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XIV Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 2016

Overview of attention for book
Cover of 'XIV Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 2016'

Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Changes in Functional Brain Connectivity in the Transition from Wakefulness to Sleep in Different EEG Bands
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    Chapter 2 ERPs-Based Attention Analysis Using Continuous Wavelet Transform: the Bottom-up and Top-down Paradigms
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    Chapter 3 Discrimination of Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Acute Strokes Based on Equivalent Brain Dipole Estimated by Inverse EEG
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    Chapter 4 Information Transfer During Auditory Working Memory Task
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    Chapter 5 Spectral F Test for Detecting EEG Event Related Synchronization/Desynchronization Caused by Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
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    Chapter 6 Assessing Inter-subject Variability in Cerebral Blood Flow Control Measurements
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    Chapter 7 Towards a Versatile Surface Electromyography Classification System
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    Chapter 8 Estimation of the Relationship Between External Biceps Brachii Deformation and Isometric Contraction Level Using Motion Capture Technique
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    Chapter 9 Are the Rectus Femoris and the Vastus Lateralis Concurrently Recruited During Walking?
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    Chapter 10 A New Wavelet Based Approach for the Noninvasive Dynamic Detection of M1 & M2 EMG Stretch Reflex Response Components – Preliminary Results
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    Chapter 11 Effects of Different Models and Different Respiratory Manoeuvres in Respiratory Mechanics Estimation
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    Chapter 12 The Influence of Airway Resistance in the Dynamic Elastance Model
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    Chapter 13 Multiscale Entropy Analysis of Heart Rate Regularity Changes in Older People with Orthostatic Intolerance
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    Chapter 14 Information-Theoretic Assessment of Cardiovascular Variability During Postural and Mental Stress
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    Chapter 15 Analysis of Foetal Heart Rate Variability Components by Means of Empirical Mode Decomposition
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    Chapter 16 Software Architecture for a ECG Signal Processing Device
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    Chapter 17 Photoplethysmography-Based System for Atrial Fibrillation Detection During Hemodialysis
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    Chapter 18 Short and Long-Term Heart-Rate Parameters in Newborns with Different Post-menstrual Ages and Sleep Position
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    Chapter 19 A Support Vector Laplacian Distance Kernel Approach to the Inverse Problem in Intracardiac Electrophysiology
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    Chapter 20 Applying Hilbert Transform to Monitor Cerebral Function of Patients Diagnosed with Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy: Comparison Between aEEG and HaEEG
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    Chapter 21 Automated Video Detection of Epileptic Convulsion Slowing as a Precursor for Post-ictal Generalized EEG Suppression
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    Chapter 22 An Automated Function for Identifying EEG Independent Components Representing Bilateral Source Activity
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    Chapter 23 Virtual Reality Based System for Investigation of Peripheral Vestibular Function
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    Chapter 24 A Multi-channel Real Time Implementation of Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform in Field Programmable Gate Arrays
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    Chapter 25 Sensitivity Analysis of HD-sEMG Amplitude Descriptors Relative to Grid Parameter Variation
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    Chapter 26 Influence of Aging on Short- and Long-Term Heart Rate Variability in Patients with Heart Failure
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    Chapter 27 Estimation of the Endotracheal Tube Pressure Drop During HFPV: A Flow-Independent Model
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    Chapter 28 An Analysis on the Effect of Phase on the Performance of SSVEP-based BCIs
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    Chapter 29 Effective QRS-Detector Based on Hilbert Transform and Adaptive Thresholding
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    Chapter 30 EOG-Based Mouse Control for People with Quadriplegia
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    Chapter 31 A Review of Transient Suppression Methods of IIR Notch Filters Used for Power-Line Interference Rejection in ECG Measurement
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    Chapter 32 Topological Properties of Functional Brain Connectivity in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
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    Chapter 33 Σkynet: A Novel Biologically Inspired Near Extinction Reconstruction Model
