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The Climate-Smart Agriculture Papers

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 An Introduction to the Climate-Smart Agriculture Papers
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    Chapter 2 Future Climate Projections in Africa: Where Are We Headed?
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    Chapter 3 Climate Change and Infectious Livestock Diseases: The Case of Rift Valley Fever and Tick-Borne Diseases
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    Chapter 4 Large Scale Crop Suitability Assessment Under Future Climate Using the Ecocrop Model: The Case of Six Provinces in Angola’s Planalto Region
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    Chapter 5 Understanding the Role of Soils and Management on Crops in the Face of Climate Uncertainty in Zimbabwe: A Sensitivity Analysis
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    Chapter 6 Role and Challenges of the Private Seed Sector in Developing and Disseminating Climate-Smart Crop Varieties in Eastern and Southern Africa
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    Chapter 7 Fast-Tracking the Development and Dissemination of a Drought-Tolerant Maize Variety in Ethiopia in Response to the Risks of Climate Change
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    Chapter 8 Access to Early Generation Seed: Obstacles for Delivery of Climate-Smart Varieties
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    Chapter 9 Climate Change and Seed Systems of Roots, Tubers and Bananas: The Cases of Potato in Kenya and Sweetpotato in Mozambique
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    Chapter 10 Delivering Perennial New and Orphan Crops for Resilient and Nutritious Farming Systems
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    Chapter 11 Generating Farm-Validated Variety Recommendations for Climate Adaptation
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    Chapter 12 What Is the Evidence Base for Climate-Smart Agriculture in East and Southern Africa? A Systematic Map
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    Chapter 13 Understanding the Multidimensionality of Climate-Smartness: Examples from Agroforestry in Tanzania
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    Chapter 14 A Participatory Approach to Assessing the Climate-Smartness of Agricultural Interventions: The Lushoto Case
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    Chapter 15 Household Welfare Effects of Stress-Tolerant Varieties in Northern Uganda
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    Chapter 16 Considering Religion and Tradition in Climate Smart Agriculture: Insights from Namibia
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    Chapter 17 The Role of Farmers’ Entrepreneurial Orientation on Agricultural Innovations in Ugandan Multi-Stakeholder Platform
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    Chapter 18 Shea Butter: A Pro-Poor, Pro-Female Route to Increased Income
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    Chapter 19 One Size Does Not Fit All: Private-Sector Perspectives on Climate Change, Agriculture and Adaptation
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    Chapter 20 Climate-Smart Agricultural Value Chains: Risks and Perspectives
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    Chapter 21 Nutrition-Sensitive Value Chain Development in a Changing Climate
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    Chapter 22 Realising Ambitious Targets and Metrics for Private-Sector Action on Climate Risks
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    Chapter 23 The Role of Multi-Stakeholder Platforms for Creating an Enabling Climate Change Policy Environment in East Africa
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    Chapter 24 Farmer-To-Farmer Extension: A Low-Cost Approach for Promoting Climate-Smart Agriculture
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    Chapter 25 Innovative Partnerships to Scale Up Climate-Smart Agriculture for Smallholder Farmers in Southern Africa
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    Chapter 26 Rural Finance to Support Climate Change Adaptation: Experiences, Lessons and Policy Perspectives
Attention for Chapter 23: The Role of Multi-Stakeholder Platforms for Creating an Enabling Climate Change Policy Environment in East Africa
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