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Conserving Biodiversity in Arid Regions

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Case Studies on Conserving and Sustainably Using Biodiversity in Arid and Semiarid Regions of Southern Nations
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    Chapter 2 The Domestication of Indigenous Trees as the Basis of Sustainable Land Use in Africa
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    Chapter 3 Conservation Farming with Biodiversity in South Africa: A Preliminary Evaluation of Ecosystem Goods and Services in the Bokkeveld Plateau
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    Chapter 4 Strategies for In Situ Conservation of Crop Genetic Resources in Dryland Areas of Africa
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    Chapter 5 A Participatory Approach for Conservation of Forest Genetic Resources
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    Chapter 6 Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation in Africa Through Indigenous Knowledge
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    Chapter 7 Participation of Local Communities in the Management of Wetlands in Magadi Area, Kenya
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    Chapter 8 The Value of Local and Indigenous Knowledge for the Development of Information Systems for Conservation Management
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    Chapter 9 Best Practices in the World’s Oldest Desert
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    Chapter 10 A Commentary on Strategies and Incentives to Improve Biodiversity in Arid and Semi-Arid Zones
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    Chapter 11 Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in the Trans-Altai Gobi Desert of Mongolia
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    Chapter 12 Ecological Assessment of Degradation Processes in the Mongolian Part of Baikal Basin
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    Chapter 13 Plant Diversity and Succession of Artificial Vegetation Types and Environment in an Arid Desert Region of China
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    Chapter 14 Plant Production and Diversity at Desertification Stages in Horqin Sand Grassland Region, China
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    Chapter 15 Aquatic Biodiversity in Arid and Semi-Arid Zones of Asia and Water Management
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    Chapter 16 Traditional Management of Biodiversity in India’s Cold Desert
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    Chapter 17 Conserving Biodiversity in Arid Regions: Experiences with Protected Areas in India
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    Chapter 18 Co-Management Processes to Maintain Livestock Mobility and Biodiversity in Alpine Rangelands of the Tibetan Plateau
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    Chapter 19 Theoretical Models for Regeneration of Medicinal Plants and Their Application in Sustainable Wild-Harvesting
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    Chapter 20 Plants of Northeastern Brazil: A Programme in Sustainable Use of Plant Resources
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    Chapter 21 Choice of Species for Recovering a Degraded Mining Area in the Semiarid Zone of Brasil
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    Chapter 22 Use of Creeping Fog Water as a Non-Traditional Water Resource in Chile
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    Chapter 23 Genetic Diversity and Management Implications for Vicuña Populations in Peru
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    Chapter 24 Sustainable Use of the Vicuña: A Critical Analysis and the MACS Project
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    Chapter 25 Sustainable Use of Andean Wildlife and Local Development of Rural Communities in Dry Areas of Latin America: A Commentary
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    Chapter 26 Conflicts and Dilemmas Between Poverty and Biodiversity in the Semi-Arid Seridó of Northeast Brazil
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    Chapter 27 Latin American Plant Sciences Network: A Program for the Development of Plant Sciences and Conservation of Biodiversity in Latin America
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    Chapter 28 The Brazilian Biodiversity Virtual Institute
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    Chapter 29 Capacity Building to Sustainably Use Biodiversity in Dryland Regions of Latin America and the Caribbean
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    Chapter 30 The Importance of Native Trees in Sustaining Biodiversity in Arid Lands
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    Chapter 31 Site Selection Criteria for Mangrove Afforestation Projects in Oman
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    Chapter 32 The Globally Threatened Corncrake Crex crex (Egypt)
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    Chapter 33 Conservation of Fig (Ficus Carica L.) and Pomegranate (Punica Granatum L.) Varieties in Tunisia
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    Chapter 34 A Sociological Perspective on In Situ Conservation of On-Farm Crop Genetic Diversity in Morocco
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    Chapter 35 Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development: A Case Study of Oman’s National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan
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    Chapter 36 Achieving Institutional Cooperation for Implementation of Sustainable Development Plans and Strategies
Attention for Chapter 23: Genetic Diversity and Management Implications for Vicuña Populations in Peru
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Chapter title
Genetic Diversity and Management Implications for Vicuña Populations in Peru
Chapter number 23
Book title
Conserving Biodiversity in Arid Regions
Published by
Springer, Boston, MA, January 2003
DOI 10.1007/978-1-4615-0375-0_23
Book ISBNs
978-1-4613-5045-3, 978-1-4615-0375-0

J. C. Wheeler, M. Fernandez, R. Rosadio, D. Hoces, M. Kadwell, M. W. Buford