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    Chapter 34 Improvement of Body Posture Changes Detection During Ambulatory Respiratory Measurements Using Impedance Pneumography Signals
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    Chapter 35 Continuous Regional Analysis Device for Neonate Lung (CRADL)
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    Chapter 36 A Real-Time SSVEP-Based Brain-Computer Interface Music Player Application
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    Chapter 37 Analysis of MEG Signals for Selective Arithmetic Tasks
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    Chapter 38 Software Tool for Processing and Analysis of ECG Signal
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    Chapter 39 Identification of CGM Time Delays and Implications for BG Control in T1DM
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    Chapter 40 Vision-Free Brain-Computer Interface using auditory selective attention: evaluation of training effect
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    Chapter 41 An Intelligent Method for Breast Cancer Diagnosis Based on Fuzzy ART and Metaheuristic Optimization
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    Chapter 42 Preliminary Results from a Proof of Concept Study for Fall Detection via ECG Morphology
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    Chapter 43 Improving the Performance of Noise Reduction in Hearing Aids Based on the Genetic Algorithm
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    Chapter 44 Detection of Microcalcification Clusters in 2D-Mammography and Digital Breast Tomosynthesis and the Relation to the Standard Method of Measuring Image Quality
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    Chapter 45 Computer Aided Diagnosis of Mammographic Tissue Using Shapelets in Quaternionic Representation
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    Chapter 46 Local and Global Fractal Behaviour in Mammographic Images
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    Chapter 47 Classification of Nuclei in Follicular Lyphoma Tissue Sections Using Different Stains and Bayesian Networks
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    Chapter 48 Classification Method for Macular Lesions Using Fuzzy Thresholding Method
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    Chapter 49 Performing Intraoperative Computer Assisted Risk Analysis for Oncologic Liver Surgery in Clinical Practice
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    Chapter 50 Reproducibility of en-face Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging for Macular Atrophy Area Evaluation in Juvenile Macular Degeneration
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    Chapter 51 Novel Spectroscopic Metric for Robust and Accurate Scatterer Size Estimation in Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
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    Chapter 52 Superpixel Quality in Microscopy Images: The Impact of Noise & Denoising
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    Chapter 53 Probing Collagen Nanocharacteristics After Low-Level Red Laser Irradiation
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    Chapter 54 AFM Investigation of the Influence of Red Light Irradiation on Collagen
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    Chapter 55 Automated Segmentation and Temperature Extraction from Thermal Images of Human Hands, Shins and Feet
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    Chapter 56 An Overview of Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging Analysis Studies in the Assessment of Alzheimer’s Disease
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    Chapter 57 Tumor Shrinkage Assessed by Volumetric MRI in the Long Term Follow-up After Fractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy of Non-Functioning Pituitary Adenoma
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    Chapter 58 Improved Receiver Coil Arrays for Real-Time Contrast-Enhanced MR Angiography of the Peripheral Vasculature
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    Chapter 59 Texture Features and Artificial Neural Networks: A Way to Improve the Specificity of a CAD System for Multiparametric MR Prostate Cancer
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    Chapter 60 A Tractography Algorithm for MR Diffusion Tensor Imaging Based on Minimum-Cost Path
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    Chapter 61 The Influence of Noise in Dynamic PET Direct Reconstruction
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    Chapter 62 3D SPECT Reconstruction and Analysis of Kidney Morphology in Childhood – Use of Mathematical Models
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    Chapter 63 3D Reconstruction of Cochlea Geometries Using Human microCT Images
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    Chapter 64 3D Reconstruction of Tubular Structures from Three Orthogonal MRI Projections
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    Chapter 65 A Preliminary Study on In-Vivo 3-D Imaging of Bioprosthetic Aortic Valve Deformation
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    Chapter 66 Segmentation of Muscles in CT Volumes Using a Continuous Convex Relaxation Approach
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    Chapter 67 Semi-automatic Measurement of Scoliotic Angle Using a Freehand 3-D Ultrasound System Scolioscan
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    Chapter 68 Ultrasound Common Carotid Artery Video Simulation and Motion Analysis
