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Industrial Applications of Holonic and Multi-Agent Systems

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 IEC 61499 and the Promise of Holonic Systems
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    Chapter 2 Engineering and Validating Cyber-Physical Energy Systems: Needs, Status Quo, and Research Trends
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    Chapter 3 Intelligent Multi-agent Platform for Designing Digital Ecosystems
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    Chapter 4 Contribution to the Theory of Uncertain Systems Alliances
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    Chapter 5 The Framework for Designing Autonomous Cyber-Physical Multi-agent Systems for Adaptive Resource Management
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    Chapter 6 Plan Executor MES: Manufacturing Execution System Combined with a Planner for Industry 4.0 Production Systems
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    Chapter 7 Multi-agent Supply Planning Methods Allowing the Real-Time Performance of the Supply Network Management Systems
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    Chapter 8 Operationalization of a Machine Learning and Fuzzy Inference-Based Defect Prediction Case Study in a Holonic Manufacturing System
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    Chapter 9 Cloud-Based Digital Twin for Industrial Robotics
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    Chapter 10 Semi-automatic Tool for Ontology Learning Tasks
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    Chapter 11 Agent-Based Approach for Decentralized Data Analysis in Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems
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    Chapter 12 Data Exchange Ontology for Interoperability Facilitation Within Industrial Automation Domain
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    Chapter 13 Information Exchange and Integration Within Industrial Automation Domain
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    Chapter 14 Plant Layout Optimization Using Evolutionary Algorithms
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    Chapter 15 Experimentation of Negotiation Protocols for Consensus Problems in Smart Parking Systems
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    Chapter 16 Development of Resource-Demand Networks for Smart Cities 5.0
Attention for Chapter 2: Engineering and Validating Cyber-Physical Energy Systems: Needs, Status Quo, and Research Trends
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