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Applications of Computing, Automation and Wireless Systems in Electrical Engineering

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Fault Detection in AC Transmission System Using Multiple Signal Classification Technique
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    Chapter 2 Steady-State Performance of DFIG with Stability Assessment in Wind System
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    Chapter 3 Comparison of Two Design Methods of Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Building Efficient Energy Harvesting and Storage
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    Chapter 4 Maximization of Plug-In Electric Vehicle’s Exploitation for Load Flattening with Consideration of Customer Satisfaction
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    Chapter 5 A Novel Strategic Scheduling of Plug-in-Electric Vehicles to Reduce Power Fluctuations in an Active Distribution Network
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    Chapter 6 Design of an Effective Control Structure to Grid-Interfaced Solar Inverter with Fault Stability Performance
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    Chapter 7 Whale Optimization Algorithm Tuned Fuzzy Integrated PI Controller for LFC Problem in Thermal-hydro-wind Interconnected System
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    Chapter 8 Mamdani-Based Fuzzy PI Controller Tuned by Binary GWO Technique for LFC Problem in Solar-Thermal Interconnected System
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    Chapter 9 Emerging Green Energy Potential: An Indian Perspective
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    Chapter 10 Performance Analysis of Interactive Thermal Process Using Various MRAC Techniques
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    Chapter 11 Wind Speed and Power Forecast for Very Short Time Duration Using Neural Network Approach—A Case Study
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    Chapter 12 Photovoltaic Module Designing with Comparison of Different MPPT Techniques
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    Chapter 13 Performance Optimization of a Grid-Connected PV/Biomass-Based Hybrid Energy System Using BBO Algorithm
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    Chapter 14 Wide Area Control of Power System Using FACTS Device
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    Chapter 15 Battery Energy Storage System for Solar PV and Wind Power Smoothing Considering Economic Aspects
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    Chapter 16 Economic and Technical Analysis of the Power System with Electric Vehicles Enabling G2V and V2G
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    Chapter 17 Simscape Modelling and Analysis of Photovoltaic Modules with Boost Converter for Solar Electric Vehicles
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    Chapter 18 Comparison of Heuristic Approach in Renewable Power Optimization and Environmental Analyses
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    Chapter 19 Reliability Evaluation of Power System Expansion Incorporating Wind Energy: A State-of-the-Art Review
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    Chapter 20 A Comparative Analysis of Different Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithms of Solar Photovoltaic System
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    Chapter 21 Design and Techno-Financial Analysis of Solar Photovoltaic Plant for School of Engineering and Technology at BGSB University, Rajouri (J&K)
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    Chapter 22 Study on Placement of Sensors for Readings Accuracy Level Enhancement in Greenhouse
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    Chapter 23 Load Comparison of Solar Plant Generation and Solar Hydrogen Energy System
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    Chapter 24 Techno-Economic Evaluation of AC and DC Microgrid Systems
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    Chapter 25 Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy-PID and Fuzzy-PID-Based Controller Design for Helicopter System
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    Chapter 26 Measurement and Controlling of pH and TDS in Automated Hydroponics System
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    Chapter 27 Identification of Industrial Nonlinear Loads Using S-Transform Aided Fuzzy Classifier
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    Chapter 28 Differential Positive Sequence Impedance-Based Transmission Line Protection Scheme
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    Chapter 29 Optimal Planning Strategies of DG in Distribution Systems
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    Chapter 30 Bat Search Algorithm for Solving Multi-objective Optimal Power Flow Problem
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    Chapter 31 BIJLI: A Hyperledger-Based Blockchain-Powered Application for Decentralized Power Management and Electricity Distribution
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    Chapter 32 Fractal Geometry with Enhanced Bandwidth Using Periodically Capacitive Loading Structure
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    Chapter 33 Krill Herd Algorithm for Solution of Economic Dispatch with Valve-Point Loading Effect
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    Chapter 34 Improvement of Power Quality Using Hybrid Active Filter with Artificial Intelligence Techniques
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    Chapter 35 Prioritization of Transmission Lines in Expansion Planning Using Data Mining Techniques
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    Chapter 36 Development of Charging System for Multiple Electric Vehicle Using Bidirectional DC–DC Buck–Boost Converter
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    Chapter 37 Analysis of Stator Current MRAS for Speed Estimation of Induction Motor Aided with ANN
