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Digital Kenya

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 The Paradigm Shift: Disruption, Creativity, and Innovation in Kenya
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    Chapter 2 The Internet Journey for Kenya: The Interplay of Disruptive Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Fueling Rapid Growth
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    Chapter 3 The KINGS of Africa’s Digital Economy
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    Chapter 4 Addressing Voids: How Digital Start-ups in Kenya Create Market Infrastructure
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    Chapter 5 Reimagine What You Already Know: Toward New Solutions to Longstanding Problems
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    Chapter 6 I-Entrepreneurship: Changing Lives Through Technology
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    Chapter 7 From Cyber Café to Smartphone: Kenya’s Social Media Lens Zooms In on the Country and Out to the World
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    Chapter 8 Building ICT Entrepreneurship Ecosystems in Resource-Scarce Contexts: Learnings from Kenya’s “Silicon Savannah”
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    Chapter 9 The Challenges of Technology Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets: A Case Study in Nairobi
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    Chapter 10 Organizational Cultural Hybrids: Nonprofit and For-Profit Cultural Influences in the Kenyan Technology Sector
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    Chapter 11 Inside a Policymaker’s Mind: An Entrepreneurial Approach to Policy Development and Implementation
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    Chapter 12 The Art of Managing Worldviews in Kenya’s International Technology Sector
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    Chapter 13 Developing Strategies to Harness the Power of Parallel Entrepreneurship in Africa
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    Chapter 14 Venture Capital in East Africa: Is There a Right Model?
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    Chapter 15 Entrepreneuring for Society: What Is Next for Africa?
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