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    Chapter 69 Texture Features Variability in Ultrasound Video of Atherosclerotic Carotid Plaques
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    Chapter 70 Suggesting a Sonographic Index to Measure Ultrasound Diaphragmatic MRR
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    Chapter 71 Towards Non-invasive Patient Monitoring Through Iris Tracking and Pain Detection
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    Chapter 72 Computer-Based Platform for Phase Contrast Tomosynthesis: Targeting an Application for Breast Imaging
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    Chapter 73 Optimized GPU-Accelerated Framework for X-Ray Rendering Using k-space Volume Reconstruction
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    Chapter 74 Determining the Optimal Site for Imaging the Microcirculation in Neonates Using Sidestream Dark – Field Imaging
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    Chapter 75 Reducing Over- and Undersegmentations of the Liver in Computed Tomographies Using Anatomical Knowledge
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    Chapter 76 Local Binary Patterns and Unser Texture Descriptions to the Fold Detection on the Whole Slide Images of Meningiomas and Oligodendrogliomas
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    Chapter 77 Assessment of the Fractal Dimension of Images Derived by Biopsy of Pancreatic Tissue: Implications for Tumor Diagnosis
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    Chapter 78 On the Gray-Value Sensibility of Dental Practitioners
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    Chapter 79 Measurement of an Acousto-Electric Interaction Signal: an Experimental Setup
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    Chapter 80 Alterations in Trabecular Bone μ-Architecture and Cartilages in Rats with Antigen-Induced Arthritis (AIA) Resulting from Synchrotron-Based X-Ray Imaging Analysis
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    Chapter 81 Cluster Headache Diagnosis Using Iris Color Features and Statistical Pixel Classification
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    Chapter 82 X-ray Microtomography of Collagen and Polylactide Samples in Liquids
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    Chapter 83 Influence of Electrical Stimulation on the Contraction of Myotubes in Vitro
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    Chapter 84 A Tool for Geometrical Measurements of Orthognathic Surgery Changes Using Cone Beam Computed Tomography
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    Chapter 85 Sensewear Body Monitor in Psychophysiological Measurements
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    Chapter 86 Describing Measurement Behaviour of a Surface Ag-AgCl Electrode Using the Paxon Test Platform
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    Chapter 87 Evaluating Single Channel Ionic Current by Fuzzy Clustering with a Partition Validation Index
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    Chapter 88 Design and Implementation of a Micro-rheometer for POC Applications
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    Chapter 89 State of the Art and Future Prospects of Nanotechnologies in the Field of Brain-Computer Interfaces
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    Chapter 90 Design and Validation of an Electric Circuit Phantom for Galvanic Intrabody Communication
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    Chapter 91 Development of Smart Sock System for Gate Analysis and Foot Pressure Control
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    Chapter 92 A Preliminary Comparison of Two Different Methods for Objective Uniformity Evaluation in Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging
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    Chapter 93 Towards Optically Induced Semiconductor Human Exhalation Gas Sensor
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    Chapter 94 An Aggregated Cross-Validation Framework for Computational Discovery of Disease-Associative Genes
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    Chapter 95 Exploring the Molecular Determinants of Tumor-Stroma Interaction in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Through the Utilization of RNA-seq Data from Lung Biopsies
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    Chapter 96 Gene Expression Data Analysis for Classification of Bipolar Disorders
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    Chapter 97 Complex Dynamics in Tumor Gene Regulatory Networks: Oncogenesis Dynamics Driven by “Genes Gone Crazy”
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    Chapter 98 Comparing Genomic Network Methodologies: A Combined Approach for Cancer Prognosis
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    Chapter 99 Random Forest in Splice Site Prediction of Human Genome
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    Chapter 100 Comparing Model Simulation and Experimental Results to Study the Dependence on Shear Stress of NO, ATP and ADP Production from Endothelial Cells
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    Chapter 101 Variable Target Values Neural Network for Dealing with Extremely Imbalanced Datasets
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    Chapter 102 Novel Methods for Correcting Next Generation Sequencing Errors in the \(\beta \) Chain of T Cell Receptors
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    Chapter 103 Using FPGAs to Accelerate Myers Bit-Vector Algorithm
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    Chapter 104 Toxic Activity Evaluation by Clustering