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    Chapter 38 Performance Analysis of Diode-Clamped Inverter-Fed Three-Phase Induction Motor Drive Using SVPWM Technique
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    Chapter 39 Automatic Generation Control and Load Frequency Control: A Comprehensive Review
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    Chapter 40 Performance Analysis of Classical Controllers Tuned Using Heuristic Approaches for Frequency Regulation
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    Chapter 41 Review, Design and Mathematical Modeling of Packed U-Cell Multilevel Inverter
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    Chapter 42 Mathematical Analysis of Various Modulation Strategies Used for Multilevel Inverter
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    Chapter 43 Hybrid Improved Teaching Learning-Based Optimization and Differential Evolution (hITLBO-DE)-Based Optimization of Multi-area Thermal Power System with Automatic Generation Control
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    Chapter 44 Grid Integration of Fuzzy-Based Solar Photovoltaic with Battery Storage System for Conditioning the Electrical Power
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    Chapter 45 Active Foreground Neural Network
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    Chapter 46 A Skywatch on the Challenging Gradual Progression of Scheduling in Cloud Computing
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    Chapter 47 DCHD-3T: Early Diagnosis of Congenital Heart Diseases in WBAN-Cloud Using Three-Tier Network Architecture—an Efficient Solution
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    Chapter 48 Cryptography and Optimization-Driven Support Vector Neural Network to Mitigate DoS Attacks in E-Commerce
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    Chapter 49 Fusion of IoT and Machine Learning Approach to Prevent Confidential Data from Digital Crimes and Cyber Mugging for Covert Transmission
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    Chapter 50 Drishti—Artificial Vision
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    Chapter 51 A Comprehensive Study on Virtual Machine Migration Techniques of Cloud Computing
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    Chapter 52 Genetic-Algorithm-Optimized Artificial Neural Network for Short-Term Load Forecasting: An Indian Scenario
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    Chapter 53 PSO-Optimized ANN for Short-Term Load Forecasting: An Indian Scenario
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    Chapter 54 Delayed Replication Algorithm with Dynamic Threshold for Cloud Datacenters
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    Chapter 55 PV Emulator Modeling and Design Using Buck Converter
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    Chapter 56 Fault Detection in Single-Phase Inverters Using Wavelet Transform-Based Feature Extraction and Classification Techniques
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    Chapter 57 Voltage-Balancing Control for Stand-Alone H5 Transformerless Inverters
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    Chapter 58 Comprehensive Analysis of Modulation Techniques for Two-Level Inverter
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    Chapter 59 Analysis and Modelling of Two-Phase Interleaved DC to DC Boost Converter with Lifting Capacitor for Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicle
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    Chapter 60 Comparative Explication of Flyback and SEPIC Converter Topologies
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    Chapter 61 Localization and Impulse Analysis of Experimental Bot Using eZ430-Chronos
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    Chapter 62 A Nine-Level Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Switch Count and Lower Harmonics
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    Chapter 63 Performance Comparison of MCML and CMOS Inverters at High Operation Frequencies
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    Chapter 64 Performance Analysis of Sierpinski Carpet Fractal Antenna for Wireless Communication
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    Chapter 65 Design and Performance Analysis of Round Micro-Strip Patch Antennae 2 × 4 Array for 2.40 GHz Wireless Demands
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    Chapter 66 Comparative Evaluation of Cluster-Head Selection Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks
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    Chapter 67 Structural and Statistical Feature-Processed PST for Angle Robust Iris Recognition
  69. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 68 LBP Pattern-Processed Log-Gabor Filter for Expression and Illumination Robust Facial Recognition
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    Chapter 69 A Dimension-Based Database Reduction Approach to Optimize the Facial Recognition on Large Dataset
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    Chapter 70 Human Emotion Recognition from Speech in Audio Physical Features
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    Chapter 71 A Critical Analysis of Present Net Metering Regulatory Framework and Identification of Potential Barriers in the Growth of Rooftop Market
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    Chapter 72 Impact on Performance of Bundled SWCNT Interconnects Surrounded with Semiconductor Shielding Materials
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    Chapter 73 Analysis and Impact of Electrode Related Parameters in Cochlear Implant
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    Chapter 74 Assessment of Cutting Forces in Machining with Novel Neem Oil-Based Cutting Fluid
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    Chapter 75 Fault Detection and Correction in Omni Bundle Robot Using EKF
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    Chapter 76 Comparative Study of Convolution Neural Network’s Relu and Leaky-Relu Activation Functions
