chart Height and Color Saturation and Lightness to Graph Comprehension
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    Chapter 40 Comparing Effect of Active vs. Passive Robotic Interaction on Joint Attention of Children with ASD
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    Chapter 41 Efficient Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) Based Algorithm for Electrocardiogram (ECG) Heartbeat Classification
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    Chapter 42 Investigation of EEG Correlate in NIRS Signal for BCI
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    Chapter 43 Detection of Subject Attention in an Active Environment Through Facial Expressions Using Deep Learning Techniques and Computer Vision
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    Chapter 44 Ergonomic Analysis of Sit - Stand Workstations Installed at University Offices
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    Chapter 45 Evaluation of the Effectiveness of an Interpretive Nutrition Label Format in Improving Healthy Food Discrimination Using Signal Detection Theory
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    Chapter 46 Experts Displayed Better Prediction for Unexpected Basketball Made Shots by Using Ball Clues
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    Chapter 47 An Empirical Study on Organizational Socialization and Its Relationship with Employees’ Age and the Knowledge Management
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    Chapter 48 Effect of Paired Stimuli on Joint Attention of Children with ASD
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    Chapter 49 A Methodology for Integrating Project Based Learning Outcomes and Attributes via Questionnaire
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    Chapter 50 Mathematical Modeling and Optimization of Downdraft Gasifiers Using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and Stochastic Programming Techniques
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    Chapter 51 Feature Based Comparative Analysis of Online Malware Scanners (OMS)
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    Chapter 52 Detection and Prevention of a Malicious Activity in Industrial Federated Cloud Computing Paradigm
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    Chapter 53 Cognitive Computing for Human-Machine Interaction: An IBM Watson Implementation
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    Chapter 54 Concept for an Employee-Specific Resource Planning in Manual Assembly
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    Chapter 55 Assessing Differences on Eye Fixations by Attention Levels in an Assembly Environment
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    Chapter 56 Consequences of Emotional Work in Operational Environments of Service Production in Colombia
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    Chapter 57 Multi-level Optimization of Reactive Power Compensation in Industrial Nets with Heuristic Modelling Techniques
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    Chapter 58 A Methodology for Assessment of Thermal Comfort, Ergonomic and Human Factors Effect on Learning Performance in Classroom Environment
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    Chapter 59 Organizational Socialization: An Important Factor for Knowledge Creation in Knowledge Based Industrial Organizations and Enterprises
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Advances in Neuroergonomics and Cognitive Engineering
Published by
Springer International Publishing, September 2020
DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-51041-1
978-3-03-051040-4, 978-3-03-051041-1

Ayaz, Hasan, Asgher, Umer

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