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    Chapter 105 Design, User Experience and Usability Requirements for NGS Workflows in Clinical Applications
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    Chapter 106 Estimation of First-Phase Insulin Secretion in the Zucker Fatty Rat
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    Chapter 107 The Relative Role of Insulin Action and Secretion in Experimental Animal Models of Metabolic Syndrome
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    Chapter 108 Multiple Kernel Learning Algorithms and Their Use in Biomedical Informatics
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    Chapter 109 Evaluation of Time Series Microarray Data for Dynamic Gene Regulatory Network Inference
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    Chapter 110 Objective Assessment of Children with Birth Injuries
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    Chapter 111 Investigation into the Effects of Different Glenohumeral Center Estimation Methods on Kinematic & Kinetic Calculations
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    Chapter 112 Biomechanical Features of Running Gait Data Associated with Iliotibial Band Syndrome: Discrete Variables Versus Principal Component Analysis
  114. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 113 Kernel Principal Component Analysis for Identification of Between-Group Differences and Changes in Running Gait Patterns
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    Chapter 114 Development and Assessment of a Physiotherapy System Based on Serious Games
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    Chapter 115 Effect of Links’ Center of Gravity Position on the Performance of a Four-Bar Linkage as an Upper Limb Rehabilitation Mechanism: A Parametric Study
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    Chapter 116 An Omnidirectional Platform Design: Application to Posture Analysis
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    Chapter 117 Mobility Support System for Elderly Blind People with a Smart Walker and a Tactile Map
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    Chapter 118 Torque Collision Detection with Experimental Validation for Protontherapy Positioning Robot
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    Chapter 119 Mechanical Stress Regulates Tissue Oxygenation, Cancer Cell Proliferation and Drug Delivery During Progression of Solid Tumors
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    Chapter 120 Numerical Modeling of the Red Blood Cell Motion/Deformation in the Capillary
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    Chapter 121 Shape Analysis of Bicipital Contraction by Means of RGB-D Sensor, Parallel Transport and Trajectory Analysis
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    Chapter 122 Artificial Neural-Network EMG Classifier for Hand Movements Prediction
  124. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 123 EMG-Controlled Robotic Hand Rehabilitation Device for Domestic Training
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    Chapter 124 Design and Modeling of a Joystick Control Scheme for an Upper Limb Powered Exoskeleton
  126. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 125 Prosthetic Pacing Device for Unilateral Facial Paralysis
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    Chapter 126 Patient-Specific Reconstruction of Large Bone Defects: Clinical Success Due to an Integrated Bioengineering Workflow
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    Chapter 127 Tracking of MRI Interventional Devices with Computer-Controlled Detunable Markers
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    Chapter 128 Learning Probabilistic Features from EMG Data for Predicting Knee Abnormalities
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    Chapter 129 A Comparative Study Among Constraint, Robot-Aided and Standard Therapies in Upper Limb Rehabilitation of Children with Acquired Brain Injury
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    Chapter 130 A New Transmission Mechanism for the Actuation of Manipulators for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Guided Interventions
  132. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 131 Permeability Prediction of Human Proximal Femoral Trabeculae in the Direction of Superior-to-Fovea Utilizing Directly Measured Microscopic Poroelastic Properties
  133. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 132 A Mathematical Model of Discharge Coefficient for Prosthetic Valves’ Performance Evaluation
  134. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 133 PIV and CFD Insight into the Hinge and Near-Hinge Flow Fields of Bileaflet Mechanical Heart Valves
  135. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 134 A Modular Patient Simulator for Evaluation of Decision Support Algorithms in Mechanically Ventilated Patients
  136. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 135 Multimodal Quantitative Assessment for Pre-operative Prosthesis Selection in Total Hip Arthroplasty
  137. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 136 A Novel Non-invasive Electrical Impedance Skin Scanner for Early Diagnosis Medical Decision Support in Clinical Dermatology (DermaSense)
  138. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 137 Robot-Assisted System for Free-Beam Transoral Laser Microsurgery
  139. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 138 Otosclerosis and Tympanosclerosis Modeling Using the Finite Element Method
  140. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 139 Non-invasive Trisomy 21 Diagnosis Using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps