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    Chapter 77 Correlation Between Poincare Plot Indices and Linear–Nonlinear Heart Rate Variability During Fasting and Postprandial States
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    Chapter 78 An Extensive Review on Organic Light-Emitting Diode for Energy-Saving and Eco-friendly Technology
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    Chapter 79 Distraction-Free Car Dashboard Control Through Gesture Recognition
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    Chapter 80 Neural Network Data Fusion for Cognitive Radio Network
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    Chapter 81 Novel Secured Image Scrambling Technique Using Chaotic Sequence Shuffling and Pixel Value Modification Through Random Grid Map and Its Performance Analysis
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    Chapter 82 A Feature Fusion Method for Effective Face Recognition Under Variant Illumination and Noisy Conditions
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    Chapter 83 Reduction of Discrete Systems Using Hybrid Method
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    Chapter 84 Analysis of the Effect of Bias Current on the Performance of MOS Current-Mode Logic Circuits
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    Chapter 85 Handling the Energy-Delay Trade-off in Wireless Sensor Networks: State-of-the-Art
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    Chapter 86 Analysis and Reduction of Fiber Non-linearity in Optical Communication System
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    Chapter 87 Low-Power High Output Impedance-Improved Bandwidth Current Mirror Using FGMOS and QFGMOS
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    Chapter 88 Memory-Based FIR Digital Filter Using Modified OMS-LUT Design
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    Chapter 89 Comparative Performance Analysis of Different High-Speed Buffer Drivers Using BiCMOS Technology and MVL Logic
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    Chapter 90 On the Electro-Optic Couple Systems of Quantum Station for Quantum Communication Based on Phase Shift Scheme
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    Chapter 91 A Stacked Hollow Low-Profile Dielectric Resonator Antenna with Wide Bandwidth and Enhanced Gain
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    Chapter 92 Representation of 3D View of Tumor from 2D Images Using Watershed Algorithm
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    Chapter 93 Accurate Equivalent Circuit Model for Battery States Estimation
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    Chapter 94 Velocity Differential Equation for Electrons at Point Throughout the Volume of Material Space Due to Potential Distribution Function
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    Chapter 95 Realization of Novel Multi-scroll 2D Chaotic Oscillator Using DVCC
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    Chapter 96 Investigation on Short-Term Wind Power Forecasting Using ANN and ANN-PSO
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    Chapter 97 Impact of the Positioning of a Single Bypass Diode in a PV String on its Reliability
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    Chapter 98 Locating Wire Fault in Controller Area Network Based on Kelvin (Four-Wire) Resistance Approach
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    Chapter 99 The Effect of Liquid Water Content Over the Seas of India and Europe for Ka-Band Satellite Communication
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    Chapter 100 Real-Time Static Hand Gesture Recognition Using MATLAB
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    Chapter 101 Probabilistic Load Flow in a Transmission System Integrated with Photovoltaic Generations
  103. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 102 Uncertainty Modeling Steps for Probabilistic Steady-State Analysis
  104. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 103 Analysis of Nonlinear Activation Functions for Classification Tasks Using Convolutional Neural Networks
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    Chapter 104 Comprehensive Study of Keyphrase Extraction Metrics for Uncertain User-Generated Data
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    Chapter 105 Energy Management System for PV—Wind and Battery-Fed DC Microgrid Using Fuzzy-Based Proportional Integral Controller
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    Chapter 106 Performance Indicators for Assessing Solar Photovoltaic Microgrids in Grid-Connected Mode
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    Chapter 107 Analysis of Harmonic Distortion in PV–Wind-Battery Based Hybrid Renewable Energy System for Microgrid Development
  109. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 108 Output Power Enhancement by Flexible Solar Panel with Optimal Solar Field
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    Chapter 109 Enhancement of the Voltage Profile for an IEEE-14 Bus System by Using FACTS Devices
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    Chapter 110 Tremor Observer Models and Tremor Rejection Methods for Robotic Surgery
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    Chapter 111 Socio-Economic Aspects of PV Roof-Top Installations for Residential Colonies
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    Chapter 112 Microcontroller-Based Control of Ceiling Fans for Household Power Reduction and Human Comfort
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    Chapter 113 Extraction of Solar PV Module Parameters Using Back Search Optimization Algorithm
Attention for Chapter 45: Active Foreground Neural Network
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Active Foreground Neural Network
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Applications of Computing, Automation and Wireless Systems in Electrical Engineering
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