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Transdisciplinary Multispectral Modeling and Cooperation for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 The Project of the Rehabilitation of Holy Sepulchre’s Holy Aedicule as a Pilot Multispectral, Multidimensional, Novel Approach Through Transdisciplinarity and Cooperation in the Protection of Monuments
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    Chapter 2 The Holy Sepulchre as a Religious Building
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    Chapter 3 Preliminary Assessment of the Structural Response of the Holy Tomb of Christ Under Static and Seismic Loading
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    Chapter 4 Corrosion Protection Study of Metallic Structural Elements for the Holy Aedicule in Jerusalem
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    Chapter 5 Innovative Methodology for Personalized 3D Representation and Big Data Management in Cultural Heritage
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    Chapter 6 Governance and Management of the Holy Edicule Rehabilitation Project
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    Chapter 7 Branding Strategies for Cultural Landscape Promotion: Organizing Real and Virtual Place Networks
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    Chapter 8 3D Survey of a Neoclassical Building Using a Handheld Laser Scanner as Basis for the Development of a BIM-Ready Model
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    Chapter 9 Exploring the Possibilities of Immersive Reality Tools in Virtual Reconstruction of Monuments
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    Chapter 10 Reconstruction and Visualization of Cultural Heritage Artwork Objects
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    Chapter 11 Vandalized Frescoes’ Virtual Retouching
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    Chapter 12 Idea: Ancient Greek Science and Technology
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    Chapter 13 Cross-Sector Collaboration for Organizational Transformation: The Case of the National Library of Greece Transition Programme to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (2015–2018)
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    Chapter 14 Volos in the Middle Ages: A Proposal for the Rescue of a Cultural Heritage
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    Chapter 15 Information Technology, Smart Devices and Augmented Reality Applications for Cultural Heritage Enhancement: The Kalamata 1821 Project
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    Chapter 16 DiscoVRCoolTour: Discovering, Capturing and Experiencing Cultural Heritage and Events Using Innovative 3D Digitisation Technologies and Affordable Consumer Electronics
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    Chapter 17 The Digitization of the Tangible Cultural Heritage and the Related Policy Framework
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    Chapter 18 Authentic Learning to Better Prepare for Preservation Work
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    Chapter 19 20 Years of the N.T.U.A. Interdisciplinary Post Graduate Programme “Protection of Monuments”
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    Chapter 20 Education and Training for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage, as a Strategic Aim of the Department of Architecture, Frederick University Cyprus
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    Chapter 21 Cultural Heritage and Education/Training/Occupational Activity of Engineers in Greece
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    Chapter 22 The Historic Centre of Vimercate: Investigation, Education, Community Involvement
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    Chapter 23 Connections with the Cultural Heritage in Formal and Informal Learning: The Case of an Interactive Visual Game of School Life Museum in Chania
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    Chapter 24 From Discovery to Exhibition - Recomposing History: Digitizing a Cultural Educational Program Using 3D Modeling and Gamification
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    Chapter 25 Climate Information for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage: Needs and Challenges
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    Chapter 26 Heritage Resilience Against Climate Events on Site - HERACLES Project: Mission and Vision
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    Chapter 27 Resilient Eco-Smart Strategies and Innovative Technologies to Protect Cultural Heritage
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    Chapter 28 Interventions on Coastal Monuments Against Climatic Change
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    Chapter 29 Increasing the Resilience of Cultural Heritage to Climate Change Through the Application of a Learning Strategy
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    Chapter 30 Taxonomy of Architectural Styles and Movements Worldwide Since 8500 BC
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    Chapter 31 Monastery of Kimisis Theotokou, Valtessiniko, Arcadia, Greece - Restoration of the Τemple and Integration of New Structures
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    Chapter 32 Deterioration of Monument Building Materials: Mechanistic Models as Guides for Conservation Strategies
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    Chapter 33 Technological Innovations in Architecture During Antiquity. The Case of Cyprus
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    Chapter 34 TLS Survey and FE Modelling of the Vasari’s Cupola of the Basilica dell’Umiltà (Italy). An Interdisciplinary Approach for Preservation of CH
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    Chapter 35 Interdisciplinary Approaches in Cultural Heritage Documentation: The Case of Rodakis House in Aegina
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    Chapter 36 Assessment of Masonry Structures Based on Analytical Damage Indices
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    Chapter 37 Α Historical Mortars Study Assisted by GIS Technologies
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    Chapter 38 Towards a Blockchain Architecture for Cultural Heritage Tokens
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    Chapter 39 Protection and Highlighting of a Waterfront Zone Disposing Strong Cultural Characteristics
Attention for Chapter 15: Information Technology, Smart Devices and Augmented Reality Applications for Cultural Heritage Enhancement: The Kalamata 1821 Project
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