  141. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 140 Mechanical in-Exsufflation Improves the Breathing Pattern in Patients with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
  142. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 141 Eyewatch, an Innovative Adjustable GDD for the Treatment of Glaucoma – in Vivo Results
  143. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 142 High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) for Biomedical and Dentistry Applications
  144. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 143 Evaluation of Patient Response to Neoadjuvant Therapy with the Use of Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (DCEUS): Work in Progress
  145. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 144 Fabrication and Characterization of Anisotropic Silk Fibroin/Gelatin Scaffolds Using Unidirectional Freezing
  146. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 145 Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Based on Portable Instrument for the Assessment of Glucose Concentration: In Vitro Experiments
  147. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 146 When the Intensive Care Ventilator Technology Reaches the Operating Room: Advancing Ventilation in Anesthesia
  148. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 147 Optical Rhinometry for Long Term Monitoring
  149. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 148 Detection System of Contrast Sensitivity for Eyes Based on Digital Micromirror Device
  150. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 149 Application of Gamma Criteria for FIF Therapy for Wide Breast Size Range
  151. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 150 Comparison and Classification of Acoustic Levels of MRI Sequences
  152. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 151 Towards an Open Archival Information System Compliant Exchange Format to Ensure Reproducibility of Assays in Cancer Care
  153. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 152 Data Protection Issues of Integrated Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  154. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 153 An Ontology Based Scheme for Formal Care Plan Meta-Description
  155. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 154 An Architecture for Electronic Prescribing in Physiotherapy in Belgium
  156. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 155 Cloud-Based Information System for Blood Donation
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    Chapter 156 The Development of Medical Ontology “HoPRO” (Hospital PRocess Ontology) and the Role of Ontologies in Multimethodological SAD Frameworks
  158. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 157 Feature Selection in Small Databases: A Medical-Case Study
  159. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 158 Classification of Undetermined Deaths by Poisoning: Suicidal or Unintentional
  160. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 159 The Cost of Type II Diabetes Mellitus: A Machine Learning Perspective
  161. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 160 Semi-supervised Self-training Approaches in Small and Unbalanced Datasets: Application to Xerostomia Radiation Side-Effect
  162. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 161 Using Performance Measurement in Healthcare Analytics
  163. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 162 Prediction of Healthcare Associated Infections in an Intensive Care Unit Using Machine Learning and Big Data Tools
  164. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 163 Online Platform and Native Mobile Apps for Patients Support Programs
  165. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 164 Users’ Feedback About the Use of a Telemedicine System During Emergencies
  166. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 165 The Evaluation of an Electronic Management System for Rescue Teams by Nursing Personnel
  167. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 166 A Body-Worn Multi-parameter Monitoring Platform for Human Vital Signs Acquisition
  168. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 167 RFCure: An RFID Based Blood Bank/Healthcare Information Management System
  169. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 168 Towards the Standardization of Hypnograms Construction for Sleep Analysis
  170. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 169 PDF Report as Container for Structured Clinical Data
  171. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 170 Ant-inspired Algorithms in Health Information System Data Mining, Classification and Visualization
  172. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 171 A Touchless Gestural Platform for the Interaction with the Patients Data
  173. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 172 Towards the Creation of a Platform for the Support of Emergency Health Care Services
  174. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 173 An Age Simulated Virtual Environment for Improving Elderly Wellbeing
  175. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 174 KeepWell: A Generic Platform for the Self-Management of Chronic Conditions
  176. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 175 ICT Systems and Services for Ageing Well: Identification and Assessment of an Important Set (Package) of ICT Services for Active Ageing and Independent Living
  177. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 176 Does the Use of a Serious Game and the Grip-Ball Decrease Discomfort in Older People When Assessing Maximal Grip-Strength?
  178. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 177 State of Alertness During Simulated Driving Tasks
  179. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 178 A Robotic Cloud Ecosystem for Elderly Care and Ageing Well: The GrowMeUp Approach
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    Chapter 179 The First e-Learning Materials in Medical Physics – Development, Practical Application and Impact – An Overview of 7 International Projects
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    Chapter 180 A Technological Platform to Support Education in Regional Anaesthesia with Patient-Specific Virtual Physiological Human (VPH)-Based Models
  182. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 181 A Technological Platform to Support Education in Regional Anaesthesia with Patient-Specific Virtual Physiological Human (VPH)-Based Models
  183. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 182 Metrological Reliability and Electrical Safety: A Case Study on Electrosurgical Equipment
  184. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 183 Interactive Application for Simulation of Each Type of Defibrillation Impulses by Using LabVIEW
  185. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 184 Radiation Protection – A Global View. A New IOMP-IRPA Initiative
  186. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 185 Software Solution for Tracking Inspection Processes of Medical Devices from Legal Metrology System
  187. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 186 Implementing Audio and Visual Alarms to an Intensive Care Cerebral Function Monitor: A Standards Compliance Case Study
  188. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 187 Discrete Event Simulation-Based Approach for Hospital Services Development and Monitoring
  189. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 188 Assessing the Impact of a CIS/PACS Technology for a Cardiology Department Using QFD Methodology
  190. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 189 The Benefit of in-Hospital Clinical Engineer Services for Medical Devices Maintenance
  191. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 190 Mobile Health Applications: Design, Regulation and Assessment
  192. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 191 Computer Aided Multispectral Ultrasound Diagnostics Brain Health Monitoring System Based on Acoustocerebrography
  193. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 192 Heuristic Evaluation of a Toolset for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Management
  194. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 193 Heuristic Evaluation of a Toolset for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Management
  195. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 194 A Matlab Tool to Support Systematic Literature Review with Meta-Analysis
  196. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 195 Early Assessment of the Added Value of FDG-PET/CT and MRI-DWI in Monitoring Treatment Response of Stage III Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
  197. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 196 Hospital Based HTA - Implementation for the Czech Republic
  198. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 197 Integrated HTA and FMECA Methodology for the Evaluation of Robotic Surgery
  199. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 198 The Potential Power of sub-Saharan Africa Professional Associations for Biomedical/Clinical Engineering Professionals
  200. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 199 Risk Management Process on a New Microwave Thermal Ablation Device: Assessment and Follow Up
  201. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 200 Root Cause Analysis Combined with Human Factors Engineering Tools for Adverse Events Investigation in Healthcare
  202. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 201 Crisis, What Crisis? How Clinical Engineers Will Solve the Billion Dollar Healthcare Funding Gap
  203. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 202 Electroporation-Enhanced Transdermal Delivery of Patent Blue Using Green Skin Pore Device
  204. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 203 A Novel Approach to Improve the Technical Maintenance of Biomedical Equipment
  205. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 204 Developing a Strategic Radiation Protection Agenda with the Installation a Dose Monitoring Software
  206. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 205 A Novel Generic Algorithm for Robust Physiological Signal Classification
  207. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 206 HTA of a Large Tablet System in Digital Pathology
  208. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 207 Haemostasis in Minimal Invasive Gynaecological Surgery Energies: Technical Aspects, Safety and Efficacy
  209. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 208 The Accuracy of Temperature Monitoring of the Incubator for Newborns
  210. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 209 Comparing the EU and USA Medical Devices Vigilance Systems Transparency
  211. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 210 A Computational Model of the Cerebellum to Simulate Cortical Degeneration During a Pavlovian Associative Paradigm
  212. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 211 Reliability of Rapid TMS Stimulus-Response Curves During Tibialis Anterior Contractions on Healthy Elderly
  213. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 212 Metallic Stents: Biomechanical Analysis and In Vivo Investigation of the Vessel Inflammatory Response
  214. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 213 Stacking of Network Based Classifiers with Application in Breast Cancer Classification
  215. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 214 Towards 5G Health for Medical Video Streaming over Small Cells
  216. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 215 Dynamic Network Adaptation for Real-Time Medical Video Communication
  217. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 216 Video Analytics for Activity Recognition in Indoor Environments Using Fisheye Cameras
  218. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 217 Secure and Compact Image-Based Storage Format for DICOM Multiframe Echocardiogram Video
  219. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 218 Biological Data Tracing and Pattern Recognition in Real-time
  220. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 219 Multi-dimensional Kineticardiography a New Approach for Wearable Cardiac Monitoring Through Body Acceleration Recordings
  221. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 220 Telemedicine and mHealth System for Complex Management in T1DM and T2DM Patients: Results of 6 Months Study
  222. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 221 Mid-Term Prediction of Blood Glucose from Continuous Glucose Sensors, Meal Information and Administered Insulin
  223. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 222 Optimal Short Distance Electrode Locations for Impedance Pneumography Measurement from the Frontal Thoracic Area
  224. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 223 Design and Development of a Mobile Application to Explore Cognitive Skills in Parkinson’s Disease Patients
  225. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 224 Influence of Stress in Driving Behaviour
  226. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 225 Recommendation System: A Contribution to Glycaemia Excursion Identification
  227. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 226 Performance of Algorithms for Interval Discretization of Biomedical Signals
  228. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 227 LifePal: A Mobile Self-Management Tool for Supporting Young People with Autism
  229. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 228 The Evolution of mHealth Interventions in Heart Failure
  230. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 229 Assessing Pediatrics Patients’ Psychological States from Biomedical Signals in a Cloud of Social Robots
  231. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 230 Assessing Pediatrics Patients’ Psychological States from Biomedical Signals in a Cloud of Social Robots
  232. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 231 Intrapartum Fetal Heart Rate Classification: Cross-Database Evaluation
  233. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 232 Advanced Signal Processing Techniques for CTG Analysis
  234. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 233 Least Squares Support Vector Machines for FHR Classification and Assessing the pH Based Categorization
  235. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 234 Least Squares Support Vector Machines for FHR Classification and Assessing the pH Based Categorization
  236. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 235 GameUp: Exergames for Mobility – A Project to Keep Elderly Active
  237. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 236 Indoor Location IoT Analytics “in the wild”: Active and Healthy Ageing Cases
  238. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 237 Indoor Localisation Through Object Detection on Real-Time Video Implementing a Single Wearable Camera
  239. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 238 Monitoring of Compliance on an Individual Treatment Through Mobile Innovations
  240. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 241 Center of Ventilation—Methods of Calculation Using Electrical Impedance Tomography and the Influence of Image Segmentation
  241. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 242 Impact of Heart Rate on Ventilation and Pulmonary Perfusion Associated Impedance Changes
  242. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 243 EIT Image Reconstruction with Discrete Cosine Transform
  243. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 244 EIT Imaging Regularization Based on Spectral Graph Wavelets
  244. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 245 Gamified Wellbeing for All Ages – How Technology and Gamification Can Support Physical and Mental Wellbeing in the Ageing Society
  245. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 246 Evaluation of Neurofeedback on ADHD Using Mobile Health Technologies
  246. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 247 Recognizing Emotion from Blood Volume Pulse and Skin Conductance Sensor Using Machine Learning Algorithms
  247. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 248 Speech and Language Support System for Children with Hearing Impairment
  248. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 249 Online Decision Support for Speech & Language Pathology Assessment and Rehabilitation of Individuals with Multiple Needs
  249. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 250 Revamped Biomedical Engineering Curriculum for Future-Ready Graduates
  250. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 251 Master Program in BME for Engineers and Medical Doctors
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    Chapter 252 Biomedical Engineering Education in the Czech Republic
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    Chapter 253 The Status of BME Programs in Latin America
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    Chapter 254 Biomedical Engineering, Medical Engineering, and Bioengineering: Different BME Programmes in Hong Kong
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    Chapter 255 Status of Biomedical Engineering Education in the Asia Pacific
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    Chapter 256 Construction of Inflatable Lungs to Simulate Respiratory Motion in Myocardial Perfusion Imaging
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    Chapter 257 Current and Future Trends in the HTA of Medical Devices
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    Chapter 258 Real-Time Workload Assessment Using EEG Signals in Virtual Reality Environment
Attention for Chapter 215: Dynamic Network Adaptation for Real-Time Medical Video Communication
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Chapter title
Dynamic Network Adaptation for Real-Time Medical Video Communication
Chapter number 215
Book title
XIV Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 2016
Published in
IFMBE proceedings, January 2016
DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-32703-7_215
Book ISBNs
978-3-31-932701-3, 978-3-31-932703-7

Zinonas C. Antoniou, Andreas S. Panayides, Marios Pantziaris, Anthony G. Constantinides, Constantinos S. Pattichis, Marios S. Pattichis, Nada Y. Philip, Ikram U. Rehman, Philip, Nada, Rehman, Ikram


Efthyvoulos Kyriacou, Stelios Christofides, Constantinos S. Pattichis

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